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    Today, I made a vending machine for my cats!
    They had a lot of fun playing around with it the wrong way!
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    1. Lucy Hart

      My cats name is Lala,she is a american shorthair and is a calico

    2. Pymwrio Anavorleiop


    3. Kawaii Pusheen 25

      when you try to steal from a vending machine: 0:50

    4. Queen Kitty

      Lulu: I see treats I'll take all Me: Stop get some help

    5. Catclubandfriends

      Lol that's so funny

    6. emiema29

      What breed is lulu? Pls


      Oh! so cuteee 3:04

    8. Lord Sparks

      Anyone else get the impressive that this might have been filmed before Nana and the twins arrived?

      1. Dream's Chicken

        0:39 (the Cat in the bottom left Corner)

    9. Rukhsana Hamid

      Momo is sooo cute at the start only the video

    10. Fredbob392

      DD's little chirp at the end is so important

    11. Isabelle Cristina Alves de Carvalho

      Momo:love.Lulu:cat expection.toto:cat só much

    12. Eiri Yuki hotstar

      Oh gosh, it's totally unrelated but whom do you ship with who??? I mean the cats.....

    13. Mario Guanlao

      Momo is so amazing by hitting the ball

    14. Scott Carney

      Does LuLu know he has a girls name?

    15. Yetty Suwanti


    16. Josiene Goldsmith


    17. Aydar Gto


    18. Brinne Olson

      Omg this is so cute

    19. Fun Gaming

      Me vs mouse: I am packing my bags and leaving place that's it bye house Cat vs mouse: yes yes yes

    20. miloh the lotus

      Normal people : waitng for snack Cats: go really into

    21. M.R.A 29

      Why you video like a cream heroes

    22. It's Mamix

      wow dude what breeds are ur cats ? so interesting...

    23. Anju gupta

      Want more new episodes

      1. TobiTechBoy


    24. Raisya Aulia Habibi

      OMG so cute

    25. creativ-LI

      i have a LuLu plush but i wish i had a real LuLu of my own! 😍😆

    26. Stormy Vidz

      Can we take a moment to appreciate Claire buying multiple cameras, placing them in the perfect spots where her cats go, editing, making cute and fun content for us to watch?

    27. Fróstツ ÃviOP

      Literally they are soooooo cuteee❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    28. Fróstツ ÃviOP

      I love lulu and lala! Like. If. U. 2🥰🥰

    29. LionHead Michail

      Коты офигенные! А вот звуки в видео - нет.

    30. MOO MOO

      Claire make super amazing video with cool new i ideas

    31. Joy

      this amazing

    32. faisal ibrahim


    33. faisal ibrahim

      I am happy I love cat

    34. faisal ibrahim

      Tapi si lulu jenis apa ya?? 😓😓

    35. faisal ibrahim

      Saya suka lulu ini

    36. Supermacat Grizzly

      So adorable!! 🥰

    37. raynebc

      Lulu looks so cuddly but sounds so angry.

    38. Springer124

      Earned new subscriber

    39. Vivien Elston

      I may a cat vending machine, lol there so cute

    40. Libby

      2:19 - 2:23 Was I the only one who thought of 2 NaNas

    41. Bubble Tea Kristin

      Ah so cute 🤣😂😍🥰❤️🤟🏼

    42. Jilly Bean

      💕🐾 :D 🐾💕

    43. Putri Saputri

      Who's Lulu? The cutest cat has ever existed °A°

    44. que sera

      May I know if this is Claire itself channel? And what is the other channel for her cuties?

    45. Danny Lones

      nice job hosiko

    46. Gruhanth Sai

      2:38 you guys definitely kiss your screens 😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    47. Anni Ta

      Is lulu a boy or a girl...?

      1. Austin


    48. Jonathan Dos Santos Rosario

      Like si eres latino y te gusta este canal!

    49. Zilma Roque

      Para pegar as comidas

    50. Zilma Roque

      De lanche

    51. Zilma Roque

      Porque o kirhsaurus não faz um desafio para os gatos temtarem usar a máquina

    52. Stephanie Schmoeller


    53. Stephanie Schmoeller


    54. Stephanie Schmoeller


    55. Stephanie Schmoeller


    56. Rukhsana Hamid

      Kittisauras is literally my favourite youtub channel like this comment and this kittisaras video if u agree thanks!

    57. Redsky017

      You gonna kill that?

    58. D-wolf Project

      Lulu, why are u so cute? haha

    59. diana nabela

      It's clear you love Lulu the most

      1. ForRealMemes

        Who says beside you?

    60. Meghna mani

      I just click on the advertisement 10 times only n onlu for lulu.. i love cats so much❤

    61. モーン

      So Cute LuLu!😍😍

    62. Таня Гринева


    63. MrChertenock

      Лу-Лу как всегда неподражаем.

    64. Llyke Anazo

      Disaster in vending machine hahahahaha 😂😂😂

    65. Wt Prasmawati

      Give lulu to me😭😭

    66. dragon in winter

      This machine is obviously not Mo Mo proof. 🤔

    67. Кеся


    68. toma1228

      😆😆😆very very funny machine, it make a lots of fun! 😙😙

    69. Vanshika Goel

      Lets just make this clear about claire: she such a talented and i spiring editor and youtuber with cute a funny cats tryna make our day happy and bring joy to our world :)

    70. Suhani Sankhawar

      My wish from Claire that I wanted to meet lulu ...😜

    71. Hannah Walters

      Cool. Have a blessed day

    72. Vinnie Bubs

      The dislikes misread it as “Dis I like”

    73. K E

      Supercute 🤗. I love Claire's laughter❤️


      Do you let your cats outside?

    75. Michelle Montgomery-Jones

      Claire you are a master genius!! So much fun and chaos to share. Luv it!!😸😽😻🤣💋

    76. 길고양이tv


    77. Santi Veranika

      I'm so like LULU:)

    78. Somewhere in Time.

      Oh, só lovely Claire.

    79. Itzmeyodaa

      Im confused between lala and coco.....they have a same color....its make me hard to make a different between them

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        Dr. Coco Is Tall Lala Is Short

    80. Netizen Baik

      Odading mang oleh


      Your cats are so cute. Lulu is intelligent and nice. Which country yours.?

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        She's From South Korea

    82. Katie Adler

      I howled!

    83. Rinzi Hussain

      DD’s meow at the end... 😍

    84. Mini Kawaii :D

      Please give me one of your cats I love them so much 😗


      Awwwwwwwwwww so cute 😍 🐱🐱

    86. tania maria de araujo


    87. Mommy eingeing

      Hi ลูลู่คิดถึงจุง😀😍

    88. tglabdullah Freedom

      2.26. King Kong Luluuu

    89. caixia wang

      kinda wondering what breed Lala is

    90. Chairman MoMo

      Did CoCo or LaLa really know I’m next to the machine?

    91. Kimmy Queen


      1. Kimmy Queen

        Only when I am. The. Only. One.

    92. Gina Marner

      Lulu is like our modern-day real-life Garfield! 😄

    93. Suyitno Cikole


    94. kathy meeks

      DD's little tiny meow at the end just melted my heart as always!!! Just proves he's truly a gentle giant. I 💖 DD!!! That was one of the funniest videos Claire's done in awhile!! I laughed through the whole thing!!

    95. Alexander Herter

      How old is Lulu ? 🤔

    96. phenx

      I doubt I could resist constantly feeding LuLu if he was mine.

    97. Mark Gouthro

      You truly have no life in the BEST way! :D

    98. UK MGTOW

      Anyone who thumbs down her videos must have been dropped as babies!

    99. Nonebusiness movealong

      Have a coke and a smile 🤓🧐😀

    100. Dark Vorona

      Who else enjoys Claire's laugh as much as enjoying her cats? :)