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    I decided to horse around with my cats!
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    1. Julito Leon

      That thumbnail tho😀

    2. akram fun

      Cliterhoof from ck2 + the cats I'm in heaven 😂😂

    3. Sheela John

      cream heroes: angry😾😾😾😾😾😾

    4. Danielle Hylton

      I often run out of words to say how much I love and laugh with your videos. ❤🌈🐈

    5. Amah Rio

      Wopa ganansta 😎😎😎😎😎

    6. Ely Ramirez


    7. kitta the cat and his friends

      TT - (relax) claire - (dance) DD - (time passing) LULU - stop dancing and give me food (meow)


      Tooooo funnnnyyyy😝😝😝😆😆😆

    9. sophiamyah

      Claire: I'm a horse TT and lulu: *NOM*

    10. reza renantha

      One horse that i hate is pony (Pedro) in peppa pig Piggy version

    11. Nina Yan

      Lulu secretly jealous of your thickness

    12. Seher Shirazi


    13. Abdul Kader

      Song is Tamil

    14. Jimmie Patrum

      `You are a crazy woman...uh, I mean a crazy horse. Diane in NC.

    15. Claudia Saini

      TT simply knows Claire and loves her so much. She gives boops and love to Claire under every dress she hides herself in.

    16. Lulu rashid Rashid

      Love this video 🐱🐴

    17. Maria Victoria Salita

      It must be fun in her home with those darlings. While in a horse costume, they should be playing some trot music along for a complete package.

    18. Φανή Προτωπαπά

      I want the seme cats with you cyprus

    19. Sarah fawaz sfota2030

      Imagine dancing in front of your cat and they dont care but they say "cringe.."

    20. stefani elyn

      claire make my mood everyday😭😂❤️


      You aren't a horse you are a centaur

    22. Eva Lu

      Some days are stranger than others. 💕

    23. Victor Melton


    24. Sebas M

      Omg Claire, i LOVE your Humor!

    25. Marisa Fatwa


    26. Sami Paper Doll

      Those horse masks scare me xD

    27. Razia Sultana

      No one : Cats:look a horse human.

    28. Miaoxy Q

      claire is sooooooo cute, just like all her cats~

    29. Nightlark100

      "I'm a horse!" "Muuuum.... not again"

    30. Mr.Yestime

      The cats are like just pretend you don’t know her.

    31. berrisahimi

      0:29 - the horse picking his nose 😂😭😂😭

    32. Dan B.

      You are so funny Claire! Loved the English intro too. Your cats never get bored with you around, that's for sure. 😂 I love it!

    33. Catify Co

      This is the cutest thing ever

    34. Icey The IceWing / Eevee286

      Claire, we all know that is a costume! Same with your cats

    35. quynh trang

      You're a crazy cat mom, lady!

      1. quynh trang

        and I like it

    36. ShiroKiro ShuroKuro

      The cats wake up everyday wondering what they will walk on, what they will see, and what Claire will have them do.

    37. IAmMartyPantz !

      Claire honey are you ok?

      1. Kendall Ruby Jane

        She is just trying to find herself thats it.

    38. Charlotte

      Is that the horse from horsin' around?

    39. Pavan L

      Now she can have camera in any angle 😹😹

    40. Yves Francois Ritmo

      TT unfazed. Yes I know it's you Claire DD no ... oh wait you'll groom me I'm ok now .

    41. Sahil Mohammed

      There cat will be so happy that they got a nice owner care kind love love u kittysaurus

    42. Nur Bayarstan


    43. Charlotte X Moon

      You have a lovely voice clare💗🐱

    44. J W


    45. NICK SIMBA

      Bojack horseman

    46. Rebey Josh

      Claire's Gangnam style dance was amazing and her presence of mind to make her limbs to dance was really amazing 😂🤣🤗😅😍🥰

    47. Kitu's Junkyard

      I saw the video of the kitties' activities after-hours It's not as scary as paranormal activity but you can see two yellow bright dots moving around, and more drawers and cupboards "open on their own" A.K.A when Claire is asleep, the kitties consider it home alone freedom and partay! (I have no doubt they love Claire, but they enjoy having the breaks)

    48. Angela Charboneau

      The Angry LaLa but she so cute💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💚💚💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

    49. Artistic mind

      I'm really glad to see this... I'm really happy that she is not frightened that what would people think if she come up with something like this.... My😤 friend said she looked wierd , but we all now that she is really grooming her cats well👍👍

    50. Shambhavi Verma

      Claire - I am going to be a horse today🤗🤗 Momo- Nope again she is gonna film it¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ Lulu - Don't worry she is also gonna give us treats┌(・。・)┘♪

    51. p3rson4rmy


    52. Ivan Baquero

      Yourr so funny and adorable.

    53. Alicia Banken Lambrechts

      I love lulu

    54. My Drive

      0:36 TT : what the hell.......

    55. Cappy Reactions-Fan made

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 serious wapangagagstyle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    56. MavisRead

      This makes me wonder how the cats would react to real animals, like a real horse. Not a image of a living horse or a video of a living horse, but getting to meet a real living horse. Maybe they would be in awe of the real thing? I don't know. I thought about this idea cause of watching the videos of Tiny Goats meeting other zoo animals that they never seen before. It's very cute how they react to seeing odd animals they just met, so I wonder if it'd be similar for cats. Claire's cats meet animals they never seen before in real life, what they would do. And of course I would encourage safety for all animals involved if Claire would do this one day.

    57. Oman Fikriyan

      I think rthe title should be change to minotaur vs cat

    58. Noahtik Smith

      Hors girl!

    59. Albert Pringle

      I can tell this quarantine is really getting to you Nice video though

    60. Purry Guinea Pigs

      Scientists: It is impossible to have a six legged horse Claire: I am a six legged horse

      1. Purry Guinea Pigs

        @Pranith Chiravuri oop true

      2. Pranith Chiravuri

        Or may be some horse, some human, again some horse..?

      3. Pranith Chiravuri

        Technically she is a centaur.

    61. Fliederherz ***

      I think they are growing used to the fact that Claire changes her being every day...

    62. Waleska Arias gangas

      Jjjsjajs lol

    63. 우아음

      루루 정말귀여운거갔아요.

    64. Farah Pam


    65. kristenyc 822

      Kitties are cute as always and Clare never lose the passion to extend her comical sense. Brushing teeth scene is a total knock out! You go girl!

    66. Безфамильный дэбил

      there was a day of quarantine... you: 0:13

    67. 겨울토끼


    68. Assassin X Gaming

      Lulu is the cutest cat 😍

    69. 금강

      집사와 함께 사는 고양이는 지루할 틈이 없을 듯.ㅋ

    70. Mina Malaza

      Her cats looks so done with her 😂 😂 😂

    71. Regina George

      집사님... 뒷다리가 질질 끌려다니셔욬ㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌ 아 웃겨

    72. FAIZ CC


    73. PrinzMidas

      They eat salad??

    74. Madee Ardi

      claire is headhorse

    75. Sandy BS

      I don't understand why people dislike it

    76. Morningstar Of Darkness

      0:55 sooo cuuuutee >w

    77. MyNamezVeg

      LuLu is the cutest of them all

    78. Ella Zilberman

      0:36 TT: I'm not even surprised anymore

    79. Amy Reade

      this is one of my favorite things i've ever seen and i'm very glad it happened in my lifetime.

    80. Perri’s Adventures

      So wired

    81. C. Lee

      Is it just me or does claire look like a werewolf...?

    82. ceren e

      i love lulu omg🥺💗

    83. Overseer RBLX

      1:43 "Did she just.... Was that voodoo!?"

    84. Katze mit einen oreo *

      You know it’s Korea when you hear gan gan style in 2020

    85. dymoff ivanoff

      No, no, please don't eat the cat)))

    86. Monica Ford

      This is ah. A bit disturbiing😏 just dnt scare em so they injure themselves😚 it can happen as im sure u know

    87. Lech Robakiewicz

      Great !!!!

    88. Zoriana Bondar

      Coco : stop touching my butt!

    89. Gingie

      Wait.... Your cats eat lettuce? Like fr?

    90. Jodee Taylor

      I love how the cats are like: Lettuce? Ok! Then eats lettuce. My cat won't touch leafy greens.

    91. 야옹이

      말 몸단장 하는 거 뭔데요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    92. シロップと飼い主


    93. Annisa NS

      Cute lulu

    94. Two Weeks Notice

      That mask is creepy AF...

    95. Conor Murphy

      0:02 nothing to see here just two consenting adults

    96. MuZik HeArT

      This is so cute hehe.. :)

    97. Hetzerogeneous

      So where’s the boss fight between the horse and the 7 cats?

    98. Precian Assyafi

      Kuda is that you

    99. Redstone_Skipper

      I love it 🖒