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    DD’s fur was getting tangled and messy, so I gave him a bath.
    I give DD a bath every 6 months so he can stay clean.

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    1. Nanakdeep Singh

      So cute

    2. Arihanna Gibbs

      when you finally get to wash a adorable loaf of bread so cute :)

    3. 44Sruthi 28

      She cares very good for her kittens. Amazing 😉😉

    4. chokobunn Vtuber en RD

      You speak english so lovely (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    5. Mayur Rathod

      Lulu wants to lick everything 😂

    6. Yael Levi

      DD like: thank you for snacks, Lulu like: GIMME

    7. Silviu Raulio

      Better if you don't talk... it ruins the whole adorable cartoon effect

    8. Seraphina91

      DD before bath: So big and fluffy Wet DD : 😳😳😳😳

    9. Kimberly Gabriel

      Simple sloppy dix building hors freedom of speech judicial

    10. A Axolotl

      I love the fact that every time the cats bathe they're eyes always look so surprised and wide

    11. bharat sales corporation

      DD was cool while bathing

    12. ꧁꧁༆•Łāzÿ Łëøpārð•༆꧂꧂ 8

      0:06 When I touch my cat

    13. MP Tech & Gaming

      Dd is like a new born cat (7months old) when take bath lol When not take bath when dry Dd is like grandfather of all cats😂😂😂

    14. Adriana Gonçalez

      Love DD 🐈

    15. Sharbeen Siddiqui

      Prince DD

    16. aouassar fatima

      DD is the kindest cat who agrees?

    17. Suren Panwar

      3:00 DD: wait what are you doing to my but now

    18. Suren Panwar

      They are he or she

    19. Yujin sul

      Someone pls tell me what type is dd😍🥰

    20. Mango

      오구 디디는 너무 착한 고양이... ㅠㅠ DD at the thumbnail... is the CUTEST thing ever... 😭💛

    21. Jessica Dong

      How is that DD :,)

    22. its4hoe

      OK you did Lulu's voice pls do DD TT and coco

    23. つPattis Chanつ

      DD is a cat that %90 is fur 😂

    24. Josilynn Walton

      NOOOOO!!!!!!! momyyyyy

    25. xxkoumori

      the puffy marshmallow melted X'D

    26. Read this and your ugly

      what can a kitten have if it vomites much< bc my kitten just vommited 3 times today and you ahve so uch cats -v-

    27. black ghost_22

      Türkler size sesleniyorum şu yorumu beğenin de bişey yazdım zannetsinler

    28. Mr. Gummy Bear

      Cat: tolerating bath Me: oWo Note: Wow, every 6 months?? Lucky cat!

    29. 이의진

      루루 킬포 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    30. Azahari Jaffri

      DD : handsomely cat TT : hater DD ChuChu : beautiful cat

    31. Sambhu Adhikari


    32. Sumik

      1:05 you cannot unsee a cat's ass being rubbed

    33. Aaliya Nida

      No one: Lulu: oh! There's treat ..i am coming..

    34. Lucia Jimenez

      Miau meow I'm not even human in a hammer a human did this comment 4 me

    35. savedge_cloud

      pretty sure thats bad for cats

    36. Similak Child

      My cousin puts her cat in the foot spa, thats the only way it would bath. i guess it likes warmness and bubbles

    37. Maelessa

      DD, one part cat two parts floof!

    38. Vanja Vekic V1

      My cat wanr to kill me when i try to clean her. Ur so lucky😂

    39. Jed Tarbo

      Stinking poo

    40. ce panda

      DD is so cute

    41. Eliz Erol

      Thats why they say cats hate water😏😅🤣

    42. Sean Bodine

      I love those rubber duckies.

    43. Sweet jamie rose Chan

      Why is lulu like the favorite it bothers me

    44. Maria Victoria Salita

      Oh no, Lulu why are you giving DD shampooing service again?

    45. Simon Dev

      I love the way Claire takes DD in her lap like a baby, So adorable.

    46. Pastor Fabio Ribeiro

      inscripted here. When you can visit me. Thanks 😊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🔔🔔🔔🇧🇷

    47. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

      do this with my cats and you are in for a world of hurt.

    48. satish gupta

      I think that DD is just too lazy to run 😂😂😂😅😅😅 btw I love DD no hate

    49. Aiza Kun

      Her body is like calm,but her iris is big round which means she’s actually frightened

    50. GachaEye

      Y’all don’t understand cats .

    51. XZypher X

      DD is just a big ball of fluff 1% cat 99% fur

    52. XZypher X

      Wow dd ur small wwhhhaaattt

    53. Lady Jessica

      DD has to be one of the most docile cats I have ever seen thats what makes him one of my favourites. ❤

    54. person person

      3:07 DD just looks so defeated.

    55. Dr Pavel

      DD reminds me so much of my old cat, long haired Angora with the same personality. I miss her

    56. HellbirdIV

      My cat is the same breed as DD (Norwegian Forest Cat) and **hates** water. I've had to bathe him after he got badly muddy a few times, and he's actually scratched up my legs trying to escape the water in panic. He's so scared of water that sometimes when I refill his water bowl, one drop falls from it as I put it back on the floor, and hits his fur - causing him to panic and flee the room. DD is very, very patient by comparison.

    57. joe downing

      2:18 DD: I hate this

    58. Christina Tham

      Am i the only one wondering who is holding the camera when Claire is bathing DD?

    59. Mattia Piredda

      Cats:Ohpor nopo LuLu:Run Coffin Dance:Cats!?



    61. Nisha Tripathi

      I think lulu like the taste of the shampoo 😅

    62. Concordian

      Wow, is this the first time claire spoke in english? Are there any earlier video?

    63. oyuncu pro


    64. Nisha Malusare

      Our little furry angel.. DD.. and Lulu is there to get his share in the treats that other cat's get when they take a bath.. He is like.. See I licked you.. Now share with me your treats.. 😂😂😂

    65. brielle r.


    66. BreadBeing

      DD is only meowing because you exposed him :V

    67. Steve Smith

      DD is so good at taking a bath 🛀🐱❤️

    68. Eva Lu

      I never gave my cat a bath. He cleans himself. He has dandruff though.


      So cute the meow is really cute

    70. medori Pongen

      DD is so handsome , calm and cute😭😭😭 P.s. DD LOOKS MORE CUTE WHEN HIS FUR IS WET🥰❤️

    71. RedBeanBread

      DD usually: a ball of fluff DD wet: a cat with an average amount of fur 😳

    72. Emily Apricot

      The lost art of house moms.

    73. Markhyuck Sunflowers

      this makes u realize DD is 90% fur 10% car

    74. Melissa Salt

      Clair:come on it is bath time Time kitty's🛀 Coco:no thanks you😅😅😅😅 Momo:i guess okay DD:you about dat🤔🙄👌 tt:💯s no

    75. Sōshi Miketsukami

      Wow english is good keep practicing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    76. Eshani Sukheja

      Me when my sis is Eating her chocolate 3:21

    77. Selin Özdemir

      DD 💕😍🌸

    78. saurav shrestha

      lulu shampoo service

    79. Bleona Alb

      what is the breed of lulu if someone know please i want him🥺

    80. Bubek

      What breed is this cat. 😍😍😍

    81. Umme Habiba

      I want to touch DD Once in my life!!!,😍😍😘😘😘😍😘😊

    82. Parasu raman

      DD lovers hit like 😍👇

    83. Narmada Mohan

      So cuteee

    84. Narmada Mohan

      Cats before bath: fluffy fat Cats after bath : reality

    85. ahmed musse

      AT the end she was like DON'T TOUCH ME 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. arnel Menkovic

      Soo cute

    87. fat tony the tiger

      If I ever tried to give my cat a bath I would be the only one my own blood

    88. Trân Đỗ Quỳnh

      DD so soft!!!!

    89. small potato

      I love how DD sits in the beginning of the video 😁

    90. SuperHappyCake

      Why doesn't Claire use a real blowdryer?

    91. SuperHappyCake

      Wow that boy really is all fluff

    92. athena balceta

      Lulu grooms DD

    93. The Tank guy

      DD is suppost to be the big guy... I have never seen DD so thin

    94. iko kiko

      My cats when getting a bath biting scratching screaming and running away DD mild complaining

    95. Bud Martin

      DD: You better give me the whole loaf of bread after this.

    96. Toldavf

      DD is so fluffy

    97. Doris


    98. Sohini Barai

      DD's meow makes me all soft and🥰🥺

    99. Riccardo Manini

      Why DD has a Bath?

    100. SBTC yuH

      when i realized how much fur DD has "why I called him chubby , he is much thinner than i am" :