Cats vs Tiger | Kittisaurus


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    A tiger appeared in front of the kitties today!
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    1. Alexander MacNeil

      😹 So cute...

    2. Ethan St Firmin


    3. Mouayad Traboulsi

      Cat: who are you? Tiger: I'm your upgraded version

    4. Veronika Mutfakta

      Claire your videos are very nice but you are scaring your cats... Have a heart attack out of fear ? !!! ❤️🍀

    5. Andy Almeida

      Lulu loves treats so much, the fear of tigers is overcome!! :)

    6. Jayden Voges


    7. Jayden Voges

      Hahahah Good

    8. Jayden Voges


    9. Jayden Voges


    10. Jayden Voges


    11. Jayden Voges


    12. ptk behera

      There should be a haha react button 😂😂😂😂

    13. 02 AADIT PRADEEP


    14. Yujin sul

      Coco is so cautious about everything 😂🤣

    15. Hafidz Rizki

      2:25 ok thats kinda scary tbh

    16. Hamnah_ Muthmainnah*

      LuLu before eat snack:Runnnnnnnn, Tiger is so scary LuLu after eat snack:hey, its delicious. CAn YOu BriNG mE AgaIN?

    17. sister shook

      Momo near the tiger: Hey you! Yes u! I'm not afraid of you! Your a cat too! Just a bit bigger!

    18. Samantha Bouza

      I love this one

    19. mubin shaikh

      Claire please move to the house which has mini playground in the house so that these cats can also enjoy nature outside. All time at home is like cage for them.

    20. Shahd Sami

      I loved how ChuChu ran away. 😂😂😂😂 1:35

    21. ErickTEDavi

      I love the Mr. MoMo. He's very nice and funny!

    22. colin bonnet

      How could almost 1,000 people possibly dislike this video

    23. shelvy mathew

      Hi i love lulu and gayu pls read this

    24. Monkooze Tees

      Two different reactions. 1. You bring the tiger to the cat- Surprise, shock, Fear 2. You let the cat find the tiger- Curiosity.

    25. Animesh Kumar

      LuLu the attention seeker.

    26. infinity channel movie

      I love you coco

    27. Kim Seiberling

      Aww, Momo was bathing the tiger.

    28. HeyMan1231


    29. Danny Dante

      what is that squirty thingy that you give to the kittys O_O

    30. shainu shabnam

      Whr is TT?

    31. ꧁꧁༆•Łāzÿ Łëøpārð•༆꧂꧂ 8

      The tiger I have that tiger all my cat does is sleep on it or attack it ;-;

    32. Hallie Blakeslee

      Momo sees a large striped orange cat and is like ".... dad?"


      Are female cats better or male cats

    34. Sami Paper Doll

      Fun fact: Lala and Coco are more than likely, Deaf. White cats with blue eyes have a birth defect called Hereditary Deafness. White cats can be deaf in both ears or just one (usually the side with the blue eye). While white cats with one blue eye, have a 40% chance of being deaf, cats with both eyes blue, have up to 65%-85% chance. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

    35. Jacobcik Michelle

      What happened to TT? Was she part of your clowder, group of cats, when this was made?

    36. Karen Lee

      When they realize it's not real it becomes a large toy LOL ha ha ha,,

    37. TerryAllenSwartos

      Entertaining as always, and it was nice to hear you speak!

    38. xKeNniii

      Haha I love how scared Lulu is all the time, hilarious 😂

    39. Narmada Mohan

      Us seeing a tiger : wahhhhh tiger on loose !! Cats:ew you don't taste good*bite* Us seeing cats :wahhh kitty!don't go! Me:it will eat you!!

    40. paddylistening

      0:33 😹😹😹

    41. IceStorm

      I like all the cats in the world but MOMO is ugly :/

    42. zephaniah august santos

      Would you watch a movie with a name like this: Lulu the Tiger Slayer

    43. Yaima Martinez

      And that's how the tiger lost his stripes! 😂😂

    44. harun özbey


    45. sean ahmed

      Who else saw the thumbnail and thought that was Clare in there!!!

    46. Catify Co

      This is the cutest thing ever

    47. Jimmy Alfaro

      The cats are like: "Mmm, I wonder what my human handler is up to today...Oh wow!"

    48. Brother Michael

      I can't believe I fell for that jump scare.......

    49. Krzysztof Masztalerczyk


    50. Mini E

      Lulu at 2:52 is this a cave

    51. Pedro Ramirez

      Thought it was a real tiger, think I am high :/

    52. Vincent Cutrufello

      1:57 :3

    53. Arya

      Momo actually looks like a tiger.

    54. Nikki Love Animals


    55. nighter913

      The tiger looks absolutely terrified of those cats climbing on him.

    56. Fathima Ahmed

      OMG that string scared me. If u guys know this youtuber called munchkin cause one of the cats named Mia ate string and... Passed away 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    57. Hina Ishaque


    58. Dewi Ayu

      I LOVE YOU LULU !!!!

    59. The Master

      Quick question! How to distinguish Coco from Lala, I mean they are sooo identical???

    60. Reya Na

      This channel needs a love button

    61. crazyabouthpotter

      I love how Coco is always like, "I'mma take this reeeeeeal slooooowwwww..." And Lulu is either fight or flight!

    62. Granny's Crochet

      0:33 🤣😂🤣 Love Lulu, DD And Chuchu's Reactions....🤣😻🤣

    63. tyg yo

      Momo is just happy that there's another orange kitty in the house 😊

    64. Alejandra Manez


    65. Sophia Hatsell

      They seemed more offended than scared

    66. Felix Luk

      Kitties are not scared anymore once they got their smells on it.

    67. ashley jimenez


    68. Joanna Abbas

      tiger:(roars scary) Lulu:don`t eat my!!!!!!!!!!

    69. Rose Souza

      Lulu💙 com medo foi ótimo 😂😂😂

    70. Raging Beauty

      Am biggest fan of u i really wanna touch you’r cats

    71. Jasmine Surreal

      Tiger Tiger burning bright In the forests.... oh hang on it's Claire's flat But it still has fearful symmetry!

    72. 정지영


    73. Il Sonci


    74. Frak Dackle

      0:40 Momo: PAPA?!

    75. edb dnz



      Momo give me your power

    77. Sara Fathima

      When the tiger just leaped on DD it gave me a heart attack honestly XD

    78. Muhammad Taslim Sahrul

      *Let's support always channel kittisourus*. I hope subscribe even more, and can be the best CAT channel, "Figthing and succed".

    79. Meeya Eizara

      Oyo cat : ahh tiger 😣😢 Alisya : mmm oyo its toy tiger 😐😒😝

    80. สมชาย งวดสูงเนิน


    81. Noahtik Smith

      Blanket? Yep it's blanket. Later noo tiger blanket!!!

    82. Aira Amy


    83. Perri’s Adventures

      Was l the only one who thought the Tiger was real


      Claire you’re a very creative cat mommy to all your cat kids; they are never bored ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    85. Tonya Clapp

      I love thi

    86. brad bean

      Momo at the beginning be like: swag swag

    87. Y S

      1:24 ッ!!!!???!?🤯😭笑笑

    88. Carla Souza


    89. ScardyCat Gacha

      Aww momo is so cute

    90. Prabhakanti Ahyaverda

      2:59 Lulu : groming himself Me : OMG i cant believe im seeing this

    91. Super_C Gaming

      I have that tiger teddy!

    92. JustAnotHerNoBody8

      I love Dr.Coco. He is honestly just a large cloud.

      1. Nadine Dorghod

        Aaah a large cloud he/she says well clouds r bigger than him soooooooooooo how is he a "BIG" cloud if a cloud is well "smaller" then one

      2. Izz FIzz

        Chairman Momo is my favourite

      3. Syafri Yal


    93. Yolanda Hardani

      I like lulu the best

    94. Cherryl quimintan

      ChuChu is scared of the tiger but for a few minutes ChuChu likes now she already notice that the tiger was a stufftoy But anyways I like watching ChuChu's episodes Hey Claire can you make more episodes of ChuChu pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    95. maria khatun

      0:32 I acc find this so funny

    96. sercan şenpınar

      Lulu:help!A tiger!

    97. sercan şenpınar

      ı love cats and tigers

    98. 수뚠

      ㅠㅠ 이제 루루 음성지원 못 듣는건가 그건 아쉽지만 그래도 계속 볼수있어서 다행이에요ㅜㅜ

    99. 다혜

      크집사님 언제 외국인이 되셨죠..

    100. TehCatManVR

      What would they do against a REAL tiger?