Cat's Underwater Navy SEAL Training! | Kittisaurus


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    Today, my cats played around with water!
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    1. leela1981 k

      Hi guys new here

      1. leela1981 k

        You know what the cats look like boomba

    2. Ethan the Pot of Soap

      Deez nuts

    3. Albert Regalado

      Why did I think you were gonna teach the cats to dive and hold their breath underwater or something.

    4. Narti M


    5. Toji Vertigo

      I would die for these cats

    6. Ryder Musiowsky

      0:55 I know this is my first time watching this channel but why is one of the cats named Momo... 😰

    7. Ronald Nañoz

      things people do for a decency

    8. Reol Tech

      Another Title: Claire flexing her editing skills

    9. Fesa Khadafi

      im a simple man i see cats? i click

    10. Gabrielle

      2:06 ***LaLa enjoying*** LuLu: 🤩 Food!!! Claire: OMG, It's LuLu again! LuLu: Yummy! LaLa: 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    11. Chris Phelps

      The subtitles on this are hilarious and amazing.

    12. Ая Сиянко

      so cute, wonderful❣️,)) 💖💖💖💖💖

    13. Muhammad Al'arsy

      HHHMMMM sepertinya aku indo sendiri

    14. Marian Kotvas

      Be careful Coco is watching!!!

    15. Mueeir zaid

      Coco is cute

    16. Fandilin

      cat waterboarding just gonna leave that there

    17. Pus Grey & Pus Meng

      Great cat is a great swimmer on wild you must train your cat to able to swim

    18. DEAD BOSS

      the best thing to do is boil the cats in 100°c water just to see what happens. and you must make sure to force the cat into the water

      1. DEAD BOSS

        @blue End there is no need for ths fbi because it is too late...

      2. blue End

        that dark humor of yours scares me Im calling the fbi

    19. cream king

      So cute

    20. Chris Baez

      You had me at cat. The underwater is just a bonus.

    21. Raghav Varshney


    22. GAMER AKaron

      They two so cute

    23. Mikaela Bianca

      Lulu is so cuttteeeeeeeeeee his head is cute and the eyes

    24. Sawtia Gaonkar

      1:45 please I want dd like cat after seeing this moment

    25. Two Owl Candies


    26. Malik Bah

      Do cat"s work in the navy seal ?

    27. Dakuu75

      Who else thought the cats were gonna hold their breath underwater?

    28. Nic B

      You missed the L in your name. Klittisaurus

    29. Hasaki Hukara

      Cute cat

    30. Kahvinen

      I was going crazy before watching video like: ''Are you out of your mind?! Cats don't need navy seal tr... Oh. Cute."

    31. Fuck Fuck

      Next videos, cat commits war cri- *REDACTED*

    32. Krnixle

      I feel like every channel that I like is changing their editing styles

    33. amou_ XxLuckyxX

      I tougth tou was drowing them...

    34. Nick Barkas

      I love the sound effects 😍

    35. Crazy star productions

      At first I thought the cat was in the water

    36. Xx Strawberry_Bear xX

      Me watching inside class (´∩•༚•

    37. Crunchy Juice

      i want a lulu he looks so squashed and cute

    38. Oofing Potato

      DD: No chicken No deal Wait, you play pubg?

    39. Stephanie Rebecca

      *I Love how Lulu Just Smack TT And then TT Says: hEy!*

    40. TheUbner

      What breed is LuLu he's so cuteeeee

    41. Ahmad Sidqi


    42. Hikari Lights

      I thought the cat was underwater in the thumbnail and i had a mini heart attack.

    43. slightly weetarded

      Did anyone else think the cat was underwater in the thumbnail?

    44. CUTE_CATS


    45. 4K Cat Games

      cats are the best entertainment on the internet

    46. Fael gaming

      Hello im underwater

    47. • Hagane Rin •

      "I'm a simple cat, I see treats, I click"

    48. 말넘심올라프

      아ㅋㄱㄱ마지막 머리카락 뭔데ㅋㅋ

    49. Salmon

      2:26 Me: I never knew DD talked outta his butt 😳😝😐

    50. Salmon

      1:18 - 1:20 LuLu: no treats, no fun. Treats are still good soggy!!!! Me: ugh you’re eating soggy treats??!! Blargh

    51. Salmon

      0:57 Claire: like and Subscribe or CoCo will CoCome get you

    52. Rxse ツ

      what type of cat is lulu?

    53. Twilight Girl

      😍Came for lu lu 😍

    54. Nurul Rahma

      tt is really the chill cat :D

    55. Kimaya Nalawade

      0:56 He meh seat HE DIE!!!!!!!!!!

    56. rns

      Fake video, these cats aren’t actually training to be navy seals, dislike 😤

    57. Kevin Kan

      Quote of the year, "No treats, no fun." -Lulu The Eater

    58. SpongeFcknBob

      Stupid clickbait

    59. Matthew Maher

      Bro whene I saw the thumnail I Olmos fanted

    60. itz_ syiqinirwan

      No comment to cats😑because they to cute😑

    61. Basiqtoxiq


    62. Cassidy Williams

      my cat keeps trying to clmb on the screen🥰

    63. Nabiha Hussain

      Thats some good asmr..0:01 im thirsty..

    64. DL Author-artist-poet

      I love your sound effects lol

    65. The Sethioz Project

      Not really underwater lol, you gotta make it more challenging for the kitties

    66. Namjesus

      Lulu : I like it I see it I taste it I eat it

    67. Inferior Toaster


    68. Yumi Bell

      Lol this is how river clan cats are made XD

    69. Max Emerald

      *Cat drowned to death.*

      1. Craig Baines

        Shut up

    70. Terrarian Gamer

      Did you just let the cat drown in the tank just for the thumbnail? Very rude so

      1. Craig Baines

        Haha what? The cats behind the water and not even touching it

      2. Womp womp • 10 years ago

        Lol whut

    71. Cheya Casinsinan

      wow i missed these cats! it has been a hot minute since i watched them and you have new cats?!

      1. Craig Baines

        Bruh how can you stop watching this channel that’s criminal

    72. Jane Sigabaro

      The more action packed editing happens more and more with each video.

    73. McLårēn _PlåyzYT

      Adorbz UwU *Engine Roars* Gotta Race People

    74. Enid Animates

      I’ll take three tubs of cat please? To go.

    75. Dio Regar

      Njir lucu

    76. Kai To

      Gasp! I finally found your youtube acc

    77. Nicole Abillon

      Let us turn to Almighty God and let us stop the bad deeds or sins because that is not God's will and let us follow in the footsteps of Almighty God And let us give time for Almighty God

      1. Craig Baines

        What? Take that nonsense out of here please

    78. C-94Nitesh Kalambate

      I love TT❤️.. because we are same LAZY😂

    79. Fimmina B

      are momo & TT named after twice???

    80. Leonard Kamke

      I always wondered what SEAL training is like.

    81. Apriano Panji

      apa cuma aku orang indo yang pake sub

    82. •iicelovella•

      Coco and Lala are doing the "if I fit, I sit"😂😂😂

    83. KionGaming

      lulu is so cute

    84. Herwan Helmy

      Hooman:*grabs coco* Coco:NUUU HOOMAN!! Hooman:*adds water in to that glass bucket thing Lala:WHAT THE HECK IS DAT??! DD:no cHiCkEn nO dEaL SeE yA ;)

    85. SSdogerBoy21

      I got so scared I thought they actually put the cats under water... so glad that didn’t happen........😁

    86. TraverseIce

      1:37 ok NaNa is ridiculously long

    87. tomi golan

      If these cats were to storm a beach in the midst of a fight, the other side would 100% lose because of how cute they are

    88. CatGirl Nya

      They are already water

    89. restrallete007

      Uno de Cascantes cagó aquí

    90. Scottie Pippo

      South Korea must be a great place

    91. Norzin Rhinerson

      I miss you doing the voice for them!!! btw thank you for making the captions part of the show! keep up the good work1

    92. Flinti

      The End Xd

    93. Swaggsreacts

      I bathe in the bloth

    94. zainab syed

      I just hate toto, dodo, nuna. They are un mannered

    95. Bwoy Munoz

      Coco es el mejor xD yo tengo uno igual que se llama igual jaja

    96. Muhammet Şık

      Türk yokmu

    97. Maddisøn Snøw ツ

      When you wanna comment but you don't know what to type

    98. Pooja Upreti

      Last part was so funny!!🤣🤣

    99. Maxis to the Max

      Lulu: "nope. I dont see a treat so I'm not doing this." Sees treat get placed in water. Lulu: *"hold my cushion. I'm going in."*

    100. havivi5000

      Fire 🔥