Cats vs Giant Tree Monster! | Kittisaurus


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    Today, my cats joined forces to fight against a giant leafy intruder!

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    1. Pooja thapa

      Cat new family she really adopted them

    2. BrodyGamez

      Don't tell the other cats, but TT and LuLu are my favorites.

    3. z

      Giant tree monster!!

    4. single mom cats

      personal ola in my case i've got 5 kittens kkk i'm happy my channel here on youtube: @

    5. single mom cats

      personal ola in my case i've got 5 kittens kkk i'm happy my channel here on youtube: @


      where's lala

    7. 집늘보

      키티사우루스는 더빙방향(스토리텔링)으로 자리를 잡으셨나보네용 파이팅! 🙂

    8. Dinosaur Spy


    9. Damien Heartly

      I love how TT is so savage here and the rest of the boys are so animated lol ♡

    10. Joyce Sandoval

      I don't like lulu

      1. BrodyGamez


    11. 巧虎總裁的上班日常

      so cute~~

    12. Grace Yun

      I’ve forgot that cats can’t actually talk-

    13. Fover dinik

      Why there are a new cat ? Love DD chuchu lulu tt coco lala momo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    14. ThatRascal

      Funny 😄

    15. Kevin Drager

      Kitisaurus=challenge and vs. claire luvcat=catchannel calm

    16. Vala Hedayati

      Please please someone tell me what is Chu Chu breed? 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    17. francis knife

      Best canal ever❤

    18. Scottie Pippo

      Short but awesome

    19. Loves my Kitties

      Busy huh

    20. morgan.T 27

      Creamheroes whos channel?

    21. Arunprakash S

      reactions of your cats are better than indian actors

    22. Tech Mobil

      how to stop cat sneezing

    23. Enzy Cezar

      Love how the story is well written, though i will prefer Claire narrating stuff, i love her voice so calming and soothing 😌

    24. Fernando RM

      Because Lulu, you're not dealing with the average flowerpot anymore...

    25. Laura V

      Love this episode! TT✨ is the best 🧡

    26. Claribel Centeno


    27. QQ IQRA'


    28. Sekar Sakura

      얼마나 많은 채널이 있습니까?

    29. xXxKittyDariaxXx

      Happy Easter! ;3

    30. Love Cat ́s

      I loved the cute kittens and funny great video congratulations

    31. Ант Токмэн

      Are you Russian? Ты русский?

    32. Devaansh Duggal

      The Kittisaurus crew: DD: *Drawer and Door opener* Lulu, Lala, Dodo and Toto: *Find, Chew, Destroy* TT: *Punching champ* Momo: *Chairman* Coco,Nana: *Not interested* Chuchu: *silent observer*

    33. ぶきん

      Aww so cute

    34. Wonderful Rainbow

      Claire, you deserve more subscribers. You and your cats are amazing.

    35. Kirsten

      tt is the queen of the house and all of the cats know it

    36. poe pu


    37. Chris Houghton

      Claire - YOU are the hero !!!!

    38. Solana Note


    39. Sameer Punshi

      How many of u think momo behaves like father and tt behaves like mother👻

    40. ShadowWolfie the cyber wolf

      Dude TT is like irl jayfether, seirous about alot! This was adorable

    41. Bin Alyee

      I love how the Cats THREATHEN the damn tree 🤣🤣

    42. frogganna

      Even TT was curious!

    43. Mercyy 97

      Had anyone seen nana

    44. Launchpad Mcquack

      I love Lulu .. I have a surprise for LULU and team hahaha coming soon !!!

    45. Frau Katze


    46. lightning9

      DD & the giant beanstalk...

    47. yDuck Shock ϟ


    48. yDuck Shock ϟ

    49. Lovely Mariano

      😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I so much enjoyed a short story. Made my day always!!

    50. 《Neşe Enterili Fidan》


    51. Yo Dawgz Gaming

      This was so fantastically edited!

    52. Dabeer Naqvi

      당신과 당신의 고양이는 최고의 DEfasts 사용자입니다.😻😻😻😻. 나는 가장 큰 고양이 애호가입니다.

    53. jon ander

      so who is telling me whats written in the little sign?

    54. Joann Price

      Lulu: teach it a lesson. Yeah, cuz if anyone can teach it a lesson it's DD. That tree was down for the count Before Lulu got there thanks to the big fluffinator DD!

    55. ssi bal

      ЛуЛу какой породы?

    56. Iman Aliyev

      Everybody: goes for the tree itself. Lulu: you guys wasted your time! All you had to do is go for the flowerpot! Everybody: Oh

    57. Raashee Bhakuni

      Plz do house tour and a volg

    58. Cara

      Did someone say OSCAR? 🏆

    59. Ms Jinxksu

      Claire can you buy your cats with buttons that has food, mad etc. I would love to see lulu ringing the food button 24/7 hahaha

    60. Sami Hossain Chisty

      After so many awesome episode

    61. Shawn Kow

      I just want to say you inspired me to adopt a cat. I am a proud father for 3 days now

    62. Adarsh Singh

      My LULU

    63. yusuf 123


    64. Cecilia Torres

      Fue muy divertido verlos checar el árbol 😄, son hermosos 💕😻, saludos desde México

      1. José Javier Díaz-Valdés Toledo

        oye pero saben que ella saca los videos de cream heroes verdad?

    65. María de Jesús Ramírez

      Soy fan de todos ellos, pero Lulú es mi favorita. 😍

    66. Armando Hernandez

      Your videos are boring now

    67. Rolma Lorenzo

      Momo close up, it is the breaking point of this cat-thriller...

    68. Lissa

      TT as always the smartest 🙌🏻😄

    69. Neelon Rokk

      First we got Bat Metal, now we got Cat Metal. I highly approve. 😎👍

    70. Dare To Dream

      блин, никогда бы не подумала, что тяжёлый металл так классно может вписаться в мимимишное котовидео! 😆

    71. Mealan Chan


    72. Babu Kumar

      Ahhh☺️.. chairman momo and his stamina 😉

    73. Sasha_BLR Ash

      you English

      1. Sasha_BLR Ash

        Потому что твои ролики и на русском и на англиском

    74. 박종호

      머지......크집사 영어판인가?

    75. Rudi Hardianto

      Halo, Lulu'leul

    76. Rudi Hardianto

      Halo, Lulu'leul

    77. Aang Sanz

      lulu always the special one 😘

    78. Pratik Bhingarde

      Thumbnail: Lulu: you wanna fightttt meee huhh? I can't hold my 🤣🤣🤣 Lulu fan 🙆 당신은 최고의 고양이 룰루가 있습니다 .

    79. Sharada Patil

      Your story making skill is very interesting.

    80. kittipong chailead

      나는 룰루를 좋아한다 ฉันชอบลูลู่

    81. Sertan GÜVEN

      let the ghost video come .Who thinks the same?take like

    82. jules dlc

      Lulu is Saitama

    83. praneeth ruthprabhu

      When TT entered, DD is like I'm gonna take a walk 🤣🤣

    84. Eva Linnk

      Your cats are love

    85. SoulStar

      There is no doubt that these funny Kittisaurus videos are keeping everybody that watches the channel entertained during lockdown.

    86. Aniel chall


    87. Fatin Safirah

      ohh that was too short

    88. Kevin, Boon Thai Lim

      Why don't play battle cats? It's a cat game

    89. chandlerg

      Lol 😂

    90. Roche Felix

      Momo is a true leader lmao

    91. Marquis De Lafayette

      The cats are roleplayers at their finest

    92. CidYoshi

      The Catvengers

    93. Wiwid Widayati

      Why all of your Cats sooooo adorable..... They really are.......hihihi

    94. Samantha Roberta

      💖💖💖🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Lulu salvou a todos... 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥰🥰🥰

    95. hazel lara

      I love all yours cats... kisses from México ... Me haces el día!! 😻👧🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱😘♥️❣

    96. •Polar Bear army•

      Ahahahaha 😆 😂 i cant stand this cats anymore

    97. Christina Golamis

      The best! Hilarious! Claire's giggle is contagious! ❤️

    98. Beverley Newman

      This fun to watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    99. 72 HD

      LuLu and the gang need to have their own movie. Ok, get on it already?

    100. Gatos felinos

      Miau miau miau são lindos seus gatos miau miau