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    Today, I dressed up as a husky and surprised my cats!
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    1. Cassie Riks

      the dog is so creepy

    2. Shah Alam

      Momo is a minecraft sheep

    3. Swastipriya Arya

      Lulu is so cute 😍🤩

    4. La petite chatte

      1:07 Chuchu is VERY not scared

    5. Brittani Frey


    6. AssMonk249

      I could watch TT running on that thing for hours.

    7. Falk Beyer

      Funny! Thants goog stuff!

    8. Anthony Lockley

      That cat like.....WHAT THE DEVIL!!!

    9. Qidong John Liang

      need a real husky

    10. Viktoria

      Schalte sogar gleich weg XD ^^

    11. Viktoria

      AAAAAaaaaaaa ich krieg schon Angst hahaha ... richtig gut/schlimm dargestellt XD ^^

    12. K C

      Yes, she has turned to a furry. Like me UvU

    13. Catify Co


    14. Jaimie Mae Libre

      Lulu is 💙

    15. Kheero Single

      Believe me ! There was no SURPISE...Except for Lulu....they ARE ALL SMARTER 🤣😂😁THAN YOU !!!

    16. Kheero Single

      Interesting videos but you ALWAYS SPOIL the fun.....!!!!

    17. Татьяна Осипова

      Вам пора в дурку .Такое увидишь коней двинишь .

    18. Антонина А

      У этой хозяйки точно не все дома !

    19. ResentedCow 3173

      Breaking: Claire is a furry

    20. Jack gaming

      Using a perfume spray hide your smell

    21. ReniStillGame

      you should dress up as a cat for your cats

    22. agung adrians


    23. Gary M

      I love how Lulu is constantly looking around, always curious, always inquisitive, except when you want him to be!

    24. •ᴄᴀᴛ •

      Cat love😻😻😍

    25. wroixy

      That costume looks so freaking scary tho 🤣

    26. OGMC 2001

      This is a furry, kkkk.

    27. Nehir


    28. the roleplay Girls

      DD look so calm

    29. Tea Jus

      Furry vs cat

    30. Ajeesh A. N

      I love coco he is just a baby

    31. Blink forever

      They all are so comfy and furry 🥰🥰😍😍

    32. Un Lobo Marino

      Noooo un furro

    33. Sukhada Altekar

      Claire wearer her slippers cats will recognize them easily😯😂😂

    34. Deathclaw Lord

      3:34 I swear I heard that sound before.

    35. Luna Charuca


    36. Kar3n

      That husky syit is so creepy i cant even see thw whole video it freaks me out.😲

    37. Windyyy Airrr

      I cannot! TT is too cute and loyal 😭😭

    38. ACILEGNA Corp.

      Eso que haces es HORRIBLE, los gatitos también se espantan y tienen miedo, antes estaba suscrita a tú canal pero hoy mismo me voy, NO ME GUSTA EL TRATO QUÉ AHORA LE DAS A LOS GATITOS, SÓLO QUIÉRES LIKES Y NO LA FELICIDAD DE ELLOS, ADIÓS.

    39. freeda rahim

      LuLu is scary cat so cute💕💕

    40. freeda rahim

      Hahaha all the cat is cute except LuLu💕💕💕

    41. •LittleDoodles•

      叙事詩的にキャプションをオンにします lol

    42. Kher Si.

      U always give it away...U move too slow.

    43. Jayden Axel


    44. Mohamed Kader

      But one think cat was still hungry

    45. arpi gulbag


    46. 미오아모레


    47. Tesla Macías

      El cromañon, haciendo lo único que sabe hacer: el tonto

    48. Rainz Bee

      I'm very ticklish I'm very ticklish I'm very ticklish, oh yeah im from indonesian

    49. Shina

      보이는것보다 냄새를 다르게해야 효과적일듯

    50. AtomicSquirrelHunter

      This lady must work for Confuse-a-Cat LTD.

    51. Shane Delos Santos

      I like Lulu when he lick the toy

    52. Ann-Catherine Mörner

      Dear Kittysaurous, Having a joke with your cats is all right. Terrorism is something else. Please stop confusing them until they are unwell. You might be amused. Your cats are not. Sincerely yours,

    53. Trisye zakaria

      Wkwkwk lulu is the best cat the funny cat🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Фурри Лаччи

      Вывод: будьте Лалой

    55. robert

      Is this claire's excuse to buy a fursuit?

    56. владимир тотчасов

      Да я сам чуть не обосрался

    57. TheNabinder


    58. dumplingz!

      I wonder what goes on in Claire's mind everyday loll

    59. Mitchell Ginn

      How about you start getting the cats and putting them somewhere.

    60. Sirius The Wild Tiger

      oh a fursuit! Just like me, look at my twitter @Siriusthetiger :3 bye

    61. marie channel


    62. Juan Jose Aguirre

      Claire furry Is real

    63. Vaishali Rathi

      Hulk is always anger is nothing against LULU is always hungry

    64. Floriza Maria Sevandal

      Is her cats an actor? They even talk

    65. Angeli Guardian

      I love lala she's so cute and lulu

    66. Sambhu Adhikari

      Ha ha ha ha 😀

    67. Dabby

      Claire turns into a furry, 2020 (colorized)

    68. Luis Noob

      Why you have furry clothes ????

    69. Yiğit Berber

      00:15 Bill cipher ??

    70. F en el chat

      Kats vs furries

    71. Kirsten

      didn't know claire was a furry

    72. Ishvimael Sevandal

      I thought it was a real husky lol

      1. Ishvimael Sevandal

        And i saw claire's mouth

    73. [Starlight Gacha]

      That's a cool prank for cats!

    74. Zafira Prado


    75. Oxygen

      Get Huskied lol

    76. Cutie Cat


    77. 『 Shayla 』

      ° A °

    78. Alma Damaso

      😄😄😄😄😄👋👋😀😀😀 Lulu never scared if there's a food.

    79. Nat Amaral

      Mommy's too funny!

    80. paul anderson

      Claire, you are lovabley insane. Wonderful video.

    81. Pallavi Thiru

      TT always knows her mommy 🥰🥰


      so funny and cute

    83. Shidutt Kothari

      Lulu is my favourite

    84. Alpha

      I like LuLu's Reaction its so funny LOL

    85. Being Creative

      😂😂😂😂😂starting was amazing 😂😂😂😂😂

    86. Hunnybee

      cats see their owner dressed as a dog: “gosh, i hope it’s just a phase” 😂😂

    87. Carmela A

      TT loving Claire no matter what she looks like

    88. hiroko katami


    89. Lucky_9arlic

      this husky gave me nightmares

    90. Luke & Tom

      Lulu is the best

    91. Ann McNeal

      Next time scare them!

    92. miss goel

      Co in Coco's name stands for confused 🤣🤣

    93. an army

      Yine çok tatlılar... UwU

    94. Jian robert Gumpal

      the cat is funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    95. Alishban_

      Lulu: grooming the toy mouse DD: grooming his feet

    96. Green Tree Squad []

      Really cute kittys 100% impossible too watch without smiling 🤣

    97. Joseph Frank

      DD; "i'm so precious, nothing would hurt me."

    98. Mubash Hassain

      Lulu is so scary but other

    99. Ashby the grey cat

      Haha soo cute😍😻😻😻 they know you are the one butler😹😹😹my cat Ashby scared when he see the real husky🙀🤣🤣