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    Will the cats enjoy the world's Stinkiest cheese?
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    1. Candra Yani

      나는 그들 모두를 정말로 좋아한다

    2. 뿌엑{얼음땡}

      한국인을 찾습니다

    3. Mohammad Zafar Eqbal

      Please tell me what's the breed of lulu 🥺💔💔

    4. Gaming world By Aman

      OK I AM DONE ✅

    5. Mikaru Kaguya

      i love how no mater where you go the default "nope" sound bite used is the TF2 Engineer's nope from that meme

    6. Scafusa

      Vacherin Chaumes ... try Vacherin Mont d‘Or (or „Vacherin Mordor“ as my son-in-law likes to call it 😂)

    7. Cindy Driver


    8. Nilguiri

      Nice to see that you are drinking a Spanish wine! ¡Saludos desde España!

    9. Kirk Johnson

      Put a little bit of this cheese on a treat and see if Lulu will eat it.

    10. Lily Oppo

      Lucu yahh lulu

    11. Felix Luk

      Claire is being very decadent

    12. Kiizozul Gaming

      Me: Claire which cat you loved the most Claire: Only one? Me: yes Claire: ok, all of them😆

    13. Rutuja Deshmukh

      DD looke like female but he is male😑

    14. Samreen Ajmal

      Cats to claire - please can there be one day normal🙀

    15. Renée Dubuc

      Finally! The one thing Lulu won’t eat!

    16. Hønëy-mïłk-bërry- :D

      Lulu: I SHA’LL EAT THIS- Also Lulu: Nevermind……

    17. Ambreen Jehanzeb

      1:06 Lala be like:ah me ded

    18. Alicja Gundlach

      Lulu,ich liebe diese Katze. Sie ist so süß..

    19. Kaya Yavuz

      iirc cats along with most mammals actually have lactose intolerance so it is better not to give them dairy products

    20. 보라돌이

      *두리안도 먹는 루루가 외면하는 음식이라면... ㅋㅋㅋ 말 다했네 ㅋㅋㅋ*


      Claire: It's the first time none of my cat will bother while I'm eat. They don't like the cheese! Lulu: Well hello!!!

    22. John 180

      Cats sniff cheese: DD: imma out here. Chuchu: Nope. Lala: I will roll over pretend its sending me to sleep. TT: Queens deserve better than smelly things. Lulu: If I keep checking, it may stop being smelly soon.

    23. Cori _V

      What kind of cat is lulu?

    24. Ayse Akila

      Hi, i am from indonesia. Saya sabgat suka video kucing kucing ini.

    25. *Angel Purrpaws*

      0:00 u see the way Lulu’s nose moves? 0:40 Talented

    26. Uma S

      Stinkiest? Thats probably my mom's made i think 😁😁😁😂😂😂 Sorry mom!!!

    27. joemad

      T T ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    28. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      Cats: “It’s a crime what you did to that milk.”

    29. danger gerbi

      le chaums as the stinkiest?? what, when

    30. μαρία maraki

      Lulu what's happening? You don't eat the cheese!

    31. μαρία maraki


    32. Seher Shirazi


    33. Fteet Qwer


    34. The Bro Gamer 14082

      Did claire just go on a date with LuLu?

    35. Mary Chua

      Good experiment...some people dig that exotic fruit, Durian, which has an off smell to a number of us, but edible to some people🧀👃🏻

    36. Himi

      TT's expression 😂😂😂

    37. Kat Rose

      that cheese looks so good though omg

    38. grimble

      They read with their nose. : )

    39. Melissa Salt

      tt and dd:ewwww🤢🤮

    40. First Name Last Name

      "hey it's Clay" 🤣

    41. Yudhiz Yudhayz

      Sayang lulu😘😘😘😘

    42. Argotina

      Apart from your exceptional empathy with your cats you're also a VERY good editor.

    43. Narmada Mohan

      Lulu:is it tasty ? Nope Me:thinking Lulu would eat it Also me : wow first time me seeing Lulu not eat or bite 🐁

    44. Narmada Mohan

      Lulu:is it tasty ? Nope Me:thinking Lulu would eat it Also me : wow first time me seeing Lulu not eat or bite 🐁

    45. Linda Wang

      what kind of cat is lulu

    46. TifSC

      If you want smelly cheese, try Stinking Bishop. The rind is washed in Perry (an alcoholic drink made from pear juice) during the production process.

    47. Isabel Schieferstein

      In this video it happened that Lulu will never eat again kappa😂😂😂 Claire: Luckily lulu doesn't eat that much anymore😂👍 Lulu: I Love eat, eat Is my life,I will never stop eating😂😂❤️❤️😈😈

    48. Lunar. ほ行

      1:55 Lulu : ooohhh a date with mommy

    49. Lunar. ほ行

      Lulu : *what I see I eat* *Sniff sniff* *Nevermind*

    50. AFLAC Duck

      I thought they would gag

    51. Sumakwel Victoria

      Lulu: What is that? The cheese smells like cat poo!

    52. Krzysztof Masztalerczyk


    53. Yves Francois Ritmo

      I'm glad Claire knows it is a great cheese. I don't even find this stinky - I LOVE this cheese (but then I guess look at my name)

    54. Kanchan Shinde

      Who is your favourite in all comments down 👇

      1. Kanchan Shinde

        My favourite is Lulu and TT

    55. Sabine Graf

      Vieux Boulogne is often cited as the smelliest cheese. Limburger and Stinking Bishop are up there as well. I love cheese! All sorts of cheese. Personally, even though intense I don’t find this smells off-putting. But some even I stay away from. I’d like to nominate Harzer cheese for unpleasant smell. You can eat it as „Handkäs mit Musik“ (hand cheese with music) where you put slices of the cheese in a dressing of vinegar, caraway seeds and onions for 24 hours. The most horrible experience is Würchwitzer Milbenkäse (mite cheese) imo. It’s cheese that you eat complete with all the living mite inside. No joke. Can’t say anything about the level of smell though because I stay far away from that one.

    56. L'Ivraie nue

      I'm french and Crémier de Chaume is a bit stinky cheese but I think that Munster, Maroille, a runny Camembert or Vieux Boulogne are clearly stinkiest ! (and Corse's cheeses, too, like Casu Marzu...)

    57. Betty Hoopes

      LuLu.........mommy you can do better than this sweet in seeing how all the kitties react to this love my mornings watching Claire’s videos over and never gets Old🤗♥️🤗♥️🤗♥️

    58. Faruqe Azam

      Lulu is the cutest....... 😻😻😻😻

    59. your locaL sOck

      ✨underrated opinion~ -lala is so precious and elegant yet full of energy and speed she's so funny. How I do see Lulu as a funny lil munchkin he isn't as elegant as the lady lala-👀✨

    60. Janelle Pegg

      Obsessed with lulu cutest cat I’ve ever seen in my life 😭

    61. kirtibhumi

      Lulu looks super adorable when he stands on his hind legs

    62. Tina Dailey

      All your Kitty's are so lovely, but the white cats with blue eyes are breath taking, I have a white bunny with blue eyes, gorgeous!!!!😘😍

    63. Mhp 974

      Nobody : French people : LE FROMAGE !!

    64. Pro Dude

      Make a song About lulu Lululuuuuuuuu luluuuuu

    65. Frank Halblaub

      not bad Claire, french cheese and red wine...we get this kind of french cheese in Germany as well. You should try through which materials this cheese still stinks...🤔...plastic bags are no still stinks after some hours...I am not sure even with aluminum can this cheese stink through aluminum foil? I do not know...🙄

    66. Margotte un point c'est tout

      Oh no this is not smelly yet, put it in the fridge for a few days and you'll see

    67. Quadramillion Lightning

      When Lulu didn't eat the cheese; The others; NOT A FOOD!

    68. Emaan Shahzad

      LuLu looks soooo adorable when he stands on two feet 😍

    69. Emaan Shahzad

      I swear LuLu’s eyes actually bulged when he smelt the cheese 😂. See yourself 0:46. And LaLa actually fell on the floor after smelling that cheese 😂

      1. Asunuk

        Yep lulus' expression was wth is this even food? I'm a glutton with standards.

      2. Xelbayria

        Yup, I saw it the first time... I can confirm what you swore.

    70. Mick Patel

      Lulu is so cuteee

    71. Alicia Mok

      *did Lulu refuse food???*

    72. 슬기로운생활

      루루야 ㅠㅠ 언니가 고양이라면 털이 설 정도로 무섭고 싫고 그랬는데 지금은 루루덕질을 하고 있어 ㅠㅜ 책임져 ㅠㅠ

    73. Michelle M

      Lulus breed? Adorable

    74. Ethel SJ

      My cat really loves fresh cheese, but he is a weirdo tho xD

    75. Muhammad Fared

      Cat vs Durian pls 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Erkut Eronat

      That grape juice has gone bad. Can't you smell it? Ok, you drank it. Surely, it can't taste good. I don't understand you sometimes. Actually, often.

    77. Alizée S.

      Tt's facial reaction 😂

    78. Syed Afzal

      I always wonder why 🍷 glasses are sooo large when often the quantity poured is soo tiny

    79. Carrie Winward

      OMG! All your cats are so adorable!! I love how Lulu stands on her back feet all the time, Lol!

    80. Maiara Evelin Damasceno

      What breed is Lulu??

    81. rubikfan1

      Not sure what you got. But if lulu doesnt want it. It cant be food

    82. Warren

      Claire: LALA what u think this cheese ? LALA: watch me play dead 😅🙀🙀🙀😂😊

    83. Aishwarya Vijaykumar Shiroor

      Cats like chocolate

    84. rask004

      1:26 TT is "Fleming", cats do this to use a second smell organ, which is also linked to taste. Many land mammals actually have this, but primates and humans don't.

    85. Ruy Vuusen

      *Me when Lulu does not eat something: "You were the chosen one! You were supposed to eat the food, not leave it be!"

      1. Ruy Vuusen

        I know my upper comment does not really work, but I'm leaving it there out of spite.

      2. Ruy Vuusen

        "Have you ever heard of the tragedy of darth Lulu the gluttonous? He could save others from food poisoning, but not himself from stopping eating."

    86. Camembert d'Alembert

      a cheese never stinks !

    87. beiby

      Love LuLu 😍😍

    88. Gusset Blaster

      I'm surprised Lulu didn't eat the whole thing.

    89. Fahjah Fajitas

      Kittisaurus jazz ending 👍🏻

    90. Φροσω Γιωση

      OMG I have never seen Lulu just saying no to food

    91. Martin R. Krause

      Chaumes is not that smelly. And not by any means the „stinkiest“.

    92. Ingryd Maria

      1:02 👈🏻👉🏻( for those who do not know is the time of the video) Lala: hummm cheese!!!,AH!!! The smell of the cheese made me want to pass out... Oh no!!! Lala passed out!!! Hehe 🤣🤣🤣Sooo cute Lala!!!

    93. JP Kovalik

      Me:If LuLu doesn't eat it,it's not edible. LuLu: *Eats plastic grass* Me:Nevermind ....

    94. shadowcat63

      One of the few things even lulu won’t eat

    95. Slime time!

      Nice Video!

    96. Alex Maur

      It's cats vs munster (french camembert )

    97. Pranith Chiravuri

      Love to you and your cats from India

    98. Pranith Chiravuri

      Thank you very much Claire for subtitles. You are working very hard to translate into different languages

    99. slushpuppie19

      Mmmm, pass that stinky cheese here!!

    100. HeyItsDamien

      that cheese looks delicious tho