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    Why are cats always trying to get into everything?
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    1. An i Yeet

      *me here with a sprained foot* *new video uploads* Me: OH HECK NAH IM NOT MISSING THIS ONE *moves foot* Me: OW Edit: true story tho very true

    2. Hebe Situ

      DD: trying to stuff himself in a Burger King bag. Me: Can't even fit in my closet.

    3. Ztrellita Zan

      I love Lulu! 😍

    4. Miss Chickenfoot

      Some Cats Are Purebred. Others Are Inbred. DD Is Just BREAD! 🍞 🥯 🥖

    5. fatimah adhani

      What your favorite cat?

      1. fatimah adhani

        Im DD

    6. XS1CQ CH

      DD and LuLu went to Narnia again :)

    7. crazycatgirl18

      Is this really her speaking english?

    8. Purushothama Purushothaman

      𝙽𝚘 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝙇𝙪𝙡𝙪:𝚝𝚛𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚒𝚗 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚎𝚜. 𝙻𝚞𝚕𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚢 😁 ❤

    9. Shamsher Alam

      Didi your eng is ssooooo good👍👍 keep it up

    10. Julito Leon

      Claire I know you’re trying your hardest but your English sounds like the English from cooking mama2

    11. Aizaz Jariwala

      I love cats

    12. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      2:08 “Why on earth would somebody put a camera in here? I need to find out...”

    13. Golden Panther Gaming

      Clairs cats have evolved

    14. Aniela Serafińska

      If LuLu see snacks and hes not hungry he will eat it XD

    15. Lyla kostjuk

      0:57 i kept waching that over and over and over again it never gets old 😂🤣🤣

    16. TheOrdinaryHuman

      My cat dislikes boxes.. Instead of making himself fit in them, he destroys them lol

    17. Leila Hill Godfrey

      um y did ya copy Munchkin

    18. Suren Panwar

      Whaaaaaa isaw chu chu first time puting efffort

    19. DragonSlayer’s Workshop


    20. Yağmur Özmen

      What is lulu's type?

    21. marcelino hkw

      1:46 Like cat switcher place

    22. Aniz N

      This like creamheroes is't they same

      1. Space

        Aniz N this channel (kittysaurus) is English version

      2. STAN DREAMCACTHER velove

        It the same ..same owner ..same cat

    23. Gigi Pretty

      This is definitely one of my favorites. 😻

    24. Gigi Pretty

      This is definitely one of my favorites. 😻

    25. just Flo

      1:47 When your brother come in your room lol

    26. wayne

      LuLu is my favourite cat ever ❤️

    27. Imma cat!! UwU

      I love it but the sound effects and music kinda throw it off

    28. Marissa Doton

      Why is nobody talking about how cute claire's voice is

    29. Kenny Ynnek

      Chuchu he is lazy cat

    30. Maria Elaine Gillego

      I love it when LuLu was trying to fit into the shoe 😂

    31. Random Anime Galaxy

      Lulu lives for food

    32. 앙용하세요

      많고 많은 이즈리얼

    33. Libby

      L L L L L U U U L U L L L U L U

    34. niki olesko


    35. NCOT Technology

      Earlier I fell asleep with one of these videos playing. An hour later I woke up again with another playing. Everything seems better if you wake up with random cat videos on your TV.

    36. karamjeet Kaur

      Her voice so cute, adorable, soothing, And she is herself very adorable 🤩😊😊😊

    37. J G

      Best cat video of the century

    38. •It'z Kayla Pastelz•

      1:46 Wow, Magic 😂

    39. Sheila Marie P. Priela

      In 1:47 Looks like DD Turn to Momo😂♥️

    40. Stasija N

      First vid where I’ve heard Claire speak English. Funky.

    41. LN 511

      Wah imut nya 😽😽😽😽

    42. Mikaru Kaguya

      cats are suck dorks, but they are cute dorks

    43. Mopha Mopha9

      I love all of them but just why does lulu have such a cute and funny personality is that why I I love her a lot lol I have to stop my self

    44. Atarie

      they will win in hide and seek :)

    45. Ingrid Eich

      My cat sat in a tray once! I was so funny!😂

    46. MineDogo

      One of the cat: *finds a room with 999 holes* the cat: 𝗪𝗛𝗜𝗖𝗛... 𝗜... 𝗙𝗜𝗧?!

    47. Libby

      Look below me in replies

      1. Libby


    48. E Y

      Can they stop being Cute? I have life to Live (๑♡__♡๑)

    49. Olivia Williams


    50. Lady Scarlett

      Lulus snacc attacc is the cutest

    51. Tan

      Lulu logic: if there is food, there is Lulu

    52. superhuffpuff

      claire speaking english is so cute!!!

    53. Marlise Vieira

      Gatos, gatos, gatos. Só amor😻🥳🙏👍

    54. The Crunch 8unch and Friends!

      0:00 Intro 0:23 Lulu! 0:28 ChuChu! 0:30 Momo! 0:32 Coco! 0:41 DD! 1:05 Lala! 1:22 "Lala? MEW! hahaha!" 1:26 Burger King bag 1:29 e m b a r a s s i n g 1:37 Jar 1:42 Oops. 1:44 Box 1:46 Cuteness Overload 1:49 Plastic Block Shelter 1:53 TT! 1:55 Washing Machine 1:58 Shoe 2:00 The Cute Part of this Video 2:04 Transition 2:05 THE CUTENESS 2:17 Change the camera, bob 2:18 you're Going To Brazil 2:33 Almost the end 2:36 Meow Madness!! 2:39 The End!

    55. Kiklr Gggyhh

      So sad, they just want to be squished

    56. Feb Darnall

      So basically, TT is a human hahahahahaha😂👌 she just goes under the blanket with Claire 😆💞

    57. Fozia Mahboob


    58. Teunna Stamps


    59. Claudia Saini

      Why aren't we talkin about Chuchu sleeping against a wall ? Just another level of sleepin master

      1. alan4sure

        She wasn't sleeping, that's why. She was hiding, or thinks she was hiding, because she was scared. It's in another video too.

    60. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

      One thing we learned from this video if DD's going in LALA is sure to follow

    61. AB Anitha

      ❤I love LULU very much ❤ and he is very cute while he's standing ❤ I LOVE YOU LULU ❤❤

    62. Dreamy Fangirl

      *Imagined scenario:* Cat: Hooman can u help meee, I'm stuck! Girl: You're stuck in this box? Cat: Yes, if I fits, I sit! But I didn't fit, but I still sit! And now I'm stuck! Get me out hooman!! Girl: *sigh* okay...

    63. Chloe Chao

      DD kinda looks like a fluffy dog with a cat head

    64. Joanne Shin

      2:00 same chuchu. Same.

    65. b u b b l y y

      Your English is amazing! Love your channel 😻

    66. salsabila

      i like dd's fur and i likes lulu

    67. Teresa Payne

      Our under the sink cupboard has an opening for plumbing, one of my cats loved to go into the cupboard, climb over the gap and hide underneath the whole thing. At first we worried, not we just leave the door open until she comes out herself.

    68. Hakuna & Yua

      These cats are smarter than they look

    69. Donovan G

      I really enjoy your narrated videos ☺

    70. Ho-Won Jeong

      Lulu the incredible. Do unthinkables!!

    71. Aftab Ahmad

      i thought she put them there then lock them for good

    72. kai radeonn

      *Cat: if it fits, I sit, and if it doesn't fit, I still sit. *

    73. Charlie Read

      I'm going into the crevasse!

    74. sister shook

      DD putting his head in the burger King bag melted my heart

    75. Katarina Burridge

      Once my cat was in the dryer and my mom almost turned it on but we noticed her and took her out it was funny and scary

    76. Logan

      Lulu is a food monster. His smell can "purrmeate" through ziplock bags!

    77. Wa Joo

      TT is the only behaved cat 😂😂

    78. viktoria ellis

      Don't you mean if i fits ,i sits?

    79. safiyyahkhalifa

      Claire I love your voice it's so cute!!!😊😍😆😄

    80. 김민선


    81. Joef Bulquerin

      How many cameras do you want Claire: YES

    82. Pearl Joy Fernandez

      0:41 Lulu's flexibility

    83. 수빈

      1:14너무 귀엽다 뒤태

    84. Elijah Sherwood

      They hate my.kind are you from korea

    85. Elijah Sherwood

      I need nourishment badly their trying to get me to commit suicide

    86. Elijah Sherwood

      Hey can I come live in your country mine doesn't support me ive been homeless for years im rare and discriminated on

    87. Meehmt

      Which Race is lulu

    88. Elaine Hsieh

      1:59 omg😂😂😂😂😂


      2:00 when u don't wanna see or talk to anyone

    90. alis kivilcim

      MoMo: wait...CoCo what are you doing? LuLu: probably trying to get that treat? ChUChU: Nah I think she’s just hanging around. CoCo: IF I FITS, I SITS!

    91. PkmnKitty Plays

      Did DD just turn into Momo? 1:45 Did the same thing happened here? 2:16 If so, DD and Momo are MAGICAL 😱💫💯

      1. Libby

        Edit 1: On second thought, nevermind

      2. Libby

        Actually at 2:16 DD was showing his upper fur, with the color being slightly brighter

    92. Eagle Gaming

      DD bread inspection is here

    93. 블루{컨휴존잘}

      일곱 고먐미들 진짜 기엽고 이뿌당..........

    94. Stuff 4 You

      You speak so good English MashaAllah

    95. Ji Khy Ung

      what are all their breeds and colors? :)

    96. 소류현

      집사님의 목소리로 시작되서 티티의 야옹으로 마무리...마무리까지 완벽했다...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    97. Gods God

      Lulu: "Now I'll open my mouth and you guys see if you can fit inside".

    98. rochadicc

      Your English is getting better👍🏻

    99. vxoney

      claire: *english* me who hasn’t watched any kittisaurus/creamheroes in six months: 👁👄👁

    100. 섽님

      영어밖에 읍ㅅ어..