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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge #Barrier
    Today, I entertained my cats with a lot of red cups!
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    1. Jessica Sarah

      WHAT?!?! REALLY?

    2. Jessica Sarah

      Dodo said:too high!

    3. Alexander Vega

      как ты успеваешь за ними ухаживать?

    4. Grace F

      dodo say oops

    5. It'sMeVajore

      1:53 Dodo Said: are you Kidding me!? Thats Bigger than me

    6. The Jameson Show

      Im pretty sure dodo said nyeow...

      1. The Jameson Show

        번역: 도도가 말한 게 확실합니다

    7. Jennifer Snider

      dodo says im so sorry

    8. •hoshiko-chan•

      I think dodo say sorry i didn't ment to do that or just sorry

    9. annie 4

      Dodo said oops

    10. M Zaki

      I like Lulu, Lulu is so cute!

    11. M Zaki

      What's your name kittisaurus?


      He said "help"😳

    13. Mohammad Shamir

      Fans of lulu

    14. Etiene Barbosa

      Tem uns abilidosos. 💋💋💋💋

    15. sowmik

      Dodo says sorry

    16. Adrienn Orvos

      Lulu so cute xd i love kittisaurus

    17. Zhavina official

      Lulu is so cute

    18. Nanda PP

      Physics High Low EXTREME LOW Hard

    19. mevlüt özçelik


    20. Chers Atha Family

      2174. Agu. 4

    21. Djhappy

      Your kitties could run New York City better than the current politicians!

    22. Djhappy

      You can have your kitties teach the world how to coexist peacefully, respect each other and give unconditional love. (How to live morally, ethically and with manners).Please get them do a zoom conference call with the politicians of the major countries. Your kitties as well as mine(😁 and probably other kitties as well ) could run the world better. Give lectures on corona virus protection, not doing drugs, working hard, study and the importance of .. Nice work raising your kitties. Now if other parents could teach their children discipline..

    23. Umaima Aleem Pasha

      Dodo said There I jump

    24. Steve Doolan

      dodo said sorry for knocking your cups over!

    25. Opalescence Doll

      Dodo say screw them cups

    26. Mahnoor Zahra

      My cat had the same expressions like Lulu

    27. Faiz Ansar

      you know i like chuchu and lulu being cute

    28. ᄀᄀ

      냥이들최고 민첩하네요

    29. Sophia Araújo Likes

      Dodô disse ops oque que eu fis

    30. Marie Thomas


    31. Raa

      0:22 | 1:11 | 1:14 | 1:18 | 1:19 Lulu Is A Cute Cat🐱✨ Btw I want Request A Video Kittisaurus🐥 "Cat vs Crying" "Cat vs Crying" "Cat vs Crying" Thank Youuu🐱

    32. Totoy Blake

      He/She said that "Sorry, I mean why so many cups here?"

    33. [GD] DUC

      도도: 이렇게 하면 안돼는 것은 나도 알지만 더 쉬워졌네 ㅋ

    34. LinaInverscool

      Ууу, "мяу" ДоДо было потрясным

    35. Candra A.

      Btw where is nana dodo and toto?

    36. M 69

      Dodo said: why?

    37. Олег Мислюк

      Он выразился о том что не понял что сделал, с сожелением.

    38. viki cahm

      Pobres gatos 😹😻👍

    39. Pracheta Mukund

      1:52 dodo said -claire that's hard

    40. ben trimble

      At this point, Claire's done so many walls-in-the-hallway challenges that the cats just knock 'em over and keep going. : )

    41. UnOfficially OFFICIAL

      DoDo : This is so ann *meow* ing 😒

    42. AgentEastwood


    43. c


    44. Govardhan Gopu

      Dodo: Mooom! I broke red mountain

    45. Ghangel011 011


    46. Pat Lee

      dodo: “not it”

    47. Hakim Robinson

      Lulu said oops

    48. Charzilla193

      Dodo definitely said: OH CRAP MOMS HERE- Uh hi mommy I totally didn’t just break your new thing here I’m a good kitten okay byeee

    49. Sînziana-Ruxandra Paltin

      1:49 - Dodo said: "I wasn't ready!"

    50. Sînziana-Ruxandra Paltin

      Omg, the Mario sounds when they fail... The nostalgia!

    51. Miko Leach

      DoDo said "Oops can we try that again?"

    52. CH007EH

      Did you realise that cats use only minimal effort? They never jump higher than really needed. 😨 That's why they always look so elegant! 😎 2:32 What's wrong with MoMo? He was always such a great jumper! 😥☺️

    53. Unicrontrilogy 23

      When ur bored and dont know what else to do

    54. Sabine Pardon


    55. Sabine Pardon

      Sorry fort the wall

    56. Nafees Jahan

      Dodo said sorry

    57. Cute Cats and dogs

      I am also a pet's lover that's why i also started this.

    58. Bendygamers Rocha

      I think oops I failed

    59. cee Tee

      Dodo said oops

    60. Kitty 915

      Lulu knocked the wall over for Chuchu since she was having trouble. He's such a caring little cat.

    61. M B

      2:50 Title drop!

    62. Unicorn Girl

      dodo said : sorry :(

    63. June Kirana Ayuningtyas

      1:51 Dodo : sorry

    64. Neriman Topçu

      Lulu is little rabbit😂😂

    65. chicfalay

      Dodo probably said ow’

    66. Fielia Qory Saffira

      Dodo says"You have one job human" Cuz he looks so furrious after he accidentally knock down the hurdle... 😂😂😂

    67. Atuna Miya

      Like Lulu so cute 🐈

    68. Kraiwit Hanmateekuna

      Dodo said my bad

    69. Azmuzahin Aziq

      i think dodo says “its hard mommy”

    70. Satnam Kaur

      Is momo the chairman

    71. Ssahj Sue

      Dodo says “How?!?!?!?”

    72. Sameer Punshi

      Can someone tell me what is lulu's breed

    73. Jaxry YT

      Dodo: destroy a bit Dodo: NOO!

    74. UnicornAlex Gamer

      DoDo said sorry

    75. Sk8r Gamer

      why is the smartest person alive subscribed to you

    76. This is Tara

      2:40 = Quote of the YEAR!!

    77. MopPaper

      Dodo sayed "bruh"

    78. vijaya suja

      Clair if I came to your house first i will play with your family i mean your cats DD is my favorite

    79. vivo Y81

      ㅁㄱㅁ ㄱㅁ ㅗ도돋

    80. 하룬

      예전 부터 구독하고 있었는데.. Q&A보고 이 채널 알았네요.... 이게 키티사우르스 일..줄은 몰랐죠...!

    81. 프모냥


    82. Ali Zainal

      Lulu x Lala trouble maker's TT x DD cute Toto x Dodo twin's Chuchu x Nana adorable Coco x Momo best friend'z


      Toto= Ah droga errei ☹

    84. Siti Sofiya

      i miss the video you speak anyone agree ??

    85. Paula Berumen

      I think Dodo say what or whoops. They've gotten so big and ready for challenges 🐱🥉

    86. Elena Barber

      DoDo says: "sorry hooman!" OR "oops!"

    87. Julian Gonzalez

      What breed is lulu

      1. cozmo


    88. Julian Gonzalez

      What Bree is lulu

    89. Julian Gonzalez

      What breed is lulu

    90. Julian Gonzalez

      What breed is mumu

    91. Silver Greeneye

      DoDo: “Work smarter, not harder!”

    92. greenlizardballs

      Lulu, you're a cheetah!

    93. Ezmerelda Jones

      i knew it! lulu is a Star!!!!

    94. Nathan Murray

      Meoooow weeeeeeee

    95. Bernard Sherry

      Here's LuLu!!!!

    96. Neha Jindal

      I m here for lulu ...lulu is the cutest

    97. ولد GAMER

      I think dodo Saïd is too hard

    98. Promdi Tropic

      "When life gives you hurdles, groom yourself." - ChuChu 🤣👍🏻