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    #Kittisaurus #Laser #Chasing
    Today, my cats had fun chasing around a laser pointer!
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      1 Lala 2 Lulu 3 Chuchu 4 Momo 5 Tt 6 Dd 7 Dodo 8 Bread 9 Nana

    2. Sayantani Sengupta Bhadra RUPKATHA BHADRA

      I love dodo aand TT

    3. Salmon

      2:53 Me: DoDo doesn’t want cat food, just MEAT from *HOOMANS*

    4. Peter C.

      39 Lulu is so cute.

      1. Peter C.


    5. Arif Sulistyono

      so cute❤❤❤❤

    6. Peter C.

      At 2:26 Lulu’s so CUTE!

      1. Peter C.


      2. Peter C.

        I did this ro

    7. Peter C.

      Lulu is so cute in this video.🥰

    8. Pets Awesome

      Your cats are adorable!! Too cute for me to watch

    9. Andy Stenson

      I may love LuLu but the rest of the cats are just as adorable.

    10. Ксения Тимина


    11. Mycatistypingthis

      Can't watch this video, cat tries to catch red dot on the screen.

    12. Sanchi Pednekar

      Cats chasing the laser

    13. Mitchell and friends The Grand home

      1:09 what is inside there

    14. Revanth .B

      Coco is like fox in minecraft jumping onto chicken

    15. Nightmare

      LuLu's paws are still pretty fast

    16. Kole S

      Dodo p.S lulu think the point is edible

    17. nobita smk

      hahaha si lulu mah pikirannya makan teros 😂😄😘

    18. mirko alecci


    19. Anusooya Kothandam

      Lulu's expression, super, cute, funny and admiring.

    20. PAT WALKER

      Sorry, I can't take him in my house. I have tried several times but he always attacked my cat Valentino.

    21. PAT WALKER

      What breed of cat is LULU? I have a cat that appears on my patio to snack and has been living in my garage most of the winter. I don't know who he belongs to. We call him Mr. Pudge because he is so big. But I think he is 80% fur.

    22. Nico

      Hahaha! DoDo and ToTo "the fast and the Curious"

    23. Vihana Dandekeri

      Toto is so active when playing this game

    24. Gavi Zelkowicz

      me: no, if it's not a kittisauris vid, we r not watching DEfasts lol bro: 🤬 all cat videos by kittisaurus me: 💢?!?🤬😡🖕🖕🖕

    25. Kharm Mudjahirin

      How did lulu can stand up

    26. Heather

      Dodo And Coco & Toto and Lala are the worst of the worst world

    27. Heather

      May I just have miss my mystery

    28. GirlyPlays Roblox

      I realized that I s aaa lulu’s eye were small to big

    29. Eylül Sevil

      nobody; lulu;hunting mode active

    30. Fhatwa Agung

      is kiut

    31. Keenandra Keenandra

      Lulu & toto😍

    32. Abil Maheswara

      I have a cat thats the same brand as luluu lol

    33. andi

      Awwwww there so cute Coco is my fav one i named my snow cat in adopt me Coco 💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝

    34. Emma Braine

      Holey cat

    35. 뷰티끝판왕

      처음에 루랑이 너무귀여워ㅜ ㅜ

    36. zikri sultan

      l`m love lulu and chu - chu

    37. Quyen K15 HCM

      Toto make me feel miss my cat in my hometown :((

    38. Black cat and neko channel

      Haha someone well on lazer

    39. Elena Victoria

      Amo a esos gatos

    40. Chit Su

      DD : Meow! Chicken please! TT : Nah Boring! NaNa : ToTo?DoDo? Be careful kids! ToTo : Laser monster!!! Attack!!! DoDo : Roll with me you red thing! Chu Chu : Oh my! I must not go! CoCo : I had a good sleep.Oh bugs! MoMo : Oh come on! I don't care. LaLa : Hello? LuLu : Hey red fish. Come to me!

    41. tjhai juliani

      Dodo is so chil

    42. gwg5640

      Lulu has the looks that would kill, but purrrhaps a little clueless as to what is going on. Now that's my kind of kitty.

    43. 진화

      토토는 거의 안정환 내지 박지성 수준인데...

    44. patrick pat

      Me i use à température gun that has a laser pointer in it , and when you activate it in make a bip , my cat wherever she is in the house she know what it is that sound ...

    45. Who Am I

      Unas de las cosas que más me gusta es hacerles eso a los gatos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Gautam Bakshi

      Lulu looks so chonky in the start

    47. Heather JM

      I have read that the laser toy makes cats neurotic because they can’t catch it. Is that true?

    48. Edison Liew 2312

      Toto is a big cat now!?

    49. Zeena aziz

      Very nice, but lulu is the most beautiful.

    50. Mingkle

      I wish Toto would always be this active. I miss this handsome boi. Get well soon, kitty! Please eat a lot more so your mom won’t worry. 🤗

    51. Limited_Sparkz

      their adorable.

    52. bhawan Tayal

      Best cat is lulu

    53. Mystical Events


    54. TSoul13

      anyone else thinking: secret life of pets 2 "She caught the red dot!"

    55. Ikram J

      Claire's special weapon for playing with lulu

    56. Astri Siregar

      나는t를 좋아한다

    57. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      0:22 look at lulu hes so cute at this moment

      1. Skyster 7385

        Or 0:11 when he dilates his pupils.

    58. biharek

      Lulu is such an adorable cat

    59. Ayesha Sarwar

      Lulu is the cutest cat I ever see in my life and I am from 🇧🇩

    60. まろん猫ちゃんねる


    61. Alejandro Mendez

      Coming soon: Cats vs Coronavirus 😉😁😂🤣 pd: I'am mexican I love the lulu, DD, lala, and coco from the México ❤❣💓༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

      1. Rehana Ferdousi


    62. Mr Cheemsburger

      Coco hunting is like a cloud trying to kill u

    63. Nicte-Ha VEGA

      Kiut 😍

    64. Mikey

      What breed is lulu I need her

    65. Shinobu Kochou

      No Matter What, Lulu's First Question: "IS IT EDIBLE"😂😂 Their Hunting Mode is so cute 😌😌

    66. Cao Sơn Nguyễn

      Lulu's head is soooooo big

    67. puh•pai•uh

      That Dodo cat was like a secret agent HAHAHAHHAHAH I can't get over of the roll

    68. Saly dooble

      The best chaine ❤️

    69. Claire

      DoDo 😂

    70. Jake Jake

      TT is the queen

    71. Nubaira Deen

      I love Cocos wiggling.

    72. Rinzi Hussain

      Who disliked this video? 😑

    73. cHoZZybuNNy

      Omg this video is EVERYTHING!

    74. Kristoffer

      Toto's tiptoe dancing

    75. Kristoffer

      I wanna adopt Lulu

    76. Siti Rohmah

      Claire, please give us love story momo n lala again, or lulu n nana, it's be so much fun n adorable 😍 (灬♥ω♥灬)

    77. •Jenny_Playz•

      0:52 Totos footstep asmr

    78. Blinkue

      1:18 Lulu was really curious

    79. Gideon Ednalaguim

      Momo is such a cutie

    80. RedisFun2

      The twins are straight savage!

    81. fio_28

      here to home I have a lot of chickens from Indonesia

    82. Petra Lutz

      LuLu sieht einfach Klasse aus,die anderen natürlich auch,aber dieses Gesicht ist zum knutschen👍🌹

    83. Gold the SandWing

      Lulu sitting down is just cuteness overload and Lulu standing up is just *dies from cuteness overload*

    84. David Lakin

      Lulu reminds me of a tiny baby Jaba The Hut

    85. lightning9

      Next, Creamheroes vs the Death star..

    86. Rongyiyi Qi

      Lulu so cute uwu

    87. BTSARMYluv

      Lulu + lazer = HUNTER MODE. ACTIVATED Lulu and chuchu are just TOO. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DD too....

    88. Danny Don

      my Luluuuuu,adorable,active and naughty kittiessss ,the most eater🤩

    89. Skyline Flight

      Lulu is cute munchkin

    90. Kishia Apple

      there are plenty of cats here and i want to have this bunch of cats if only my parents could allow me

    91. ส.อ.วัลลภ


    92. detectivv

      They have been awoken...

    93. Rosefadilah

      Lagi nyari komen bahasa indonesia👁👄👁

    94. Jorge J

      I miss Tom's voice

    95. Amanda Morgan Jones

      What happened to the "Making my cats sushi" video? It has disappeared. 🙁

      1. Amanda Morgan Jones

        @Skyster 7385 Yes the long one. Thanks for the info!

      2. Skyster 7385

        Oh the short one has disappeared in kittisaurus. If you want to find in its original form then go search claire luvcat making sushi. It's on the top.

      3. Skyster 7385

        What are you talking about the short one? Or the long original video?

    96. Earthworm Chewer

      Jesus Christ loves you all

    97. Nadine n

      I can’t use my lazer no more my cat ends up crying later on and trying to find it and it makes me so sad when he crys /Make sad noises

      1. Skyster 7385

        It stresses them out. You can lead them to other toys to catch.

    98. Pekka Saarelainen

      Violence is never ok but I would looooove to se complicion of Lulu's kicks and punch! 🤣😍

    99. 둔둔똥꼬단

      이뽀다 이뽀들~♡♡♡♡♡

    100. Mealan Chan