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    Today, I made a vending machine for my cats!
    They had a lot of fun playing around with it the wrong way!
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    1. Rhiean B. David

      Sucking machine not a vending machine

    2. Anonymous dude

      Thumbnail:how cute lulu is😍😍

    3. YamiNoGame

      Who else just discovered this channel and can’t stop watching videos?😻😻 My gosh so incredibly cute and wholesome. Love! Love! Love!

    4. Roji Patel

      I love Lulu

    5. Abantika Basak

      What's Lulu's breed?

    6. Dulali Basak


    7. TraverseIce

      2:36 look at how huge LuLu's pupils get

    8. CY K

      Claire: im going to cut your nails Lala: NOPE Me: laughs*

    9. CSFrost

      *"Everything is edible"* - LULU

    10. Marrie e seus amigos

      Show de bola!

    11. Noah Zhou

      RIP vending machine

    12. Paige Else

      As always, Claire’s alley cats have to resort to slapping, smacking the other cats to get what they want. When will Nana and Claire ever teach them to play nice? Cats like Dodo and Toto are such jerks and bullies.

    13. Наталья Николаевна

      0:47 Lol look how momo get punched XD

    14. biscuit

      i am fond of lulu as always. Found out his breed is quite unique😅 I'LL NEVER GET A CAT LIKE THAT😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'll not give up searching though💔

    15. JEREMIAHZ tech of Roblox

      Or could have been toto or dodo

    16. Atiba Wiltshire

      Its made out of cardboard

    17. Tatum Kane

      A vending

    18. Imposter Red

      Me: The vending michine cat takes STUFF Also me: Umm the vending mechines gives not take lol

    19. JEREMIAHZ tech of Roblox

      Someone has blue eyes a a tall tall and likes to punch someone I know who it is it's lala

    20. mika viviana

      President Momo said: Peace never was a idea 🤣

    21. Stella B

      1:25 your prize is a MoMo!

    22. Marcon Cat Family

      Vending machines: Stuff comes out Claire's Vending machine: Stuff goes in Edit: I didnt expect these many likes tysm

    23. Darryl Sherman

      TT: "that's all folks!!!"

    24. Darryl Sherman

      LuLu: "DAMMIT,what do l have to do to get a Coke?!"

    25. Naz Is on the battle

      Lulu bangs his head in the hole vending machine Also lulu: *”ow”*

    26. Scottie Pippo

      Claire has a great imagination. And she is amazing at building things for her cats

    27. Dominick Solerix

      Her laugh is amazing

    28. Mel Moultrie

      Man Lulu is so childish 😂😂

    29. reem gaming

      How many cats do you even have, well they are funny and cute 😍



    31. GenaroYT

      Lulu in the picture LET ME IN! *_L E T M E I N_*

    32. anxll._ 06

      Fluffy, fluffy, everywhere fluffy cats😻🥰

    33. XxDark Wolf

      The punch at the beginning was hilarious 😂

    34. surge gaming

      Soo cute❤❤

    35. CPT. Cigar

      i really need to get myself a kitty for my granny flat lol

    36. 코흘리는 부엉이

      2:37 루루가 턴 것:내마음 ㅠㅠㅠ

    37. Olga Z

      Lulu is super! What a bright, emotional, expressive cat ! Please shoot more videos with Lulu in the lead role 😉🔥👍🥳

    38. Nickey Jane Laurente

      hi claire

    39. 새앳

      자판기를 직접 만드신건가요? 떵손 크집사는 어디로간 것인가?

    40. Scottie Pippo

      Claire has a never ending imagination and would do anything to make her kitties have fun

    41. Devin Herrera

      Let me in...LET ME IIIINN!!!!

    42. dustin windes

      Pirate Captain LuLu steals the show with guest appearances by Buccaneer Toto and Chairman MoMo. I love rewatching these videos.

    43. Dennis Desyaff

      3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00

    44. Jayatta Jay

      Why lulu isnt fat, she just ate like 565billion snacks

    45. Sharmaine Golamco

      I don't want to give meaning to anything but I can't help not noticing Claire's diamond ring on her right hand (1:59)... Anyways I just wanna say my day won't be fulfilled without seeing one her videos 😂

    46. iTs sara

      I really like lulu 😊 his too smart and too cute 😍❤️ please give me Lulu 😍💕

    47. NetMoverSitan

      Reminds me of that Gremlin in the mail box, waiting to ambush the humans with malicious intent.

    48. blueflamingdragon blue

      Lulu is the cutest car I've ever seen

    49. Mr Cheemsburger

      If animals were drugs, then cats would be anti depressants and dogs therapeutics

    50. Liwia Polanczyk

      Can anyone remember all her cats names

    51. cida Oliveira


    52. cida Oliveira

      Hi pra vc"💋

    53. the CARTOON KID

      lulu just dove in😂

    54. Nurul Maulida

      DD just like IZ from SuriNoel

    55. Lucy Hart

      My cats name is Lala,she is a american shorthair and is a calico

    56. Solar E4T7


    57. Queen Kitty

      Lulu: I see treats I'll take all Me: Stop get some help

    58. Catclubandfriends

      Lol that's so funny

    59. emiema29

      What breed is lulu? Pls


      Oh! so cuteee 3:04

    61. Lord Sparks

      Anyone else get the impressive that this might have been filmed before Nana and the twins arrived?

      1. A Chicken

        0:39 (the Cat in the bottom left Corner)

    62. Rukhsana Hamid

      Momo is sooo cute at the start only the video

    63. Fredbob392

      DD's little chirp at the end is so important

    64. Isabelle Cristina Alves de Carvalho

      Momo:love.Lulu:cat expection.toto:cat só much

    65. Eiri Yuki hotstar

      Oh gosh, it's totally unrelated but whom do you ship with who??? I mean the cats.....

    66. Mario Guanlao

      Momo is so amazing by hitting the ball

    67. Scott Carney

      Does LuLu know he has a girls name?

    68. Yetty Suwanti


    69. Jojo Goldsmith


    70. Aydar Gto


    71. Brinne Olson

      Omg this is so cute

    72. Fun Gaming

      Me vs mouse: I am packing my bags and leaving place that's it bye house Cat vs mouse: yes yes yes

    73. miloh the lotus

      Normal people : waitng for snack Cats: go really into

    74. M.R.A 29

      Why you video like a cream heroes

    75. It's Mamix

      wow dude what breeds are ur cats ? so interesting...

    76. Anju gupta

      Want more new episodes

      1. TobiTechBoy


    77. Raisya Aulia Habibi

      OMG so cute

    78. creativ-LI

      i have a LuLu plush but i wish i had a real LuLu of my own! 😍😆

    79. Nintendo Mike

      Can we take a moment to appreciate Claire buying multiple cameras, placing them in the perfect spots where her cats go, editing, making cute and fun content for us to watch?

    80. Mr. Frøst

      Literally they are soooooo cuteee❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    81. Mr. Frøst

      I love lulu and lala! Like. If. U. 2🥰🥰

    82. LionHead Michail

      Коты офигенные! А вот звуки в видео - нет.

    83. MOO MOO

      Claire make super amazing video with cool new i ideas

    84. Joy

      this amazing

    85. faisal ibrahim


    86. faisal ibrahim

      I am happy I love cat

    87. faisal ibrahim

      Tapi si lulu jenis apa ya?? 😓😓

    88. faisal ibrahim

      Saya suka lulu ini


      So adorable!! 🥰

    90. raynebc

      Lulu looks so cuddly but sounds so angry.

    91. Springer124

      Earned new subscriber

    92. Vivien Emily

      I may a cat vending machine, lol there so cute

    93. Libby

      2:19 - 2:23 Was I the only one who thought of 2 NaNas

    94. Bubble Tea Kristin

      Ah so cute 🤣😂😍🥰❤️🤟🏼

    95. Jilly Bean

      💕🐾 :D 🐾💕

    96. Lulu's always hungryyy

      Who's Lulu? The cutest cat has ever existed °A°

    97. que sera

      May I know if this is Claire itself channel? And what is the other channel for her cuties?

    98. Danny Lones

      nice job hosiko

    99. Gruhanth Sai

      2:38 you guys definitely kiss your screens 😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️