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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I prepared a tasty snack for my cats!
    But it was under a glass dome!
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    1. Rp Solar

      Bro chu chu and DD are so awesome and cute

    2. poor architect

      they are all so cute but Chuchu 😻

    3. Hiba Cherouan

      I love chuchu I love how he/she is such a lazy kitty AND he/she IS SO FLUFFY he is more like an idc cat more like TT lol!

    4. hdjdhdjdhdhjdjdj dhdjhd jsjsjsj

      *Anybody know why Lala is wearing a neck collar-*

    5. Sarayu Rao Meneni

      I love dd in all videos and the lulu is also nice but eating and lazy

    6. Potato UwU

      Ofc Lulu is first

    7. Nightmare

      TT might have been patient but that doesn't compare to how ChuChu was just being adorable to get food she did the best out of all the cats

    8. The cat's family Lipу

      самое клевое видео с кошками 👍

    9. Nathan Widjaja

      TT is a royal cat

    10. Rian Panji

      Why your tittle can be changed to any langauge .... can you please teach me

    11. Faiyaz .ahmed

      best part 0:28

    12. Becky Webster

      TT was the cutest one. such a good girl waiting though

    13. Winnie Logan

      How did Lala get in the cone of shame?

    14. Himanshi Singla

      Nana TT DD Chuchu Lala Lulu Coco Momo

    15. Rickypol 007

      Lulu is the only one who didnt need clarie

    16. HaTeFiSHy

      Lulu can even Climb Mount Everest , If he see's Snacks over there

    17. Syeda Aroosha

      Well if it's about snack then CLAIRE u must write ft.snack in every video lol😂😂

    18. rumah kucing 3


    19. Rehana Ferdousi

      I love lulu kitty💋

    20. Narsing Rao

      Momo the stamina cat.

    21. DragonCatGaming worrior

      I love how one of the twins ( hard to tell them apart ) tried to eat the mic

    22. Shivani Rajvansh

      Are you fostering these kitties?

    23. Eko Yudistira

      My cat name is momo too..

    24. shafa zahira

      Momo NCTzen🤣

    25. Sanchari Chatterjee

      Lulu solving each and every problem related to food

    26. Gabriele Marzolla

      The First Is smart.

    27. Scottie Pippo


    28. Jauzia Yusi HN

      TT is a queen and Chuchu is a princess approved


      What happen to Lala?

    30. Sofia Baguio

      Can someone tell me what breed lulu is?

    31. Harbhagwan Mehra

      I love lulu soooooooooo much , he is veeeeeeeeeery cute......

    32. Merjem Hodović

      Lala 😭 im like you

      1. Merjem Hodović


    33. Amirka Show

      How cute these cats are.I adore them!

    34. Iam Robocop

      Lulu always succes. Lulu naughty but lulu so smart 😂😂😂

    35. Carol Tsui

      what happen to LaLa?

    36. Unicorn Girl

      lala is so adorable

    37. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    38. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    39. Zainab Razak

      TT very good and cute cat 😚

    40. JEREMIAHZ tech of Roblox

      There's a cone on Lala's head

    41. Dream World


    42. Nadia Korzeniewska

      LaLa sadd

      1. Nadia Korzeniewska


    43. Nadia Korzeniewska

      Chuchu and DD are crazy and sweety 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

    44. Nadia Korzeniewska

      All cats are sad 😭😭😭 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i love you cats

    45. I_Am_Someone

      *Lulu is smarter than we think...*

    46. Liz brown

      That is so mean 😭

    47. Micah Dicdiquin

      I love lulu she is fat and cute

    48. Kieran Brakes

      why has LaLa got a cone on?

    49. Nazlı Ebrar Savran

      DD çok akıllı ama tembel 😂

    50. Vira Vira

      OMG DD is so lazy but he's cute so cute

    51. Shalahuddin Santoaji Priatmojo

      Ar you from indonesia??

    52. Marcon Cat Family

      *No one can convince me that DD isn't just a human trapped in a cats body*

    53. Apriano Panji

      TT always can be trust

    54. Nicholas Pastorelli

      The cone of shame 😢

    55. adam lodge

      What are the breeds of all your cats?

    56. Cookie cat

      Lala has very tiny legs

    57. Khitem Es

      Yellow pink blou red blak

    58. Felice Jeannie Queen

      This is the heaven of cat lovers

    59. Dieta Agus

      If it is about food, Lulu will always know how to get them,,,, nyam nyam "I'm the master" 😆😆

    60. Crazy Jack Axe


    61. Crazy Jack Axe

      The thumbnail looked like the treat was a raw egg

    62. Manal Az

      I love DD

    63. Janis hall

      just seems mean :/

    64. 별과소울

      마이크 핥기를 루루에게 배웠군.

    65. Mohammad Hasnain Humayun

      Captain America: I can do this all day 1:52 Momo: I can do this all day

    66. Brian Nolan

      LA LA does not need dome, she has cone

    67. arian4

      so Chuchu decided to do some aegyo huh..

    68. Duru Demirci

      get well soon Lala

    69. ༻Ghøśty Nīghtż༺

      Instructions unclear: I let the kitty eat the snacks before I she could even try to get

    70. Jackson

      Chu chu be like if I act cute mama would do for me

    71. Mr. Gummy Bear

      Momo: You dare oppose me mortal? Lulu: TT: Im gonna sit and wait like a good cat DD: Top first. *munches on the glass* (claire approaches) here you go DD. *happy DD eating noises* Lala: Push...push...*clink* HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT *startled* The twins: Eh who needs food? This mic looks more interesting. *proceeds to ignore the food entirely*

    72. Taylor Lynn

      Lulu is such a curious, cute, chunky little boy lol. He seems so sweet ❤

    73. GenaroYT

      Mom, we can buy a cat? Mom: No, we have a cat at home Cat at home: 1:08

    74. Sandra Lee Johnston

      Sorry if it’s wrong gender, I love your cats! ❤️

    75. Sandra Lee Johnston

      Why is LaLa in a cone?? Is she okay? :(

    76. 이창현

      우리집 냥이랑 티티가 비슷한 성격이었구나!

    77. strawberry

      DD is a teddy bear for me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    78. redalgal16

      What cat breeds are each?

    79. 김현식

      루루♥ 안녕

    80. Tom Riddle

      0:46 lulu : guess I'll just lick the smell

    81. jyoti Upalaikar

      My favorite cat is Lulu😊

    82. La Vie D'un Poney

      DD est une petite flemmarde 😂 j'adore

    83. musa mahendra

      Lulu so cute

    84. Terre Cabigas

      Claire: puts a cover on the food Lulu: Can't help but trying... Me: mind you manners kitty!

    85. Tio do lamen

      São fofos dms

    86. Viorencia Theona

      I like how TT is so polite she waits for claire's permission to eat that yummy snacks(excuse me! that yummy snacks is for cats that doesn't mean i like cat's food) and why DD is so big?? :3

    87. account

      I want to steal Lulu

    88. Kirara And Family

      🤣 Cute.

    89. Tanuja Maithi

      TT is such a nice cat , she waited for claire, I Love U TT 💗😍

    90. Wahyu Endah Lestari

      Yummy snak

    91. Shadow

      Claire so mean lol 🤣

    92. Muhammad Azlan khan

      Your cats are so cute and LULU is so funny 🤣

    93. KidsOnSnap TikTok

      can someone explain why Kittisarus is NOT VERIFIED????!!!!

    94. Jerusalém Hefizibá


    95. Poker R P

      The most determined little kitty in the world King LuLu

    96. Samuel Yeh

      "Delicious, finally some good food." ~Lala, 2020

    97. jesús tepes

      gatitos bonitos

    98. Мурыся Трунникова

      Обожаю кошечек!❤️😊❤️🙏❤️🙏👍👍👍