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    Though LuLu is small, he's also an alpha cat who steals everyone's seats!
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    1. Lavish Whisper

      Honestly, this might be my favourite video out of all of Claire’s videos. This is some of the cutest cat cuddling I’ve ever seen! 😁😘

    2. Alexander MacNeil

      Lulu - a classic example of an affectionately naughty kitty. ^^

    3. Surajit Mukherjee

      Lulu the cupid

    4. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

      I miss Tom so many people complained but he was fun.

    5. josefiina

      Lulu just wants to cuddle

    6. Elif Roblox

      1:54 R.I.P ChuChu.

    7. Hope Lies

      Who is the Narrator?

      1. BJ Uganda

        Tom the English translator.

    8. Irrelevant402

      Whatever happened to Tom? Was he supposed to be temporary? I hope people didn't hate on him.

      1. BJ Uganda

        The only sad part is that they want Claire's voice more than Tom, that's why they hate Tom. To be honest, I kinda like Tom.

    9. Monica Wisniewski

      LuLu and ChuChu are a COUPLE ! I haven't ever believed in cloning till I met Lulu thru these videos and I would love to have a clone of this sweet baby pirate captain kitty!

    10. 0zak15

      Who is tom?

      1. BJ Uganda

        The English Translator

    11. Sanjana Sakhare


    12. Seher Shirazi


    13. Dcap Moon

      Lulu looks like a seal when he groom TT

    14. Riya Singh

      I was almost prepared to watch Lulu get hit by TT

    15. Alyaa Zawanie

      Urmmm may I know whose Tom????

      1. BJ Uganda

        Tom is Tom

    16. quillingmama

      Lulu doesn't know how big he is even though LuLu is small!

    17. Hypernova The hedgehog

      Music used for this vid, plz.

    18. Choco Chocolate

      Lulu's paws are so short.

    19. Bjr Adrian

      Move over, I'm tired.

    20. Sara Schaub

      That Lulu is something else. He’s a little pain but you can’t help loving him to pieces. He means no harm he just loves all his bro’s and sissy’s so much and he loves cuddling with them. He’s a big ole sweetheart.

    21. Teddy The Broke Bard

      Who is Tom?

    22. Wulan Wiharjo

      Lulu Love You💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    23. torso99

      lulu selfish lover and selfish eater

    24. xKeNniii

      Lulu 😂😂 always invades personal space xD

    25. Marie-Pierre Serol

      Moi j aime trop mais si ça pouvait être traduit en français ce serait encore mieux 😁😁

    26. TheScout115

      Lulu is just a fiend at all levels

    27. Riku Morwing

      This will get buried but Tom narrates so well! Thank you!

    28. Fabianastacia :3

      Lulu is such a sweetheart

    29. aouassar fatima

      I believe DD is the kindest cat

      1. BJ Uganda


    30. Jenghis

      "lulu trynna fit its body with chuchu" claire : aww thats cute chuchu : *send help please*

    31. 이쁜이엄마

      루루는 심술쟁이,

    32. S Lorca

      The Seven Deadly Cats 😭😎

    33. Leo

      Lulu doesn't like sleeping alone. He wants a snuggle buddy.

    34. Vinnie Agatsuma

      "i groom you so lemme sit kay?"

    35. Nadine Dorghod


    36. Hill A

      Lulu be like: "Y'all mind if I just....squeeze in...just scoot over a bit...ah there we go. Now I'ma groom you."

    37. BeeBee G

      I love how LuLu pretends to groom his siblings then steals their spots🤣🤣🤣

    38. Hønëy-mïłk-bërry- :D

      Lulu with Lala: This my seat… Lulu with Chuchu: This my seat… Lulu with DD: This my seat… Lulu with TT: This my seat…

    39. Emily Apricot

      I miss the narrator ! And, Lulu is adorable.

    40. 전효섬

      아이구 이뻐!!❤️❤️

    41. liljynxx fan blake

      Looks like Lulu felt a bit lonely🥺😂

    42. Alliah Cortez

      okay but what happened to tom?????? Am i the only one curious

      1. BJ Uganda

        Me too

    43. shaulinup

      Go away narrator

      1. BJ Uganda

        You do know Tom is the English translator right?

    44. Yuqing Zhou

      Who TF is Tom?? :/

      1. BJ Uganda

        The English translator

    45. Adriana Gonçalez

      O Lulu ficou em cima de todos os gatinhos 😂😂

    46. Lesly Gae Valerie Jerez


    47. Adam Asha

      Anybody who dislikes these videos can't be human. And especially can't be cat.

    48. Lights Off

      Haha lulu don’t steal he just want to cuddle

    49. Yoel Future

      DD : "I'll bite you n groom you, Lulu you bad cat..." 😬🤪 *5 seconds later* DD : "meeh, I'm bad at grooming" got tired 😵😞

    50. WatsHisFace

      Hate the commentator. Don't need someone to tell us wat we can clearly see.

    51. Itz Snow Wolf

      pls make more awesome videos like this! :)

    52. Terry Cioni

      He is adorable!

    53. paula Flores


    54. kathy meeks

      It melted my 💖 at the end when Lulu got into... not sure what that was... with TT and after a minute she just curled up with him like she really needed to snuggle with someone. TT is so beautiful and such an amazing kitty!!

    55. Ross Irving Olvera Rodriguez

      Qué increíble manera de manipular las cosas, o te gustan que te lamban o lo odias y te vas. Así son los gatos.

    56. Gölge Çiçeği

      Bu kadın evlendiyse, hâla evliyse, benim güzelliğimin bokunu yesin bu dünya. Hem de Selçuk Yöntem gibi bir adamla evlenmiş. Benim çirkinliğime köle olsun bu koronalı dünya.

    57. Misna Ganteng

      Lulu is very kind to each other

    58. Luia Lee

      It's like a movie made by Pixar. LOL

      1. Luia Lee

        ㅠㅠ 영어로 썻응게 이제 잘보이겠지???

    59. Michael Riney

      I fits I sits!

    60. Doodle :v

      "Oh my, DD's asking for help." Dont we all, DD. Dont we all.

    61. Aunt Cynthia

      Lulu has lots of personality

    62. Sunny Times're so LOVING!📣📢🌟😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    63. 박일화

      루루는 정말 사랑스런 냥이에요~ 더불어 먹는 물욕이 강력햐~지만 사회성도 짱입니다여~~~

    64. Zaid Azim

      Whats the difference between coco and lala

      1. BJ Uganda

        Lala has short like lulu and Coco has tall legs.

    65. Eric Cartman

      Lulu next girl tt...lulu is a little casanova

    66. Eric Cartman

      Lulu and chch in love😍😍😍

    67. wiam errami

      Why is nobody talking about toms english

    68. avani vasani

      That's our lulu , so sweet ... Lulu should be having a different vlog channel altogether .

    69. LOLXD 1

      Șo cute!!

    70. Alex Wong

      Where is lala 😔

    71. Ruqqaya Mahsud

      I have question that did any is going to give baby cats please answer the question

    72. SRV WORLD

      Lulu is very smart ♥️

    73. kitten_ maddie

      Tell me you secret WHY DONT YOUR CATS FIGHT ALL THE TIME seriously when both my cats see each other the try too kill eachother

    74. Souvenir Space

      I love watching the mischievous Lulu😍🤗

    75. Alakaizer

      LuLu cuddling with DD's paw is the cutest thing ever.

    76. Åsa S

      Lulu: Social distancing? What´s that?

    77. Bud Martin

      So who is the guest narrator?

    78. Jenny

      I think everyone has a soft spot for Lulu

    79. Simply Tom

      They need to get rid of the voiceover guy. I rather hear the cats natural sounds.

    80. Cat What


    81. Abhisek Mohanty

      U are covering less clips of tt,, we want to see more tt...

    82. bossome CatQueen

      LuLu just going up to the other cats for snuggles is such a mood

    83. Starkat03

      Lulu: goes to take TTs spot TT: welcome!

    84. ShadoeLandman

      Lulu is an extrovert. My Snickers was an extrovert. She tried to make friends with any animal she could get close to, tame or wild.

    85. land Lee

      나레이션이 너무 좋다...최고..

    86. Miheon Son

      계속 설명하거나 자막 내 보내니 피로도가... 좀 줄이면 좋겠어요. 충분히 뭐하는지 알겠고 스토리 전개에 문제 없어요. 냥이들 보는데 방해 됨.

    87. Miheon Son

      특히 초반에 톰 목소리와 집사 웃음소리때문에 집중 안돼고 내내 음성이 거슬려요. ㅜㅜ 그냥 자막만 나오면 좋겠어요.

    88. 박수지

      오 누가 말하신거에여???

    89. Pranith Chiravuri

      Forget about seat stealing Claire, you and your cats definitely steal hearts.

    90. Pranith Chiravuri

      Claire and the seven cats- sounds like a title of a movie.

    91. Elman Krestic

      Who's narrating videos?

    92. p3rson4rmy


    93. brigidtheirish

      He's not stealing seats, he's cuddling. It's just that the other cats don't always want to cuddle.

      1. Cheryl L

        Lulu is super friendly😊


      I really love this cats specially chuchu, TT, and DD. But I love all of them

    95. RSW W

      love you lulu😻😻😻😻😻😻

    96. Ahmed Amr

      What is the breed of dd?

    97. Tarjo

      nice cats

    98. Rabtah Ismail

      me: what wrong with this cat? also me: what a cute cat

    99. Leigh A Hartman

      Narrator: "Hi, this is Tom." Me: "Tom?! Who's this Tom? My brother in law's a Tom, but I don't think he's him!"

    100. AwwesomeVal

      Lulu just wanted cuddles. This narrator is mean