Cat Logic: Hunting | Kittisaurus


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    Today, my cats and I had fun playing hunter and hunted!
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    1. Sarah-Beruriah Booi

      So funny 😂🤣😂

    2. Santoshi Raut


    3. Shakib Ahmed

      I bet all of u were waiting for lulu's turn

    4. SxtrawberryCowz

      2:36 OMG DD!!! The meows are so adorable!

    5. Julito Leon

      Thumbnail: Target acquired Video:*in meme man Voice* presin

    6. Stephanie Schmoeller


    7. Stephanie Schmoeller


    8. Stephanie Schmoeller


    9. Kitu's Junkyard

      1:33 Before getting to know ChuChu: that's a lame cat with generic longhair beauty which is definitely a female Now: Wow, she's so cute, she's the prettiest, she's so smort That's what watching cat videos over and over again out of inactivity do to you. I❤️ Chu

    10. NIGHTMARE 999 4

      You put ChuChu on the poster despite she did nothing wrong. She should get to talk to her lawyer Dr. CoCo he will explain how she's innocent and also explaining how he did not commit the crime with his lawyer TT

    11. Trish Alvarez

      Best DEfasts channel ever!!!! 🥰🐈🐾

    12. Hawlucha

      Umm did chuchu do something bad? I thought chuchu did not do nothing bad at all....

      1. Hawlucha

        I though chuchu did not do anything bad in the stealing video when DD, coco and lulu was trying to steal cat food. I thought i was lulu, DD and coco going in the cabinet for cat food

    13. Niky Thompson

      Love your nails

    14. BabyBuching

      I love how she speaks english at the first

    15. Paramesh Dk

      I love dd

    16. Chris Clapano

      Looks like lulu is on house arrest🤣

    17. 3105 GD

      Dr. COCO always becomes the victim to replace Lala who is the real criminal

    18. Fiesti Cake

      Did lala dind't got Arrest? Yes or no?

    19. Saira Sundas

      Can any one tell the bread of lulu? Please

    20. sistakia33

      Oh LuLu! When running from the law... don't run into a mobile home!

    21. Shrikrishna Zanzan

      Claire is the coolest...❤️❤️❤️


      I wonder what's the link of that cat brand on this channel. I will be glad if you can throw

    23. Reborn5275

      Such a nerd, love it!


      02:53 Lulu is a big personality , He is home arrested🤣🤣

    25. Naw Tharaphi Sein


    26. Eat em n Smile

      I want cat

    27. Eat em n Smile

      Loved it

    28. Justin Will

      Lulu under house arrest 😂

    29. Ziva Chan

      Can we just appreciate how clever Coco's hunting technique is?

    30. Jed Tarbo

      Lulu in western culture is a girl’s name.

    31. Jed Tarbo

      Werrcome to Kittisaurus!

    32. Hope Lies

      Does she have visitors?

    33. EdgyManBoi E

      Sheriff Claire

    34. Cristine Jane A. sedaya

      Where is nana toto dodo TT Momo where are they are they dead or what?

    35. MrsTigercat

      Is LaLa deaf? I always heard that white cats with blue eyes were deaf. It it true with LaLa?

    36. raven dark heart

      Lulu loves toys so he was the easiest


      Lala is still left

    38. Ahmad Hussein

      Hey I did not understand the ending.... Does it mean that Lala got away????? Without being suspected

    39. Chriszha Kate Wilford

      You can use bread and a fishing rod to catch DD cuz he loves bread

    40. Uma S

      LULU is literally a tiger in that house. The cutest little bait and gun for cute cats

    41. Patrick Underwood

      chuchu’s hop at 1:45 was everything i needed to see

    42. Candi the cat gaming

      Can I buy lulu pls

    43. meows man

      Don’t mess with lulu lol

    44. Nimichii

      I love that one Piece reference xD

    45. Yves Francois Ritmo

      Did you see the end of La La and DD workingvDD secret hideaway in the kitchen together? Man, I'm glad there are so many videos ... And DD half meows And Lulu almost cutting through w his teeth in his play house .... An

    46. •xXMagicx_ gamingXx•

      Their all so cute

    47. Bjr Adrian

      I gotta be a cat.

    48. padma

      Oh so this is how every one knew her name was claire

    49. Zaidok

      0:23 lulu, coco, dd, chuchu son los criminales pero dispado a dd por que a abierto la puerta y dejaron a entrar de los demás gatos. 🙀👮‍♂️

      1. Zaidok

        pero dd es un criminal o ladron que de los demás criminales.

    50. Dóri & Móni

      Nobody: DD: * Random concerned meowing *

    51. Epona Like

      Whose favourite one is LuLu? Well, he is mine :-)

    52. Beenish Ktk

      Wanted 🤣🤣

    53. Gabriel Badwolf

      Hey look Clare is Cat Fishing 🎣 🐈

    54. Pela Liapi


    55. Aditi Revankar

      2:37 DD: no sorry I can’t get that toy from far away sorry…

    56. a gamer on youtube

      lala at the end:coco, chuchu, lulu, and dd got arrested. i need to break them out

    57. Lourlin Jean Pino

      That was a really cute gun scene 😁🤣

    58. Jerusalém Hefizibá

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Muito bom! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    59. Mitchell worboys

      Claire is so sweet she put "alive only" on the wanted posters even though its just a prop

    60. Doris


    61. LifeAn Noobie

      2:19 eek

    62. small potato

      I love the way she got ChuChu ❤️

    63. Jerry Green

      Hey, it’s not fair. This big creature able to move cats’ entire house with bare paws. It’s like... god?

    64. Pranith Chiravuri

      Lulu Gangster of the cats....

    65. Steven Wheat

      I normally never make comments, but adore these videos.. Very well put together I love everyone of these cats! Total precious! I also love the sound effects and overall vid editing! Lulu is a total beast, with little stumpy legs

    66. Catify Co

      This is so cute!

    67. fireguy 92348

      Ok but for real who is the narrator

    68. Chocolate Pie1819

      Claire's English is so cute. UwU

    69. yuzair ok

      RDR2 be like

    70. Olivernew70

      Thumbnail: *LU LU NAURUTO RUNS.*

    71. Ömer Buluş


    72. Error 404

      So, she’s arresting CoCo, DD, ChuChu, and LuLu. What about MoMo, TT, and LaLa? Part two? Coming soon... maybe...

    73. Patrice Smith

      let them be

    74. 0239_ARMY 21


    75. Patrice Smith

      don't arest those cute kitties

    76. Chibi TheEdgehog

      I love how one of the cats name translates to "Peach" lol

    77. a Fajr wibowo

      Cute cat

    78. Erman Buyukkalfa

      Coco iş flying

    79. Cat What

      Lulu reminds me of Puss in Boots

      1. Cat What


      2. Cat What


      3. Cat What


    80. Allen Saunders

      Lulu always looks like he is so surprised by everything. His natural look

    81. Jack The Lad

      Lulu so funny

    82. Arnav Kant

      2:05 Lulu looks like a tiger stalking it's prey 😂😂😂

    83. princesstab33501

      Lol. Coco was mistaken for Lala.

    84. Millard

      That 2:11 scared me

    85. Sarah fawaz sfota2030

      Wow Claire’s voice is amazing

    86. Ruben Braekman

      Your cats are such dream pets all mine does is run away and bite me 😂😂

    87. Unicorn Milk

      Did they escape kitty jail?

    88. dimitris poulios

      Lulu best cat ever!2nd in my list is TT!

    89. Haruki Shirota


    90. Mekaelie

      So it concluded with Lala the Culprit who is still out there hiding. The screen writing is awesome.

    91. AW R

      Afer saw the wanted list, Chuchu be like "hold on! I ain't do nothing!".

    92. מיכל מורגנשטרן

      Plot twist: Lala was the kitty bandit leader and not DD

    93. Fahjah Fajitas

      The people at work May tease me but I love me some kittysaurus!

    94. Gentle Joy

      And lala Won the invasion all because she was in a basket.

    95. Gentle Joy

      How did lulu get arrested if he was in his house?

    96. NITIN KP

      Who loves lulu like here 👍👍

    97. Aydın Güney

      lulu wonderful

    98. Dipankar Jana

      2:38 Cat.exe has stopped responding.

    99. Димаш Айткажы

      TT: am i joke to you ?