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    Today, I presented my cats with a ton of cat brushes!
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    1. zhong mark

      01:46 Claire love it brushes 😂😂😂 Claire house tour plise

    2. stormy sms

      .. O

    3. stormy sms


    4. AB GAMING


    5. AB GAMING

      I'm from India I like your video

    6. mojisola shitu

      2:24TT SLAPPED DD 😂😆🤣😂🤣😆😂😂😂

    7. Madhurima Chanda

      DD I love you 🥰❤

    8. Sitti Sarimah Aris

      3:18 this might help latter

    9. Ana Rossi


    10. crazyabouthpotter

      Funniest part of this video is TT sucker-punching DD 🤣

    11. baimk3ce

      Hey your indonesian title was wrong it must be "kucing VS 200 sisir"

    12. Ana Vargas

      Jajajaja chuchu 👌🏻👍🏻😘😘😘❤️

    13. Damien Heartly

      2:02 Lala: Oh no...No...No.. Claire: YumYum Lala: YES

    14. WMCR2001

      My kids especially love this video!! Lulu is one funny kitty, searching for his beloved purple brush! :)

    15. Фолэ-Мистэль

      Lulu: Where is Purple Brush? Blue Brush: I won’t tell you anything Lulu: *Bites Blue Brush* Blue Brush: Okay-okay, please, stop! Purple is there, on top of the other Brushes!

    16. Dinesh pd

      3:29 chu chu is learning to walk on the brushes from Lulu and Toto.😆☺🥰 But finally, she gets her way.... Clever chu chu 👍

    17. mohamed ansar

      Fir kya kar rahe the one you can see👀👀👀👀👀

    18. Narendra Gandhi

      1:27 when lulu realizes hes not a dog 😂😂

    19. Rosie Lalala

      2:25 what the heck bruh 🤣

    20. Poppy Ricky N

      I have exactly one purple brush only :))

    21. Lathif Prasetyo

      Hi Claire! I wonder if you make videos LuLu vs. purple brush, dragonfly toys & yumyum in the closed cup... I'm curious which one will LuLu choose 🤣🤣


      4:20 ;)

    23. histórias / pôneis

      Lulu purple Love food 😂

    24. Ardissa official_06

      Lulu's cat is so cute spirit continues 😁

    25. Martin Dizon III

      The Scientists who say cats are colorblind are full of 💩🐱😂

    26. frogganna

      LuLu finally doesn't know what to bite first!!!

    27. Prefiro Pets Vídeos

      Algum brasileiro aqui??❤😺🐶

    28. M. Hall

      You gotta be s***ing me!💭🐈💭 I do wonder what that hooman is plotting next?💭🐈

    29. Kyo-ni l

      haha typical chu, come on chu live a bit!

    30. 왛왛뚫

      보라보라 : 루랑이의 원수

    31. Yves Francois Ritmo

      This is a year of Pandemic - entertainment by Claire and her cats.

    32. 크햄

      방법이다 달라서재밌다 ㅎㅎ 너무귀여워

    33. Persnikitty

      That whole 'go fetch' and that existential break of what dogs do: so funny. There's just something about purple.

    34. Mia 미아 #saveralph

      줄은 룰루의 적 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    35. Greya Kaneki


    36. rainbow waterfall

      lulu felt no pain when it comes to yum yum

    37. ZzfnafzZ


    38. Двести Грамм

      Мм так себе

    39. Gintarė Norvilaitė

      What is Lulu's breed?

    40. Sally Domingo Ferrer

      I like lulu and DD

    41. 김류찌

      루랑이는 왜 빗을 무는 걸까요?

    42. 후니후리

      전에 레고로 하자는 위견을 제시했는데 비슷하게 구현해 주셔서 감사드립니다. 오늘도 디디,라라,츄츄 귀여어어어ㅓㅓ어어ㅓ엉어

    43. just Squirtle

      Awwww sooo cute (lulu eats all the brushes 😈)

    44. Madiha Naveed

      Chuchu the game changer ❤️

    45. 사랑

      빗이고양이를 빅겨주나..아니면 고양이가 빗을 빗겨주나......;;알수가없다...😁

    46. Pooter Gof*ckyourself

      Claire's sound effect sound board is the greatest

    47. SavageTears

      LMAO LuLu out to chew on them brushes

    48. Tita Nia

      Sooo cute !!

    49. kucing ceria

      This video is so funny

    50. Its Lizzy Gamingz

      98% of the comments about Lulu 1% of the comments about Chuchu 1% of the comments about the other cats Also I love your channel 😻😺😸

    51. Soham Ghosh

      why do u wear jeans at home? How tell lala,dd apart?

    52. Okidokihorse AJ

      Brushes are lulus evils XD


      Where did you get those brushes from? I would love to get a couple for my kitty, Kathryn. I love it's in a shape of a cat and is soft.

    54. Riccardo Manini

      How cute is Lulu

    55. audreysbunni

      *why am i in love with lulu wth*

    56. thunderbirdice

      The best is Lulu and DD. Walking across very casually. 😆

    57. Jalynne Kim

      아 루랑이는 정말 똑똑한 거 같아욬ㅋㅋ던졌는데 뒤에 더 많으니까 안 감ㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀여웡ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    58. Cynthia Vittória

      Kkkkk very cute

    59. Leah Warner

      Omg chuchu! XD

    60. Jackson Kkkk

      Lulu:how dare u mommy how dare u

    61. Omer Abdelaal

      🟣➡😾 (Cyan)➡😺

    62. Omer Abdelaal

      Lulu ignored every brush except the purple brush ("the brush behind the slaughter" as titled by Winter White), because he got combed by that one. There was a cyan brush (not the blue brushes) that Claire also used, so should he also try to defeat that one too?

    63. Елена Милютина

      Лу Лу просто чудо

    64. Ann McNeal

      Make the challenges where they ( cats) can’t jump over the objects.

    65. viki cahm

      Chuchu la más viva paso x arriba 😍♥️😹😻👍

    66. Steph Lou

      LuLu is so cute! Reminds me of a dog trapped inside of a cat’s body 😂

    67. Yana Fatimawati

      Cleare has 200 brush 😻😻😻 I have 25 years stock chewing gum ❤️

    68. nadya ayu

      Lulu, are u baby tiger?

    69. Emily

      I’m sure they go through that many brushes quickly with lulu’s teeth


      Lulu is like “ i dont know where to start “ Dig dig dig “AH YES THAT PURPLE BRUSH ! I will never forget what u did to me “ LMAO

    71. raisa aura maya

      2:26 tt hit dd

    72. Cxffee Bean

      Chu Chu is smarter than anything man, and it's a fact that we all have to agree to

    73. Amy Montgomery

      The challenge I want to see: 500 purple brushes! How would Lulu handle it when they are all purple in the walkway???

    74. Joko Prayetno


    75. VN


    76. gabriel chiu

      LuLu: Where da purple brush?

    77. Jessy aulia naviza Jessy

      Lulu gemes.....

    78. Favorise

      I really want a cats vs rocks video

    79. Rolma Lorenzo

      Girls have excelled in the brush challenge. My gosh TT! For starters she knows how to defend her turf and definitely land outside its boundaries! Chuchu totally lovable with her eye booggers coming out as the alternative. Lala a quick performer, in the semifinals. Lulu really got into something with the purple.

    80. Musab Eren Özdemir

      0:44 Homeworks 0:20 When dealing with homework

    81. Raven

      Shopkeeper: Okay so we have pet brushes- Claire: *i'Ll tAkE yOuR EnTiRe sToCk*

    82. Sarah Amir

      Lulu is a funny cat

    83. 4K Cat Games

      So adorable

    84. chandlerg

      Chu chu was the smartest

    85. SDFerke

      I saw the cats thinking the same as i do..... "What the actual frick is it this time, why are you diong this things to us" -_-

    86. Miruna F

      Can you do a parcur race for youre cats, pls

    87. Megatron LadyDruid

      Where did you guys get your awesome cat wheel?

    88. Khadafi Jul Nurdie

      Why im so proud of Chuchu..

    89. Nikki-ezra Alethea Clemente

      ChuChu is the only one who was smart enough to get to the other side of the brushes without stepping on it.

    90. Maximus Shaj Paul

      4:05 when you use 200% of your brain 😂

    91. PcyrlngamingYT

      Lulu is searching for that purple brush 😂😂😂😂

    92. Jangsem 2010

      Story: once a ponna time cats live happily ever after but it all changed one day the brushes invade their town now cats are up to revange

    93. 이소은

      루루 + 효과음 = 귀여움×100

    94. ReignSupreme

      I wonder what Claire would do with all these brushes after 😂😂😂

    95. Admax's

      Lulu so cute

    96. Nightmare

      1:29 Claire: *throws the purple brush far away* LuLu: oh get back here!! *Runs towards it before stopping* LuLu: *turns back around* I'm not done with you guys first prepare to be defeated *runs back to the other brushes* Claire: *laughs while watching LuLu*

    97. Mr. Reese

      That TT jump was insane.

    98. Bayu Sulistyo

      giveaway the brush madammm , it would be so precious to your follower , the cat worshiper 🙏🙏

    99. John Michael S.

      소즁한 류류, 봐도 봐도 또 보고 싶은 류류 🤭😼🌿💖🍊🍉🍓🍀