Cats vs 100 Birds | Kittisaurus


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    100 birds came to take a revenge on 7 kitties.
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    1. KhalOisha78


    2. Brittani Frey

      How come TT is cute but barleys in videos

    3. viki cahm


    4. viki cahm


    5. viki cahm


    6. Alexander MacNeil

      It's like a giant playground just for them. 😊

    7. Julito Leon

      Salesman: so how much of these do you want Claire:yes

    8. CM H

      Lulu is so cute when he stands on two legs crossing his hands, it's like that he is saying : 주세요~~😘❤️

    9. Jaldo Gomes


    10. Kitu's Junkyard

      0:46 ChuChu's legging!!! 😍

    11. Benjamin Nadler

      This is no doubt to be the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, staring cats!

    12. Juan Gattas

      The Avencats infintiy cats! Jajaja

    13. Susan E

      Such beautiful (and funny) hunters and huntresses these cats are 😸

    14. Huong Do

      I feep bad for the birds 😂

    15. Elenita Dela rama

      It's funny

    16. Lorenzo M


    17. Javi Galán

      Hola amigos de DEfasts me gusta wine XD cream heroes y kitisaurus y un canal de garrys mod y antrax y juegagerman Saludos desde México

    18. • crystal li


    19. • crystal li

      Cats be like: ITS MEAL TIME

    20. Koray Aka


    21. Sebastian Vargas

      Oo yso little cat 🐈

    22. Feri eslon Silangit

      Lala dan coco sama warna Nya tapi saya bingung yang mana Lala dan coco

    23. Afife Bulut

      LULU is so cute

    24. Pacey Kids

      THE kitty must be scared about the birds.

    25. creeperz GAMER

      This got me thinging are cats thee good or the bad?

    26. Cindy Driver

      I love MoMo!

    27. Sarvan Ji

      Hi I will Come to your home

    28. Playbeuty G. Hato

      Kittens:Awake.-_- What is this whoaaa This is the kitten paradise /| |\ 》{ ○ ♢○}《

    29. Ranum rindu

      Cats: "OMG this is a bird's paradise, yippi.😍"

    30. Alicia Putri21

      Lulu is so cute standing on her little feet🐱🐈....

    31. Elora Jingga Aranyacala

      they slaughtered all birds Lulu Chuchu Lala Coco Momo Dd

    32. rajmohan neelakantan


    33. Louae V

      who let the window open

    34. Yến Thị


    35. asia sadiq

      Claire (goes to pet store) Worker:so hello how can I help you Claire:oh I just need cat bord toys Worker: oh okay (takes out one bird toy)is that enough Claire:(laughs uncontrollably)so u think I'm a normal cat owner gimme all the birds u have

    36. Shanti Shinde

      This house has 0% insects and 0% rats

    37. Shanti Shinde

      The punch sounds make the video more funny 😂

    38. Amita Deshpande

      Your cats can stand on hind legs howvsmart

    39. Kimiichi daytu

      I thought it was bees.

    40. My Mail

      When my cat was very young, we played for hours every day. Now she can't be bothered. I'll try everything and she will maybe hit the toy once or just walk away. How can I get her to engage again?

    41. Leanne Curtis

      Its a bird storm

    42. BB' monruedee


    43. senyart

      Eat your heart out Alfred Hitchcock!

    44. Lụa Phan


    45. justi2511

      The birds are flying The cats: we have to fight Momo: don't care. I prefer to lie and do nothing.

    46. athy L.

      Whoelse searched those birds online if they are up. For sale😂😂?

    47. merteren kıvrak


    48. 잡초단

      축하합니다 당신은 한국인을 찾았습니다

    49. Sanchi Pednekar

      what a house full of birds

    50. Luna Livia


    51. Demir Osmani


    52. MaddzTheBaby

      My mum love the cats 🐈

    53. 08_Garren Christopher Pontoh

      Claire: *it's a beautiful day outside *birds are singing, flowers are blooming. . . *on days like these, kitties like you. . . *should be pampered in kitty heaven.

    54. Logana a

      Lubię koty

      1. Logana a


    55. someone random

      It's a beautiful day outside Birds are singing Birds are still singing WHY ARE THE BIRDS STILL SINGING?!

    56. Anna Maria Severini

      Io ho gattino che si chiama fifi tigrato

    57. ressi megasari athira azaleea

      e cat momo lala chuchu coco tt dd and lulu

    58. ressi megasari athira azaleea

      is e fire kitti momo and lala is love💗💗🤗🤗😍😍🐈

    59. 김영숙


    60. Adventure Wife


    61. Mari

      the birds (1963)

    62. Forrestgamer The gamer Boi

      This made my day! Also, LuLu is my favorite cat on this channel!

    63. Nitesh Panjwani

      Cats Win !!!

    64. HanaRayyan Channel

      So cuet


      New birdemic movie looking good

      1. Logana a

        Ty Fu

    66. keturah magee

      Is that a cat toy or a ornament thing? If its a cat toy I might need to get my cat one.

    67. Fabiana Braga


    68. Eddie Edward

      Birdemic 2

    69. Narmada Mohan

      i love it when the cats stand on their two leg- paws!

    70. yaboi dudeyboi

      No one searched for this

    71. kapitaniec シ

      dude i wanted her camera

    72. Bachibi

      Every other cats: smacks and paw knocks birds Meanwhile LuLu: Grooms the bird

    73. Bittersweet

      How many batteries do you need for this? Omg x'D

    74. Nancy Hong

      Thank you, Claire for creating such entertaining content. It's been a big stress reliever to watch your content and I'm sure you put lots of effort into your videos

    75. Eunae Kim

      Cats have a justified reputation for loving birds, but this is ridiculous!

    76. melika ata

      youre soooooo creative LOVE your videos

    77. Test Test


    78. Lilanthi Karunaratne

      I'm really love lulu,coco and lala

    79. Jessica Cuevas

      Gatitos muy divertidos y bellos 🤗😍🤩❤😻💕 Saludos de Chile 🤗😷😷😷

    80. ABCDevico Love

      Por estas cosas pago el internet jajsjajsa

    81. Gentle Joy

      The birds ran in the house and then took over... 1:10

    82. Razorcat 88

      I love the fact that you are able to provide your cats with so much love and fun!

    83. paul watson

      Great job Tippi Hedren!🐦

    84. Bunny Corn Gamer

      I love the cats vs. .... Plz make some more it is so fun to watch

    85. LifeAn Noobie

      Welcome to bird farm! Your cats will have fun to beating them up! Bring your cats to Bird Farm! Only on Kittisaurus! Me seeing the ad : "that's fantastic ad Kittisaurus..."

    86. Paul Jake San Juan

      0:57 - 1:27 What Music Please

    87. irani soraya

      Dear claire u re a genius u know, they are so gorgeous, cant stop laugh, and the loveable one of course lulu..

      1. i like cats


      2. Zaara Khan

        @i like cats 👏🏼👏🏼Now that's big brain 👏🏼👏🏼 Also like the name

      3. i like cats

        L.u.l.u L: lovelable U: unkown L: lurker (Of the ) U: underlands

      4. gercalpar

        @i like cats +4:_:&_-_

      5. i like cats

        DD is just a code name for de Destroyer

    88. canal do xande

      Queria de te conhecer gosto tanto de você é muito legal 😍

    89. Chandana .S

      Please can u show Ur cat home design 😁 please make a video on it please

    90. Catify Co

      This is so cute!

    91. Martin Avilés

      Alternative title: Kittisaurus and The Bird Invasion

    92. Ingrid Johansson

      I gotta get one of those! I’m mean for the kitty of course!

    93. Jean Vergara

      I love lulu

    94. Leon rosati

      1:53 Coco uses punch - 7 bird uses escape coco uses bite -10 Bird got knock down coco uses defend coco uses punch -7 Bird uses chop coco uses bite -10 bird its half passed out coco uses defend coco uses Super punch -20 birds uses escape coco uses mega bite -30 K.O coco wins Reward +10 coins +1 cat food

      1. Leon rosati

        @Unicorn Embrace *yes*

      2. Unicorn Embrace

        EpIC BatTlE

    95. Syarip Hidayatullah

      We all LOVe lulu

    96. IAmEthanS Cat

      Can This Get Any More Ridiculous?!

    97. V̶i̶v̶i̶x̶i̶t̶y̶ V̶e̶x̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ 22

      *sees flying object* LET'S BEAT AND KILL IT

    98. Alex The Cool Gamer ATCG


    99. Cat

      Cashier: Oh what a Beautiful day at The bird Sto- Claire: *GIVE ME 100 BIRDS*