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    Kitties love boxes as always!
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    1. Esha The Cat

      guys its no-hater season

    2. David S

      I wish I could still fit in a box that small! (g)

    3. Angel L'Mae Roberson

      Would love to see what happens if you have food

    4. Daryn Wiseman

      You know Lulu was only interested in the potential to find food in that box. "Feed me, I haven't eaten in 30 minutes...I'm starving."

    5. Priya K. N

      Lulu is so cute

    6. Najla official ch

      I love lulu

    7. Gulnaz Ab

      Lulu come to me, my little star! xx :)

    8. Libby

      Cats: Sees the box Claire: In the box Solid snake in there

    9. Mattis Ruhm

      Can anyone tell me what breed of cat lulu is? I really wanna know...

      1. Jeff O

        Claire NEVER responds, so we can only assume what kind of cat it is. Lulu kind of looks like an American Shorthair, but not exactly though.

    10. Nina Rosado

      She always keeps it interesting for her cats I love it

    11. Souza Silva


    12. JohnnyReggae Reggae

      You show so much love for your cats really makes me happy too see you making so much fun I love it I'm glad I'd stumbled on your channel!

    13. sistakia33

      kitties come to rescue butler...filmed at 11!

    14. Shariffa Alvheena Balan

      Lulu always the featured star ...he deserves the most nyam nyam😁😍🥰

    15. Ghost.

      You always come up with the most creative ideas to entertain your kitties!

    16. T. Le

      Mystery box: *appears* Lulu: Sniffs inside the box for snacks

    17. farzana umer

      *Box moving!* TT:Stay away weirdo!😒 😂😂

    18. IloveyouLenaKatina

      1:15 DD: I understand boxes, I got this. 1:23 Coco: Hmm..structural integrity seems lacking.

    19. Becky Webster

      Clair crawls through hall with box. Lulu: what the heck. What is that crazy thing Chuchu: oh hi mom I see your being werid again

    20. Ashta Zaman


    21. chris q

      nothing gets a cats attention more than a box they can just barely not get into.

    22. Eat em n Smile

      I can smell her presence

    23. Eat em n Smile

      Ehh , the cats say. Mom up to something

    24. Matthew BR Sims

      "Treat your cardboard box with care. Don't think of it as just another box. Treat it with love. Don't be rough, OK?"

    25. Sanchi Pednekar


    26. Ibu Suhaemi


    27. Eva Lu

      I could watch you all day long 💕

    28. gozan 93

      Who are you English or idonasian

      1. Jeff O

        What is an idonasian?

    29. Gordon Martin

      It’s my dream to have a house as tidy and bright looking as yours. I hope I find a good wife 😋or can learn to achieve this for myself 💪🏻

    30. POPOV Lines


    31. Woofie QwQ

      Lulu: snacks? Okay then...*hit!punch! hulk smash!*

    32. Rafi Ashraf

      I love when I have found a video I haven’t seen before. But then again I re-watch ones I have seen before so

    33. TheFirehorse666

      They are all just FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL I Love seeing them each day ❣🕉❣🕉❣

    34. Jim's videos

      A box playing with cats, how do you like that?

    35. Dade The Floofy Floofer

      *The Spy would like to know your location*

    36. althea Alimonsorin

      Hhahahaha cool hmm well yeah I think it's just the first one

    37. Regina Cummings

      The kitties are saying, we got to rescue Claire, she is trapped inside a box.

    38. Mics Seubie

      1:37 coco be like: i see you lady

    39. RazBaz07

      Claire? Claire??! CLAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIREE!!!!

    40. Zakenmaru

      Normal owners: Here, use this box Claire: I am one with the box and the box is with me

    41. stefano natali


    42. Liyuan

      We love Claire. She's too precious

    43. Achmad Farhan

      You know whats cute beside the cats? Her laugh

    44. Phoenix Huang


    45. Jan Johansson

      Moon cat?

    46. Cat What

      Duh duh duh!

    47. Marshall1816

      Metal Gear Solid Strategy against Cats XD

    48. beiby

      Detective LuLu 😍

    49. Hina Ishaque

      Lulu 😘😘😘 Chuchu

    50. Yuni Yuni

      Lulu love you

    51. Darryl Sherman

      Claire & her cats(esp LuLu)have been my salvation(keeps my spirits up)during the pandemic... many thx for the : ) s

    52. Ashton Reed

      1:38 you see this in your room at 3:00 A.M. what do you do?

    53. Taj Callender

      What scares me the most is that Claire can actually even FIT into a box that small.

    54. Fanza Desvia

      I want cat like lulu😍

    55. Rizki Nur Aisyah

      The owner is really something (waw)

    56. bangtans pluto

      claire as a box : exists the cats : *IT’S FREE REAL ESTATE*

    57. Dark Hawke

      Proof that the old "Confuse A Cat" Monty Python sketch was vastly overworked. You just need a big ol' box with a hole cut in it...and a cat owner willing to hop into it! 😻😻😻

    58. Emmet Ray

      You can almost see a big ? appear over DD's head

    59. Chimchim Baby Jimin

      What cat breed Is Lulu?

    60. 김태국

      여긴 한국어 없네 리플들 영어네... 집사가 박스 안에서 뭐하는 거지??

    61. Raymond Mesa


    62. Katie Adler

      These videos are FANTASTIC!!! I always laugh and leave feeling great!

    63. Genius Time

      LMAO Claire is so fun, that was funny.

    64. Betty Hoopes

      Who.. but Claire... can take a card board box and have so much fun with her kitties? Amazing what fun she brings to all of us with her♥️♥️♥️♥️

    65. Elena Estrada


    66. Surya Surya

      Like usual, Lulu is the most curious one..😂😂

    67. x Amelie x

      Ahhh! It abducted LuLu...

    68. amah hida


    69. Wardah Salsabilla

      wkwk Lulu is so cute is the box

    70. Chrisiant

      Claire, I love how far you're willing to go to amaze, confuse and entertain those kitties --and us!

    71. emy dulce

      Haircut &b3

    72. Aneta Manowska


    73. 조민지


    74. Shahid Ahmed

      My favourite is Lulu....

    75. Noah Weathers

      You can try, but kitties always know when Mommy’s home. I’m happy knowing she gives them such love.

    76. J J

      I lost it when DD jumped and landed on top of the box😂

    77. vijay rathod

      All the cats are so curious,😊😊😊🙈🤣

    78. meowmeow48 MEOW

    79. sercan şenpınar

      cats:Whats that? DD:Monster!

    80. mobilelegendstips tips

      Your cats are all cute.. 😘😘😻😻

    81. TA YO

      So cute

    82. Jean Yuen

      Claire just has so much fun with her babies I would love to hug lulu hes too cute

    83. Zoriana Bondar

      All the cats get out!!!,!

    84. Zoriana Bondar

      Lulu : wat in here

    85. Padmarao Chatagalla


    86. Milkanum

      Totally Metal Gear Reference

    87. Erja Kragic

      1:36- Coco was like :"Get outta here you servant!"😆

    88. Phoemela Mae

      I want to be a cat now can claire adopt me? Lol 😂💖

    89. Erica Alves

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    90. Cy8Er 27

      So cute

    91. nay

      rody rich crying see this video

    92. kurt zeke dogma

      & 💙💙

    93. G. Lee

      디디 진짜 사람인가......

    94. Nu Pham

      I love you LuLu and ChuChu😘😘😘❤❤❤

    95. ChrisPhil Gaming

      i would love to be in this situation

    96. raigozacar

      I love lulu 😍😍😍😘😘

    97. JLSupernovaPyrexia

      1:16 DD: Don't worry, Claire, we'll get you out of there 1:20 DD: Come one guys, help me out 1:21 Coco: I'm in. Let's do this

    98. Gustavo Selinke

      1:09 i love this part

    99. Ginny Williams

      These lucky kitties have the best cat Mom ever.

    100. Gonçalo Augusto

      1:00 Sniff snorffs, I came to see what is inside this box