Cats vs Giant Bugs | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Prank
    My cats froze up after seeing a bunch of bugs!
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    1. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu has a lot of facial expressions. You can easily tell his emotions from looking at him

    2. Anil Kumar

      Did anyone saw Lulu's eyes when he saw the bug 😁😁😁 'the first time '

    3. Mohammad Saleh M. Amer



      2:08 DD like: Oh so you wanna fight huh? 2:11 DD: Then bring it on 2:24 DD: Don't you dare come near me again SMART DD

    5. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu fixed his claws then striked

    6. ଘⰔⱄMichiru KagemoriଘⰔⱄ

      The cat faces are funny as heck lmao

    7. mojisola shitu


    8. Grace Yun

      First reaction when the snake came: 1. Oh. My. Lord. What. Is. That. 2. Ugh, get out my way 3. Woahhhh 4. Oop. 4. Uh 5. I can fight you! 6. Punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch 🐾 7. Punch x3

    9. husmadi ishak

      Lulu he so cute😍😍😍😍

    10. Sanchi Pednekar

      Cats are nasty at killing bugs🐞

    11. Games Zone

      Can you make a video on What happens when cats meet an actual dog.

    12. Najihah Mahmud

      it is so cute a\when lulu makes his eyes get bigger

    13. Chers Atha Family


    14. Hamunia Hamunia

      The cat 🤣🤣🤣

    15. Fatimah Schara

      Lulu ekspresinya lucu banget pas lihat serangga kelabang yg lewat pertama kali hahaha

    16. Abubakr Mansoor

      Easiest way to tell cats no jumping on the counter lol

    17. Pallavee Singh

      Even I am creeped out by those giant bugs!😀 I really don't blame the cats for running away scared!😀

    18. 고다르

      아 진짜......루루 냥냥펀치에 한대 맞아보면 소원이 없겠다~ ㅋㅋ

    19. Emmet Ray

      MoMo maintains his composure as always.

    20. Subham Kumar

      Momo: I am not scared of you Bug: OK let me go 😂😂😂😅😅😅😁😁😁

    21. Kaja K

      I love Lulu and TT. They're my favourite. 😊

    22. Autumn Leaf

      When Lulu's pupil dilated 👽

    23. [GD] DUC

      도도: ??????????????????????????????? 토토: 저게 뭐지? 도도: 움직이는데? 토토: 도도, 저거 잡아! 도도: OK

    24. Alexa Mae Ipapo

      The thumbnail lol

    25. Strxmoon

      I just am in love with the thumbnail

    26. Mohammad Faysal

      0:50 see the Lulu's reaction...! 😅😂🐈

    27. Fakhrul Nizam

      lulu at last video: who ever u are, this is my spot

    28. Kamal Hafiz

      Dat thumbnel culd actualy bee a meme

    29. Ghangel011 011

      I love video

    30. Самурай 997

      Your video very good!😃

    31. gabriel chiu

      LuLu bug!

    32. Outlaw7263

      Why was it the thumbnail that got me

    33. Hunnybee

      oh, my cat definitely would’ve tried to kill it 😂

    34. Charon Pilgrim


    35. Kartikasari Ayu

      Lulu~~~ cuteness overload 😍😍😍

    36. Unicrontrilogy 23

      Cue the jaws music were gonna need a bigger swatter

    37. najah syed

      0:22 watch as lulus eyes grow 👁

    38. Rinzi Hussain

      1.50 DD’s yoga x karate

    39. one Sof Asael

      Is Dun Dun Doing Joga?! 😂

    40. Tru Pype

      Lulu never fails to crack me up! LOL

    41. I love Music

      Lol i loved this ❣╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯❣

    42. Leah Warner


    43. Marilyn Wargo

      What a hoot! Love those bugs!

    44. Miguel Garzón


    45. Jale Suh


    46. Zeklijan

      The editing is really good :)

    47. Chanaia Devries


    48. Sally Chamness

      Lol! Awwww🙀💖

    49. Johanna Hidalgo

      Lulus last kick was awesome!🤪😂😂😂😂🐈‍⬛😻🐾🐾🐾

    50. BlackEpyon

      I imagine hiding in the litter box is the equivalent of "bring me my brown pants."

    51. Angry Michele

      I wan't the cats can talk again

    52. Zoe Ocampo


    53. regina

      Sudah lama tidak melihat Kitto saurus lagi

    54. Shanok Miramar

      Didi apke pas kitne hidden camera hain☹

    55. Robert Baird

      What's wrong with TT's right eye? Does she have a cataract?

    56. lightning9

      1:52 🤣

      1. one Sof Asael

        Joga Dun Dun ? ?

    57. 이민영

      집사님 이런 장난감들은 어디서 사시는지 궁금해요!

    58. RoseOfTheNight4444

      That kick at the end 😂

    59. neovxr

      possibly, cats know about centipedes by some genetic program or instinct...

      1. neovxr

        Chairman Momo: looks the other way, bored and waiting for another catnip show.

    60. Sirius

      불쌍한 벌레..

    61. Car Jul

      Brave Lulu.

    62. Bud Martin

      Chairman Momo: MoMo Corporation made that toy and I approved it.

    63. xSKRIPx

      Lulu is HARDCORE! :)

    64. Lisa Maliga

      Momo just doesn't care about the mechanical bug.

    65. Konstantin BIFERT

      Hey, do you have the links to buy those fancy bugs ? :)

    66. 無名

      I think I crashed on Momo!❤️

    67. Maha Kayani

      Black cat

    68. Maha Kayani


    69. Maha Kayani


    70. Maha Kayani

      Im just a cat and im doing cat stuff

    71. Maha Kayani


    72. Maha Kayani


    73. Maha Kayani


    74. Maha Kayani


    75. Maha Kayani

      Trying to make this comment section into 1000 comments

    76. Virginia Fusilier

      Great music choice for getting revenge on the bugs!! XDD

    77. Zagoreni02A

      Lulu the boxer.

    78. Michał Strojek

      Jest ktoś z Polski?🇵🇱🐱

    79. Purple Lee

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ루루 굳이 그 안에 들어가서 저러고있는거 왤케 커엽ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    80. 식창이


    81. Cascade

      It was just cute, how the eyes of the cats just in second turned from relaxed into attack / hunting mode.

    82. Adyshadow Chhangte

      Lulu: enter wresling Arena and he win!

    83. Paige Else

      Claire’s claim on Oct. 21, 2020 that Dodo and Toto had FIP were suspected but never confirmed cases. Her claim on March 14, 2021 that Toto has FIP is another tall tale from Claire and a play for sympathy to hopefully arrest her rapidly falling ratings. Dismal ratings call for drastic measures. NOTHING in the March FIP video, this video or in other recent videos remotely show any signs at all of Toto being a sick cat. On the contrary, in all aforementioned videos, Toto is as rambunctious, pugnacious and vicious as ever; always front and center after aggressively pushing, shoving, smacking, punching and head butting the CreamHeroes out of camera view; and his energy level is as high as ever and a great deal higher than the CreamHeroes, including Lulu. What a farce and a fraud you are, Claire. But not to worry, you haven’t fooled everyone.

    84. Rae Ray

      LULU is the king cutie pie ! And he's got some slaps (and a kick) for these pests. Claire is a DOLL to share her babies with the world...and a rascal for tormenting them...ha ha

    85. Mahesh Naik_ 155

      I'm a big fan of lulu nd he's expression

    86. Hyperactive Wolf

      Cats are just big kittens.

    87. iainXL

      2:10 Watch me outsmart this mechanical monstrosity

    88. Fun time with Zoya

      What is Lulu's breed

    89. Nohelia Krone

      Don't get the vaccine

    90. 김도영


    91. Ravia Nur Febriyanti

      Lulu paling lucu bangget..... Jiwanya kittisaurus & cream heroes... Ada nana, toto, dodo ga bisa mengantikan pesona lulu

    92. Raelynn Winston

      The thumbnail is epic! 😂

    93. 박주희


    94. Oky Rancid


    95. Selia Nita

      Lulu wajah yanh imut gemes.... Hehehhehe cutee

    96. RomanoProductions

      Thank you for having such a beautiful evil laugh. That's so cute.

    97. MonkeyBricks

      Hahaha it is cool that you can read the emotions from their face!

    98. A Human

      1:50 DD is obviously the expert

    99. havingicecream

      LuLu is so expressive😍

    100. Ethanrej10 hmmm

      it the cutest video i ever seen♥️♥️