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    Today, I transformed into No-Face and played with the kitties!
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    1. Under the same Sun

      TT 💖💖💖💖💘💝💘💘💝💗💗💗💓💓💞💕💕💕💞💞💞💕💝💘💖

    2. Alexander MacNeil

      Well done. 😸

    3. Sheela John

      Look like a kids cartoon how about the totoro

    4. Dave Salisbury


    5. Lilija Low


    6. starofjustice1

      2:00 lulu: chuchu you're back! i can lick your forehead lots again now! chuchu: could you put me back in the ghost now?

    7. danny hero

      All cats would have failed hahaha

    8. Veronika Mutfakta

      Claire your videos are very nice but you are scaring your cats... Have a heart attack out of fear ? !!! ❤️🍀

    9. Sambhu Adhikari

      You are a nice story teller 👍

    10. Veronika Mutfakta


    11. Veronika Mutfakta

      I love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. Liton !

      Lulu is such a lover ❤️ Loves & licks everyone 😂☺️

    13. Liton !

      Editing skills next level 😂

    14. Suprise Pikachu face

      I just watch the movie is so best ;W;

    15. Laykan Thee Alien

      *TT, You have stolen my heart once again baby girl!* ☺️

    16. Laykan Thee Alien

      *God LuLu would get in the back of a kidnappers van so easily lol, good thing they are strictly house kitties!!* 😆

    17. Priya thava

      TT.... 💋.... Lulu😂😂😂😂

    18. Jimmy F.X.

      I wonder if those cats will play well with a Shiba Inu...

    19. Mariam Kamran

      When treats come out from the hand except gold🤣

    20. Gamerzroy NoINTENTION

      Lulu does not scared to anything when it comes to food😂😂😂😂

    21. wie cank


    22. Chocolate Milk

      i jus loved whn lulu got all alert with his cute tongue still sticking out while grooming chuchu 2:08 UwU

    23. jadeja prem

      the effects are like wow, good to see

    24. tasya Rahmadani


    25. WARRIOR 09

      2:08 me playing videogames all night and my mom comes in front of me with a broom...

    26. starofjustice1

      *scary music* TT: hi claire

    27. XxLil PeachyxX

      Is that spirit a way lol the cats are shocked

    28. Zaw Win

      TT: Whatever you are i still love u mommy🥰☺️.

    29. sistakia33

      If she REALLY wanted to scare kitties she would change her scent! While my husband was deployed I used his bath gel and my cats freaked! They looked all over the apartment for him meowing like they were being murdered! I never made that mistake again!

    30. Ruby의포켓몬합체와물고기구피들

      티티vs가오나시 티티승!

    31. 이름

      아니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 가오나시 집사님이에요 설마?? 아 집사님도 너무 귀여워요ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

    32. Seher Shirazi


    33. Luana Paiva

      Owwnn I love cats I love spirited away (In brazil where I alive, "spirited away" called "a viagem de chihiro" that means "the Chihiro's travel") Plese talk to me! I can speak english and portuguese!

    34. I,My Mine


    35. u

      Your pets know it was you

    36. Preston Estes

      If TT is Chiro/Sin does that make LuLu Yubaba?



    38. clara chu

      I literally just love luv love this video....

    39. Masterfoam Industries


    40. Masterfoam Industries

      Tt like mommy

    41. Masterfoam Industries

      Tt great work!

    42. Roti Kacang

      We love lulu

    43. Abdellah Lahmaidi

      I remember in the nexflix

    44. MarcoAngelo Carvajal

      Lulu big eyes hahaha

    45. Chris Jamin

      The way chuchu let lulu lick her so beautiful

    46. Riku Morwing

      One of the best videos.

    47. Thahir Ahmad


    48. Christa Hutagalung

      TT the hero

    49. Diza Yovanka

      moral of the story: dont take treats from random stranger

    50. valentina petrov lima

      Ma famille de chat préférée je vous ai vous saviez les amis love you for ever !!!

    51. Waka Mori

      I loved that anime!

    52. Eye of Sauron

      0:30 Lulu is definetly my soulmate 😂

    53. Tuyen Bui Kim

      Does LuLu like ChuChu ?

    54. Rishika Sahay 573

      Lulu 's grooming service are the best in town

    55. purvi goel

      I love d bond between lulu n chuchu😘 Love from India ♥️♥️

    56. Tracy JAMES

      Claire is the level of dramatic I strive to be...

    57. chelly jelly


    58. J Cheung

      TT is definitely a queen bee to Kittisarus

    59. LPS Panda YEET

      Me seeing LuLu licking Chu Chu at the end. LuLu stops and still has a tiny bit of his toungue sticking out. To me that is super cute. Don't know if anyone's the same.

    60. G. K.

      The more I see the more I feel like seeing.I think it is the best video on cats.I love all 🐈 especially Lulu baby.😂😂😂

    61. Ramcy David

      Dami mong alam haha

    62. Tabsir Mahmood

      I burst out of laughter 😂When I saw Lulu hung up his younger in his mouth.

    63. Wade Wilson

      Claire going "ahh ahh" was so perfect lmao, sounds just like the real thing

    64. Wade Wilson

      There was more story in 2:18 than there is in most Hollywood movies

    65. Furkan bey

      ĺfahtih selim

    66. microphonemr

      TT is Chihiro, freeing the other cats who were swallowed by Kaonashi! 😍 Her little headbutt of love is fatal >w

    67. Catify Co

      This is the cutest thing ever

    68. Shyamangini Radha

      You can't stop anything from Lulu,. Becoz for him, everything is food..🤦

    69. Random Tech

      Cats: ugh this house is haunted again

    70. Stella Beatrix

      Spirited away become a spirited kitties

    71. FlyingMonkies325

      Nothing... even Lulu is getting used to being fooled even if he was like "What the hell?" at the start lol but they know it's you cos of your smell.

    72. Trayson Ray


    73. abby rulz

      TT saves the day

    74. Triesye Zakaria

      Lulu the best cat the funny cat i love you lulu

    75. HaloToday

      If I wore something like that with my 2 cats they would just wig out and run away!

    76. First name Last name

      Did she reuse the nun costume

    77. Famelia Yunita

      Aku suka lulu, terima kasih karena sudah menghibur by Indonesia

    78. Corretta gamejewels

      As if there was any doubt.😂😂😂😂😂 Cats always win except when they don't.😂😂😂😂

    79. G. K.

      The best video I ever saw on 🐈.👍👍👍

    80. Error 404

      Me at “jumpscare” moment: ChuChu! Nooooooooo! Please don’t take any more victims... Me about half a minute later: TT I knew you were a good kitty

      1. The Pixel Kingdom

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    81. Trembling Banbie

      🤣🤣🤣💖💖💖💖 That's all i can say

    82. Fahjah Fajitas

      Love ghibli studios!

    83. Peter

      This should of been a Halloween special

    84. denny poernomo

      Lulu in the thumbnail looks like he's saying: UMM... Excuse me i'm Lulu is there something behind me

    85. darkoberon Gaming

      Lulu is cutest

    86. Dibina Shakya

      Did momo just used lulu as food tester?

    87. LOONLOOL


    88. Jezlaine Santos Euperio

      Lulu: give me treats ghost: im a ghost Lulu: okay ms. Ghost, where's my treats?

    89. Ikram Ullah

      What d heck was dat?

    90. Mehreen Alvi


    91. X҉X҉X҉T҉E҉N҉T҉A҉C҉I҉O҉N҉

      This cat is soo cute

    92. Barbara Mohammed

      Cats dont mind what you look like. They feel the the vibrations of loving kindness.

    93. Pranith Chiravuri

      You must make thanos vs cats.

    94. Live Life Jade

      No matter what disguise you use, cats will really recognized you by all means.

    95. Rishabh Gawande

      Lulu expression is always adorable

    96. QueenTaylor13

      The only reactions video that I need is cat’s reaction 😂😂

    97. Indira Marteen

      Lulu always be my favorite one!! Send him a bucket of thousands love from me

    98. W

      Wait 7 sins 7 cats

    99. Noily Barboza

      Mi favorit canal the cats is kitty saurus