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    Today, I dressed up as a zombie to surprise my cats!
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    1. Jackson Kkkk

      Coco:my grandma tt:my baby cousin lulu:me dd:my uncle

    2. Sana Amer

      Lip gloss and I have to send you

    3. Nihayah Naya

      하이 클레어

    4. MC Filwriter

      Lulu doesn’t care about zombie claire as long as he gets food. 😂

    5. Karrigan

      LuLu will love everyone and everything, as long as you give food.

    6. FeFi_JR

      video text: Portuguese Video: English Hotel: Trivago

    7. Soniya Jain

      Your cats are so cute 😘😍

    8. Amazing Stormer Amogh

      All cats want to eat it🤣

    9. Amazing Stormer Amogh

      The intestine lol

    10. NichoExtreme 12

      Her cat: cute AF My cat: ugly af

    11. Asheroscar lister


    12. bbb aa

      1:53 라라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 도도는 매달렸는데 라라는 다리가 짧아요 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    13. Hidayah Musa

      Dodo: (All mine) lol

    14. Scottie Pippo

      Claire has a strong halloween game

    15. victorBRgamer12

      lulu vs momo Who wins?

    16. Tricia Mei Lopez

      So cute

    17. Cheddar Or mozzarella

      Claire:Becomes a zombie The cats: *Tf she doing-*

    18. Bayou Ardaini

      anyone who gave this a thumbs down r crazy

    19. Verónica Serrano

      lala mala

    20. Verónica Serrano

      lulu castigado

    21. Verónica Serrano

      asesino lulu asi llamare a lulu por matar a Clarie

    22. JPin

      Nothing can’t stop Lulu to take his snacks. Not even the Apocalipsis.

    23. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    24. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    25. FAJAR5YT

      LULU 😀😀😀😀

    26. joseph ehoff

      I love how lulu just sits in a bowl like:this is fine

    27. Allison McMullen

      I just subscribed

    28. Michael Lim

      Iloveyou claire

    29. Akhil

      You forgot that you are a zombie. 1:34 😂

    30. Diario da Mariana Lima

      O lulu é muito comelao

    31. Kyle_254

      on the 31st a bit late but was like the nun

    32. kuanheng wang


    33. Kevin Lonh

      When you were a zombie I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a snack next to lulu because Lulu won’t stop eating UnU

    34. Larz Kruber

      Some cats eat there owners after they die. I am pretty sure Lulu will start eating her if she is spleeping a little bit longer than usual.

    35. Henry Stickmin

      Don't play with your food

    36. Tya & Aqif

      I thought she faced reaveal

    37. Khushi 's vlogs

      Who loves lulu like now

    38. Avocado

      I think I heard the music at the beginning from Club Penguin

    39. gdlywom

      LuLu acts more like a dog than a cat lol

    40. Shazam Dc

      Which type of breed is white cats (lala and other white cats) plzz tell me. Iam planning to buy that type of cats 😍😍😍😍 by the way iam a new subscriber 🥰 plzzz answer😣😞😭🙏👐

    41. bchuu

      How about creamheroes ???

    42. 이지훈


    43. Jaya Sengupta

      Still confused between coco and lala

    44. Scottie Pippo

      This is fun

    45. Kerja Hari

      hi nama saya nur atihirah nabila

    46. Mother and daughter's Assamese kitchen

      Zombie claire be like: Hey !! Don't eat my intestine!!! 😂😂😂😂

    47. Yadhiecok Family

      I want to see clair clearly

    48. draqon ofwhitestars

      the zombie humor is little too far for westerners

    49. - ySilvër ;

      LuLu: *Meow* - 2020 LuLu

    50. Cat•a•holic

      Where is Nana? Now her kitties are grown up, I can't recognize Nana from Toto and Dodo. Hahaha... They got their genes from their Mommy. 🐈🐈🐈💖

    51. JOOPPOOJ K


    52. Patti Morton

      Coco: A test subject TT: MOMMY!! Lulu: Snacks! DD: . . . Meh!

    53. IQRA KHAN Brilliant Brushes.

      And coco also all are so cute 😍😘🤭💓

    54. IQRA KHAN Brilliant Brushes.

      I luv lulu and chuchu

    55. Bappaditya Nath

      0:13 please, stop asking for my SOUL.

    56. derpyjrs tester


      1. derpyjrs tester


    57. Strawberry Deer

      Cat: that felt good Zombie:IM COMING *zombie:to clean your poo*

    58. Moonligth K

      Is the claire the zombie or cat the zombie

    59. Poornima K

      Thank you 🙏 for the laughs, entertainment and Love you show to us thru these Divinely Cute 🥰 videos. God Bless you and the Kitties with even more Love, wealth and Happiness❤️

    60. PlayViP4IK GAmES

      Russian name and comments English

    61. •Lavender•

      I love lulu!

    62. Isnat Papri

      LuLu look so cute❤️

    63. Elizabeth Rodriguez Ramirez


    64. acnlelis

      How big the babies are!! :O

    65. Kenny Ynnek

      Claire vacuum the house and chuchu say you're making it worse!

    66. rlla 1234

      Whenever there's food there's Lulu

    67. Rani Yulia

      Claire:I'm coming to clean your poo 😂😂

    68. Alice Murphy

      Me and my cat Ripley love watching every video you upload!!

    69. playful kitten

      Hi guys Will anyone wanna SEE my DEfasts video some of my vid are indo so pls i don't beg i just want some sub

    70. khbst k

      좀비가... 고양이한테 사냥당하고 있어......?

    71. John merrick

      This woman is something else!

    72. Ellie Le


    73. Ellie Le


    74. lutsenko36

      Хозяин идиот

    75. Zoom Zoom

      Dodo is a very clever kitty. Running off with the sausage 🐈

    76. Maire Watkins

      Claire: (Proper Zombie Shuffle) Coco: A Proper Test Subject! TT: Mommy! Lulu: Snacks! DD: Meh... XD

    77. Sidahom Lobar

      She is Lucky that she doesnt taste good, otherwise lulu would have eaten her for midnightsnack.

    78. MURID BARU

      Banyak bener channelnya Min 😂 Creamheroes Kittisaurus

    79. Princess Jasmine

      1:48 Kung Fu Lulu

    80. Mimi Krasteva

      I am no longer worried that there will be zombie apocalypse, as Lulu will eat the zombies

    81. Shivani Rajvansh

      LaLa is so cute

    82. Ainur Fariski

      Why lulu so obsessed with food?

    83. Zainal Yahya

      Rasanya pengen bermain dengan kucing itu English: I feel like playing with that cat

    84. Svetik Svetik


    85. Ellie Le


    86. bushra bashar

      Where is Nana???

    87. voronOsphere

      That was awesome!!!

    88. Meral Güven

      Lulu is hungry sosis(lulu yu yemek istiyorum çok şirin

    89. animals world

      I laughed a lot :D

    90. Ebru AYKAN

      Uhh Lulu! You're Sloven 😍 And Claire... You're the Best!

    91. Laiba Khan

      Love you all cute kittens 🐱

    92. Isabel Aures

      Claire, you're hilarious. And I love you 💗 I laughed so hard my goodness.

    93. My Kitti Cats

      love lulus reaction always haha our cat mowgli always is the first one to react to something new haha love this video !

    94. F2P Gamer

      1:42 :Damage +35% Accuracy -80%

    95. Sometimes Snarky

      That teeny tiny "mew" at the end.

    96. Ghosty Blox

      Lulu in the thumbnail:professional contuorist go brrrrrrrr

    97. indoorcatguide

      Lol they’re so cute!!

    98. Lovely Cat kossim


    99. Zach Bhang

      Sad a car hit my cat and died 😭

    100. Lienmang Kipgen

      Im new here in this channel I'm here Bcs I have heard it's popular, Would anyone like to introduce all of the cat and kitten characters?? Or can say the introducing video if it's there plz..🙏🙏

      1. Lienmang Kipgen

        I have heard this channel from LuckyPawison, They were doing days challenge and in one day I saw them saying do I look like BabyLulu! and said it was from Kittisauras. So I came here, BTW Plz Subscribe to LuckyPawison they are working hard and for there Movie!!! ❤️❤️🙏🙏