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    How does cat's love look like?
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    1. Robyn Huey

      That’s okay cause nana loves him he doesnt need lala. Don’t you worry cause nana will always love you momo

    2. Bomi

      Lool after watching this again after 6 months I realize how sad Momo's love life is DD keeps stealing all the ladies Momo's been interested in LOL... first lala now nana along with her babies

    3. Chimchim Baby Jimin

      DD + Nana / DD’s Wife Toto + Nana / his mom Momo + Lulu /his soulmate Lala + coco / her brother Lulu + ChuChu /his wife Claire + TT /Claire’s best friend forever That is the list of relationships

    4. Bidyarani yanglem


    5. Blink forever

      In fact Momo was very disgusted seeing the romantic kissing scene

    6. Wei Wang

      this is sooooooo Cute

    7. Outlaw7263

      1:38 Momo: Dame da ne dame yo dame na no yo anta ga suki de suki sugite dore dake tsuyoi osake de mo yugamanai omoide ga baka mitai

    8. Sophie Sin


    9. Faqiha mughal


    10. Starlette Oscar

      Mo Actually ❤ LaLa is a temptress ❤❤❤

    11. Lily Potter

      Oh my baby ❣️ momo ❣️ I will go to date with you ❤️

    12. ansh sachdeva

      The ultimate love story is between momo and his chair

    13. Srija Das

      So he got dumped, huh??😂😂

    14. C ash


    15. Gum. Léa

      Oh noooo i feel sad for momo 😭

    16. COZZA NARA


    17. AvengerII

      @1:50 Don't worry, Chairman. You'll always have LuLu whether you like it or not!

    18. Jazzlynn Manzanares

      i is sorry momo that lala dose like you

    19. Abby Wonder

      So heartbreaking

    20. Elizabeth Ryals-Dubois

      Win the white cat left I almost cry

    21. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

      Sad but MOMO loves NANA now so he's happy

    22. The Non Smoker

      What a racist Catto O.O

    23. Sarfraz Khan

      Hahaha lulu every where very funny 😅

    24. Aadhya Ivaturi

      What is MOMO's breed?

    25. Ayudya Ang Togatorop

      Does momo really like lala🤔🤔🤔🤔

    26. Amber Briella Dela Cruz

      SaVaGe LoVe 😻😹😹😻

    27. Deepali Mahajan

      I feel so pity for chairman Momo...🥺🥺

    28. ressi megasari athira azaleea

      momo x lala and were is a baby

    29. mohammad saif

      Kk8 .

    30. Qidong John Liang

      this episode is one of the best animal drama works ever!

    31. M مليون


    32. Corina Arredondo Alonso

      Lulu Chuchu And Toto: Oh My God! Momo Is Falling In Love!

    33. ByTheRiverChebar

      Bad day for Chairman MoMo

    34. Antonia Cristina

      Momo te uma linda carinha,tão fofo😍♥️

    35. sistakia33

      MOMO looked so mournful when LaLa ran in the opposite direction! And of course LuLu wanted to express solidarity but his timing was a little off!

    36. Alessandra Stefanini

      1:28 e 1:29

    37. nata kl

      MoMo this Boy?

    38. milky funny cat

      😀wow......😍💖👌funny lovely video

    39. Gabriel Doughty

      no u

    40. Roro Ken


    41. Starscream628

      That was sad

    42. Anna Taylor

      Momo I love you!!

    43. Sanchi Pednekar

      How does the cats love

    44. Emma Wesenberg

      Momo is the actual cutest cat I've ever seen.

    45. Sofia Clark

      Momo is my favorite❤️

    46. sabiha kamran

      Love it very much🔥💚❤💛🔥

    47. msscorpio 43

      Relate much💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    48. raven dark heart

      Momo loves hitting

    49. screach mapper


    50. mubin shaikh

      Y LaLa aways fight with MOMO

    51. 2B Angie

      I ship this two all the time

    52. Hartati Hartati

      Ship momo tt

    53. han colagyu


    54. Kalli Thomas

      Love hate relationship lol

    55. ari santi

      Wait is momo cruesh is lala

    56. park woojinhoon

      Why did i watch this setting cute but tragic love story?

    57. Evertronix


    58. Windy Rose

      Lala likes dd Momo likes lala DD likes TT TT likes getting fussy

    59. Casey Portnell

      Better than the twilight series but I don’t read/watch twilight. I feel bad for Momo

    60. Joan Lammatao

      I have reasons why its yes: 1. fearless girl 2. Stunning blue eyes 3. Good puncher 4. So much *STAMINA*

    61. K 다영’S

      모모한테 왜구래여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 멋쟁이 모모 +_+♡

    62. Arcanjo

      Hello Cats

    63. Steel Magnolia

      Momo 🥰 LaLa😒 Momo😞 LuLu😎 Momo 😡 Aint love grand? 😂

    64. Sarah Grant

      The Most Epic Story of Our Lives...

    65. Teddy The Broke Bard

      I am more amazed that MoMo is trained enough to just sit in the middle of that heart with a bow tie on my kitty would roll around atleast

    66. Toca Life Stories

      The INTRO KILLED me🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Himanshi JAIN

      Momo has been friendzoned and he doesn't know that. 😉😉

    68. Rickypol 007

      And that's how lala and momo left the relationship

    69. Chelsea *

      How did she get him to lay in a circle of flower petals? 🤔🤔

    70. Φανή Προτωπαπά

      You have the most beutiful cats in the world

    71. Dejan Abu

      Broken heart TT

    72. joemad

      Very very funny!!!!!! 😂😂😂

    73. Ivyanne YT

      Lol lala look like she didn't care at all XD

    74. Russell Herring

      0:35 d

    75. Brittany Page

      Lulu needs to chill.

    76. Lurch USA

      I feel your pain Momo... I feel your pain. :(

    77. Александр Вражнов

      Very sad times

    78. twilight sara


    79. Met3lAngel

      Momo’s chasing Lala because she looks similar to Coco. In the end he needs to be honest with himself.

      1. Suri Coco

        peynir karpuz from what we see from the other channels, Coco and Momo are super best bros so some people are inferring that Momo likes Coco. He goes after Layla because she is the female version of Coco

      2. Mal Berke

        What ?

    80. Lorna Ginette Harrison

      There’s a lesson here, for *_all_* of us, I’m certain!

    81. Marley UwUz


    82. DM

      Momo in the thumbnail be like O"

    83. GitarrenMArv


    84. Farmer Deb

      Awww!! Hahaha!! So funny!! Your cats and videos are so uplifting!! If i need to laugh or smile, i watch one of your videos! They make me laugh out loud! :D

      1. DM

        Thank you

    85. - CeCe -

      At least we know the origin to momos sad eyes....

    86. Miraculous Hunter

      1:41 😥 Saddest 👩 ever

    87. Shiva YZP

      lulu : wants to be married with i think its coco

    88. Karleigh Johnson

      This would be a great soap opera.

    89. Victoria Laprea

      LaLa is too pure for this world. Sorry MoMo, her heart already belongs to DD.

    90. Carmaster11

      1:20 TT in the background is like "I guess it's happening now then"

    91. Chandana .S

      coco is a girl ha

    92. sabrina shaik

      Woow its realy good heart simbol💛

    93. Melissa Salt

      Coco :i love you momo❤️💗♥️💜💕💞💖💙 Momo:i love you too💕💞💞👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🖤 tt:love you dd and chuchu💕 DD and chuchu we love you too😍😘

    94. 070719


    95. Ana Romera

      No Momo noooo 😭 you're so loved by us haha

    96. Leaksmie Penn

      day 175 in quarantine Human: Cat Logic: Love

    97. John Quiroz Castro

      Gato explota

      1. John Quiroz Castro


    98. Huma Jilani

      Hahaha.... oh my God

    99. Yulanda Tross

      Too cute

    100. W.W.E IN BD

      I love cat and dog