Cats vs TrainㅣKittisaurus


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    Today I bought some boxes that came with trains inside them!
    As I thought, cats love boxes.
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    1. mohamed jashim

      It's very funny and lovely ❤️💞

    2. avalle0402

      LuLu: stop moving. Train: T H E . L U L U S A U R U S

    3. D -man

      Momo defending that box like its a game of king of the hill 🤴 hahaha

    4. Tom Ford

      😂😂😂😂😂 the ending 😍

    5. Lakhan Ramwani

      Cats interested in box not in train😂😂😂

    6. Hubaib Anwar

      I love only Lulu

    7. Maire Watkins

      Other Cats: Ooo a box! Let me live in it. Momo as he walks on box: MY BOX! GET OUT!

    8. Iram. Coronado


    9. Iram. Coronado


    10. Candy Gore

      your cats are so adorable i love all of them i do have a calico cat she's very cute to!

    11. Renan Moh


    12. Алексей Жданов

      Video: cats share small box Cats: Thanks, Claire! Claire: But........ What about trains ????

    13. Maxi wuwuwu777

      Estos gatos sí que son adorables

    14. polish red

      They preferred boxes!lol and momo and lala boxing much was so funny. They're so CUTE!!!😍

    15. Andrey Yambao

      Are you rich claire?

    16. ShyneeDree

      Coco and Lala are so funny😍

    17. Hill A

      Classic cat. Ignores the toy, immediately goes for the box

    18. shrividya vidya

      My cats love boxes too

    19. sylvia ahrodia

      You are very hard working claire But less than your cats Especially lulu He's so so so cute

    20. awa opo ferana


    21. awesometreasures777

      I love all 10 of your cats, Claire and your laugh too!!! Your videos are so precious!!! God bless you, Claire and all your cats!!!

    22. Rizqia Adyla

      every Cats love box so much? Cause my cat does.

    23. Josie Robinson

      TT is queen, no doubt, but... Lalas quite the lady. If TT weren’t queen, Lala would be.

    24. Cindy Driver

      My kitties love boxes!

    25. Weekiat Quek

      Lala Don't like momo🤣🤣

    26. 컨노 월드

      기차 얼굴 뭔가 무서워

    27. Sjoerd

      All cats in box: chuchu: still washing herself

    28. Beya Twy

      I think Lulu is now a A list cat celebrity lol.

    29. 詹琬柔


    30. Andrew Gentile

      Cats enjoy a fine box📦📦📦

    31. Ary gtr

      Kak vidionya sekali sekali bahasa indonesia ya plis

    32. lolapopa Minecraft

      Do cats vs mirror

    33. Ayun Citra Widayanti

      Kucingnya gemesin sama lucu

    34. Ashley


    35. Achmad Ebyan

      lulu lucu sama momo sama DD

    36. # babyendo

      wow keren

    37. Greta Murray

      i have to cat Tabby is a tabby cat and Leah is a bombay cat

    38. Greta Murray

      there are boxes all over our house and my cat tabby (she is a tabby cat lol) she sits and lays in them at first she was in our puzzle boxes then we put out boxes for her

    39. Johannah Dimakuta

      I love coco & lala but idk whos lala & coco they look like a twin😅😅

    40. zoiska si serigala aaauuu


    41. Sidra tul Muntaha


    42. Claudia Saini

      Momo is a liquid cat !

    43. Cute cat jenny

      Look at DD😅😆

    44. Cute cat jenny


    45. Andy Sun


    46. Jo-Anne Palmer


    47. Classic World

      i think box are made for the kitti group

    48. cereal bowl yes

      rare clip of 2020 boss fight

    49. Toppat Clan

      The driver of the train:we are going to *Cat land.*

    50. Jiayin TAO

      Title: Cats vs Train Alternate title: Cats vs flat box

    51. small potato

      I love it how they were way more interested in the box than the train

    52. Generic Name

      Cats: B O X


      Disclaimer no cats were harmed during the recording😂😂😁 In fact they enjoyed the recording

    54. Nazwan gaming

      Give me lulu:v

    55. Cessa and Guitar

      OMG lulu cute

    56. syed hashir sarfaraz

      Box: Exists Cats: Its a free real estate!

    57. 1st

      Momo is the guardian of the sacred box. None shall settle in box with out his judgment.

    58. Altair Raid

      the cat: look a train i will catch it claire: the rules is dont catch the train the cat: ah whatever hyah claire: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The cat: i got it yay claire: noooooo the cat: what hapeens? claire: nothing the cat: ok sorry the comment is long and im made this story

    59. CrazyGamerGames

      Looks like the cats vs magic tracks car video got some reinforcements

    60. Paceytwinz :D

      Momo: my box! DD: not anymore LaLa: I agree with DD. It's mine ChuChu: MINE NOW

    61. Fahad Tariq


    62. Laila Tai


    63. Ura_X Planet

      2:45 Lulu wos like:I dont care if only my head fits XD

    64. Raj Dhuri

      The title of the video should be: "Cats Vs The Box"

    65. Zalmar

      Kittisaurus why has my translation for this video not been checked? 🤔

    66. locutus155

      "This is a station announcement. We apologise that the service on platform 2 will be delayed by approximately 45 minutes due to kitty interference on the track."

    67. RowdyRager -

      LOL so cute. I love your bitties

    68. Johanna S

      Your cats are so funny!!! I love them!!!

    69. Tukez xy

      I had a cat but lynx come and eat hes head:,( he vas same Color than Momo

    70. NorthEast Penn Productions

      I love trains

    71. Elisey Churikov


    72. Sudhanwa Joshi

      정말 놀라운 비디오입니다! 모든 고양이가 너무 귀엽다.

    73. Bladerunnerize


    74. A Xavier

      Lala Momo 😂😂😂

    75. maria


    76. Box2able F'OFF

      Oh, to be a cat laying contently in a cardboard box, not a care in the world.

    77. cultclassic999

      No fair, you horrible mommy ... 2:20 entrapping us with boxes lol 😂

    78. Rahadewan Raisabudin

      what kind of cat lulu ?

    79. beanie boo magic

      THE CATS RATINGS Train:😿 Box:😻 I love this video

    80. Wahyu Aji Cahyana

      Cat-zilla is litterally here

    81. Benjamin Hobbs

      Momo share the box already!

    82. bfahren

      Box: exists Cats: where have you been all my life?

    83. Narmada Mohan

      Cats look adorable in boxes

    84. Narmada Mohan

      Whoa cats fighting for Boxes 😆

    85. Narmada Mohan

      Momo: this is my new home- Me:wow

    86. only truth behind

      Last seen is nice

    87. Green Panther

      2:10 Name a more iconic trio I’ll wait...

    88. seriouslycatie

      I love how you buy kids toys for your cats & watching them interact with them... even if it means they only play in the boxes the toys came in lol. I wish I had 7 adorable kitties to play with 😭

    89. Sebas M

      Hahaha OMG! 02:37 Lulu with head-first, into that small Micro-Box! He thought he could dive in completely 😜🤣

    90. Craftsycat

      Lulu: sniffs train *shnacks!*



    92. Billyplayz 744

      The adventures these cats have had...

    93. Ed B

      The next video give the cat's dryer rides

    94. Samira Peri

      2:50 A wild Blep appears!

    95. リアンくん

      Remember spongebob ep? All u need are.. BOX and IMAGINATION

    96. MattH123

      I love Lulu first, but Momo second for sure. For many reasons, but he loves the boxes more than anything, is the first to get in usually, a dominating cat :P Just like an old chairman.

    97. Amitava Chakraborty

      What breed is DD and Coco i love to have them as my pet ...can you guys plz suggest.. by the way i am from India..

    98. Hønëy-mïłk-bërry- :D

      My brother: It’s a choo choo train! Me: No! It’s a Chuchu train! My brother: yeah that’s what I said? Me: No u said choo choo train but I say ChuChu train! My brother: spell your one out…… Me: okay! *spells*( C-H-U C-H-U T-R-A-I-N) My brother: Oh……

    99. Jonathan Chu

      Where’s TT?