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    Today, I filmed my cats when they sat on my lap.
    The lap kitties were very cute!
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    1. Василий Иванов

      какой же лулу милый... я реально не видел более милого и смешного кота!!! а еще чучу обожаю. она такая мееедленная и плааавная.... и еще чучу это принцесса. а тити старая ганстерша...а лала маленькая дурочка...

    2. Ragualan A

      Which is ur favourite cat Claire and viewer's

    3. Siti Rohmah

      Documentary cat film 😊

    4. Cheetah

      WAIT. CHU CHU IS A SHE??????????????????????????????????????

      1. BJ Uganda

        Um, yes?

    5. Cheetah

      What is the initial song? I love it!

    6. Luis Roberto Gómez Mena

      Kittisaurus me gusta su gatito Lulú como veo es muy cariñoso besitos les manda Grecia 😘😘😍😍

    7. Priyanka

      Title: all about Lulu 1. a foody cat 2. The king of lap 😅😅😅😅

    8. XZypher X

      When I'm reading out loud my cat comes and lays on my book then I get the book out from underneath her she bites my chin coz I'm not giving her enough attention and coz I'm moving my mouth to much when I'm reading 😂

    9. Yompe basar

      Lulu is fav

    10. Arsenio Dequilla

      Who is tom?

      1. BJ Uganda

        I thinks it's Claire's English translator

    11. Vinnie Agatsuma

      After they shed on you and make you a scratch post and lay on you for so ling they just leave. I meam whyyy 😭 stay longer

    12. spongebob girl

      I love this

    13. 57thorns

      Cats donating their fur so we naked apes won't be cold, so nice of them.

    14. Riku Morwing

      I really like Tom's voice. 😊

    15. Rondo Cat

      I have two relocated Bengal cats (2 and 3 years old when I got them). For the first 2 years they would barely let me touch them and I had to sneak pet them while they was eating or playing. Then suddenly after 2 years the male cat came and did lay down on my map and stayed there for 15 min. After that he comes to sleep on lap regularly sometimes for hours :) The female cat still will not lay on lap but he tolerates petting (in small amounts lol). But they say only 1 in 10 bengal cats will lay on the lap. But the advantage is the playfullness and energy of bengals, they love to go on walks outside for example with me.

    16. Random Comment for Random Video

      I wonder why Jerry is not here...

    17. exofanxoxo

      dd is literally yoongi ssshshsfhsfd

    18. Luia Lee

      톰 삑사리남 0:17 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    19. seriouslycatie

      WHO. IS. TOM???

    20. Iffah Kaisah

      Really love all except the voice over of Tom sorry😭😭😭

    21. •TATLIŞ OYUN•

      Lulu Love to be loved,

    22. Narmada Mohan

      I'm jealous you have wonderful cats

    23. a_doro_ble

      First time seeing fur on something at this channel, without Claire grooming the cats! OAO I always thought it was magical how this apartment can be so clean with 7 cats!!!

    24. Thunderlizard36

      Lulu is the king of snacks and lap kitties lol

    25. Neha Saif

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, lulu hug me

    26. Kiran Zinjurke

      lulu is best.

    27. valentina petrov lima

      Who is Tom ? Love voice claire me

    28. Better Than You In Every Way

      LuLu is willing to put up with a lot for snacks

    29. Nick Allen

      Now I see why Claire is always wearing pajamas.

    30. Pedro Figueira

      Lulu=best cat

    31. •Pastel Milkshake•

      Tom And Claire fit so well with the cats. 😌

    32. T Dawg

      I. Do. Not. Like. The. English. I. Would. Rather. Read. Subtitles.

    33. God bless

      Dubbing is spoiling the originality

    34. 【 Ava & River 】

      I luv your kitties uwu

    35. Kanchan Shinde

      Lulu is not only a lap master but Lulu is overall master 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Kochite Gaming

      Lulu should go to cat prison because it’s a crime to be that friggin’ adorable. NEEDS MOAR LULU!

    37. Nallah K

      I want a chuchu and possibly a DD

    38. Error 404

      So, um... here’s the grouping of generations of CreamHeroes cats: First Generation: TT, DD Second Generation: MoMo, CoCo, Third Generation: ChuChu, LuLu, LaLa

    39. Orange Fox

      Lala and Lulu are my favs and what do you know. They’re the top lap cats

    40. crazyabouthpotter

      Came for Lulu, stayed for the rest... and Lulu, too. What can I say? HE'S SO DAMN CUTE!!!

    41. Nico

      DiiDii^^ 😃😂

    42. Arpita Amal

      Momo's kingdom is a box n Lulu's is her Lap

    43. na li

      클레어가 이름인가요?

    44. RareRazan

      I was today years old when i realized Lulu is a male

    45. rani wulandari

      I love lulu

    46. Jasmine Surreal

      Claire will have so much donated fur on her legs shell be able to make some free fur pants instead of buying Momos fur pants!

    47. Ann Williams

      Lulu is the total snuggle bunny. Anything to get some physical contact and strokes and cuddles.

    48. jaimehlers

      My cat Sam spends as much time either in my lap or next to me as he can get away with. This includes while I'm sleeping, which makes for interesting times sometimes.

    49. Odin Gaming

      LuLu is a kitty legend tbh

    50. Rachelle

      You never answered the question why. It's because laps are warm and comfortable. Cats like warmth.

    51. Satsh Pranjivan

      Lulu d best

    52. Juliano Dikko

      Who like Lulu

    53. Coco with Jamily

      My kitten would never sit on my lap, instesd he always wants to sleep in front of the bathroom door or inside itself, this yr it really has got hot in india


      Porque youtube no me lo notifico?? Que mal servicio

    55. Ramli Ramadhan

      Lulu says " this is my kingdom " 😎

    56. Fahad Khan

      My fav cat is lulu i also wont a cat like him

    57. Our Catio Home

      Oh my, you are sooooo creative. How do you think of these things? I could spend all day on your channel.

    58. Pett Keana Seprado

      Adorable home come to life

    59. 소라

      1:44 혀 넣는 걸 깜빡한 루루씨

    60. Mohammad Zulqornain

      Where is kitty owner's voice... What makes the content different and special is her original n realtime narration which shows their chemistry ...

      1. Dunkle

        Mohammad Zulqornain Here is her other channel

      2. Dunkle

        She speaks in her other channel so if you want her to talk to her cats then go to her other channel

    61. Autumn Swift

      Tom is really the voice in Claire's head.


      Lulu is so cute

    63. Yu San

      ok i found you😘

    64. Anmol Sharma

      Lulu's the star of every video🤣

    65. Adam Roberts Creative

      Where does your lap go when you stand up..? 🤔😅

    66. N

      I don't have a cat but I could understand that feeling of having fur all over your clothes as I keep many rabbits 😅

    67. Nambam Iangrai

      Lulu-best waifu

    68. Luis Murrell

      What breed are these cats?

    69. Zarina Mohammad

      Saya suka lulu sebab dia comel sangat 😍😍😍😍

    70. Moon NW

      Omg! Chu Chu is so fluffy!

    71. odizzido


    72. Meerkat 80

      Tom sucks

      1. Dunkle

        Hey, if you’re gonna be a jerk about it and say he sucks why don’t you watch other videos instead of videos that include Tom, ya dummy. You know other people have feelings, right? Or are you too ignorant to know that?

    73. 리크Leake tv

      200만명 가즈아~!

    74. Bunny McFluffy Clouds

      Omggggg lulu is so cute!

    75. 나비엄마

      어머. 크집사님~~ 이런 커다란 일들이 있었군요 세상에 정직하지도 않은자도 많아여 힘내시구려. 열심히 하세요 모든것. 열심히 허심. 예전보다 더 클수있어요. 크집사 화이팅요

    76. • avocadoeve •

      Now its already 199 milion

    77. • avocadoeve •

      Oooft dis channel will reached 200 milion 😍

    78. 최주먹

      1:34 Korea language 귀여워

    79. sehun's vivi

      Claire I want DD so badly 🥺🥺

    80. exotic butters123

      Why have I not been watching the cat logic vids!!!

    81. Mick Patel

      Let me know when you need me to baby sit lulu

    82. Dr Ayat

      Lulu is the best

    83. YoYo Shum

      1:09 😂😹🤣

    84. LifeGoddessTaimat

      DD: Typical Ragdoll.

    85. Sagacious Apotheosis BLM

      😳I really hope someone knows her lap better than the cat😹

    86. Larry David

      LU LU is the BEST

    87. rory richards

      Lulu the lap master

    88. PetPlazaTV


    89. Gloribel Herrera

      my cat: angry and sad. the Cats di cream heroes: kawaii and +chuchu and DD

    90. The4Kittens

      Lulu’s Brother

    91. Zoom Zoom

      Claire is the perfect 🐈 catmum😻

    92. Cj

      Chuchu narkomen

    93. Tristan Fontenot

      I'd know what to do on her lap

    94. Ratih Utari

      Semua kucing kk claire jagoan kok

    95. Pianist Sohyun Park

      Human sofa 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LuLu kingdom

    96. 쭌이TV게임즈


    97. Chairunissa Ananda

      DD is like a fur ball 😂😂

    98. RealAvus

      LuLu: always stay close to the food source...

    99. Sneha Pradhan

      I had seen this video before. 7 kitties and Claire are the best family I have ever seen.Even better than human families.All of them are my favorite.😍 Huge huge huge fan from India.❤️

    100. Sneha Pradhan

      I don't think Claire has uploaded this.