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    Could cats become friends with King Kong?
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    1. Jackson Kkkk

      Lulu runs like a elephant with her cute stubby legs

    2. Linda Spīča


    3. DARK 527

      A todos les gustan tus videos ya que todos les gustan los gatos

    4. Trixy Lil

      TT at 2:27was like wow this is fun now Let me get some popcorn

    5. Sibur Purwanto

      Why There Is So Many Dislike, I Don't Know What Is Dislike Is, I Only Know Like...BTW Thank You For The Vids, Thank You So Much Kittisaurus I Love You ❤️❤️❤️

    6. Yolanda Gee

      Hysterical! I always enjoy these costumes. The cats are so funny.

    7. Diana Yturralde

      King Kong and the world 🗺 this week the world has been a good year for a good job in the world Health Organization has been an opportunity for a long time to get to where I am at now and we have been in touch and I am po I know you have been in a lot of fun but you po I know I was thinking about it haha is a day and a week for me to come home from school 🏫 I was so good at getting to my house 🏡 is a day and a half and a little bit of the day I have been in a lot more fun to get the trreeuiooi was the way you are in a relationship with your parents you and your family day so happy 😁 you know that I love you and you are always the one ☝️ I wish you were here

    8. Godzilla cam11 12

      Don’t Forget Godzilla

    9. LunaticSynapse

      So awesome lol

    10. Trisye zakaria

      Lulu is the best

    11. Zero Diamond

      King Kong vs Godzilla 2 Featuring DD

    12. Elizabeth Ryals-Dubois

      The white cat help delete the dinow

    13. Stitches by Kimmy

      Cats and Godzilla vs ghidorah

    14. Andrew Gentile

      Get rekt T-Rex

    15. Hønëy-mïłk-bërry- :D

      DD on the thumbnail: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


      How often you are walking???

    17. demonweber666

      Shouldve jammed a houseplant in Rex's mouth.

    18. Kerry Gligorovic

      The cats weren't scared or too interesting with King Kong or T-Rex😼🥱😴💤

    19. Amaezyn


    20. Felix Luk

      Cool. King Kong vs Godzilla! 🤣🤣

    21. DjNexa

      giant gorilla ? giant dinosaur ? get a giant wolf and you have the "Rampage" video game! lol

    22. milad r

      Hi , i know you are amazing person and you love cats but dont do this on them , you unknowingly stress them out ...

    23. Becky Webster

      At the end the cats are like ok we'll help you get him mom

    24. Becky Webster

      I love how TT is just like ok mom please stop being werid you don't scare me

    25. Bugbug 2014

      TTM12CS has 86 Videos

    26. Kit Kamel

      FUN FACT: Cats didn't realise it was there Owner

    27. Bido

      king kong needs medical attention... He has some serious issue :D

    28. tini Hrjait


    29. Abby Edgerton

      These cats are right in the midpoint of being the most pampered cats on earth and the most invaded 😂

    30. Sanchi Pednekar

      King Kong

    31. Aleena yogindar

      If you're new, King Kong wearing an apron in the kitchen is a normal thing here.

    32. Kim Seiberling

      Omg, this was so funny.

    33. tena2sweet

      Lulu 😂😂😂😂😂: I'm not going anywhere near it. Also Lulu: Wait! Hold up! the monsters giving away food?

    34. namitha nandan

      TT is like....Hoomans aaareee duummmbbbbb...I'm bored 😂

    35. gigih jewe

      DD like roar power of tiger some tiny tiger with extra bun

    36. Regina Cummings

      The kitties know that is Claire and her friend in the monster suits.

    37. Regina Cummings

      Lu Lu and her hole in the kitchen.

    38. Nadine Dorghod

      You're cats are so chill with this what if they came across a real gorilla or a real DINASOR like thos even exist...IF THEY DID your cats would be like k another think of Clair's pranks they'd be so chill

    39. Wade Lee


    40. Laura Bailey

      I want to be adopted

    41. Veronica Garza

      I like the epic Kaiju battle at the end

    42. Narmada Mohan

      Big fight going on:cats:meh

    43. Narmada Mohan

      DD:not scared of anything TT:don't care Lulu:I don't care!feed me !

    44. Vivian Martinez

      Clares kitties always have the strangest guess. 😸

    45. Carla Vela


    46. Арсений Кожевников

      Круто а сделайте видео как кинг конг подружился с котами и кошками и победил годзиллу

    47. Bob


    48. Rose 13 Bud 13

      OMG scare 1 of their lives gone now only 8 left

    49. Thunderlizard36


    50. Kamarul

      ° A °

    51. Vallaeia Springs

      ha ha ha ha...ohhh i luv 1 of my next lives i want to be 1 of your cats...soooo very entertaining

    52. Blaster

      0:34 Lulu's logic: maybe if I don't look, it will disappear!!

    53. Carina Vaja

      Un kiosco


      So DD is not afraid of King Kong but is of Godzilla.

    55. ada di sini

      Your kittens life is soo adventurous 😅

    56. nurfariziah riza

      I like DD,lulu and lala

    57. Uma Chatterjee

      @2:32 DD/Chuchu is like "Why do I feel like I'm missing something?"

    58. K M

      The cats arent really buying it, are they?

    59. almudmr ééé

      عهدخ78. في الحالة فقد كانت هذه

    60. Ipad 2017


    61. Bertha Moncayo

      Claire I love your videos, I enjoyed them so much. Love your kitties.

    62. Jon TeeHee

      I think you've been in lockdown too long

    63. JOJO CHEN


    64. emma pepper

      Let. LONDON BAR l,,,

    65. Sampurna Roy

      Cats : again mommy has gone mad!!!! Oh mommy!

    66. Alex Xander

      Epic Godzilla vs King Kong battle happening Right in the room *DD:* I’m more interested in the paint drying on the wall

    67. Bguillen54090 cosmic

      Hilarious! And Lulu so funny... Would do anything for foooood LOL

    68. Sese Khan

      isn't King Kong like a gorilla that falls in love with a blond girl? (watched the movie yesterday)

    69. E Kaushik

      Imagine being her neighbour and just see through her window and see a king kong and T-Rex fighting...

      1. Jackson Kkkk

        I wish i lulu’s brother

      2. marquetta anderson

        My name is damarcus Robinson and yours

      3. marquetta anderson

        I battle you and all the boys around the world

      4. E Kaushik

        @marquetta anderson 😂😂 BTW ChuChu is a girl 😊

      5. marquetta anderson

        Chuchu he cracks me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Ratzlifummli

      Aaaaw haha 😻

    71. fuzzy Parker

      😁epic battle! DD be like that's nothing😁😊

    72. Barkha Rai

      The cat gang would b like.... "what now" sigh*

    73. The Sethioz Project

      DD was too terrified to look what's going on behind him lol

    74. ROAD LOVE

      Claire has way too much fun with these cats

    75. karen jones


    76. LUCIS光點

      Where can I find the cat free show up in the video?

    77. sj

      Lmao lulu may be scared but he will never let any treat pass

    78. Rose Starbuck

      How did she get so many cats!!!😂😍

    79. yordan dan

      Oversize custome

    80. Ava Michael

      But who’s in the Dino outfit?

    81. Flying Koala

      The cats understand when a creature is real or not. They can understand that that's just a costume :)

    82. Marzia Malik

      ,ujunjjjjj hjjj

    83. Kim Kassy

      Haha ! What is that liquid treat you give them?



    85. Mehdi Hattab

      LOL 1:23 Lulu looks funny!

    86. Renee Santos

      I like cats

    87. Jucelia Rodríguez


    88. S V

      How to identify which is original kittisaur .. site? The owner dsnt mix themes ...

    89. Diana Baldwin

      Thank you Clair for this funny video!!

    90. Russell Herring


    91. Black Cat gaming 2099

      I love ur cats

    92. Russell Herring

      0:15 ba rooooooom

    93. Jennifer Liu

      DD is so cute!!

    94. Jean Yuen

      Another crazy day with Claire and her cuties never a dull moment i love it

    95. Thach Ma

      Funny 😁 so much 😂🤣😁😆😅😄😂😇

    96. Russell Herring


    97. Russell Herring

      0:19 squeaky chu chu

      1. Russell Herring


      2. Russell Herring

        Then King Kong turned around

    98. Russell Herring

      2:19 chuchu squeaky

    99. Nico

      DD MOMO COCO.....= Reptile....Subzero...and Scorpion....3 true fighters 😼

    100. 이재호

      집사님 수고가 많으시네요. 7마리 고양이와 사는 것도 고생일 텐데