Cat Logic: Snack Attack | Kittisaurus


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    I tried putting snacks out in front of the kitties!
    How will they react?
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    1. Lynn Nakamura

      I want all your cats and kittens claire luvcat! And you twi claire too i wanna live with you really!!! Joke but i still like claire and her cats too i am inly a kid please dont hurt me.

    2. Tusi Chowdhury

      Lulu will always be Lulu......... True..... 😸😸😸😂😂

    3. sistakia33

      LuLu got LuLu size snack bag! 🧡


      TT always get the less screentime. probably she's the ice princess in the group.

    5. Sanjana Sakhare

      Lulu- Snacks DD-Bread Lala- Exercise Momo-Staminaaaa

    6. Cat adventures

      Who is Tom? In the narrator

    7. Criseida Huamani

      me gusta este video

    8. 8631 Sagnik Sen

      Who is the narrator?

    9. Delico925 Irie

      will u mary me claire

    10. Handy Handasprite

      Lulu is my spirit animal, who's yours?

    11. joemad


    12. Albert Teng

      Lulu is actually a cat cross bred with a tiger.

    13. michelle dailey

      Oh no.... don’t do the “Tom” voice. It is horrible.

    14. T Dawg

      Ugh hate toms voice. Claire or nothing

    15. mubin shaikh

      Lulu look n act like mongoose

    16. Razia Sultana

      I just love lulu he is soo adorable!!!

    17. 夢帝

      So Claire is working with Animal planet now? Wow

    18. Thunderlizard36

      Claire: Snack Time Lulu: YAY SNACKS ME FIRST YAYAYAYAY P.S. Lulu is the king of snacks lol

    19. Priyansh D

      Hi Lala! Bye Lala!

    20. shaulinup

      Claire come back pls!!! Narrator Go away

    21. microphonemr

      TT: Remains serene as chaos ensues below her

    22. Catify Co

      Super cute!

    23. meow meow

      they protecc they atacc but most importantly they love snacc

    24. Devangs Gaming

      Not a good voice

    25. decusq

      Lulu is always my favorite XD

    26. Bodrul Laila Tonny

      Lulu is stronger than Claire Claire don't dare to invite lulu to play tug-of-war

    27. aliciajordz09 :b

      At the end the narrator was like oh yea you probably wanna know who I am Well .... That's for the next video Me:DANG ITT

    28. Adept

      wHeRe iS cLaiReeeeeee

    29. Meow? Meow.

      the narrator makes this sound like an action movie, and i'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing regardless, he's got talent

    30. Shenel Crooke

      Lulu is a snack fiend lol

    31. TobiTechBoy

      “DONT TRY WITHOUT KITTIES” got me😂😂😂

    32. mr green poop

      2:03 I have no words

    33. Matthew Kasbe

      Miss Claire's voice... feels lil different to hear some new voice with the video clairs voice is very comfortable and always used to it ;)

    34. Human Being

      No need of narrator☹️



    36. Ajay Kandhari

      Looks like Claire tried something new with Tom's voice. I liked it.

    37. [ʀ] str

      1:42 full body claire😍

    38. Arshmita Vashisth

      It was so cringe with that voice over. Leave Claire and her cats alone you agency

    39. Mexico Ball

      I like it how you tells us which cat is which cause I get counfused on coco and lala

    40. Arijit Kundu

      Lulu's breed?

    41. Jesse van den Berg

      Lulu en snacks

    42. Lone Note

      How old is MoMo? I have a soft spot for older kitties

    43. Moonbow

      I have memorized every cat but Coco and Lala. Any tips to tell them apart?

    44. Harrison Mattiew

      I cannot screenshot the video 😭😭😭

    45. Kris Andreasian

      I like lulu the best😍

    46. Dibina Shakya

      We want to know who is tom.

    47. Cathy Ng

      I miss Claire’s voice and her laughter I can read the subtitles there is no need for this new voice. Please go back to the original voice it makes such a difference when we watch your video......Lulu rocks!!!!!

      1. HolleySabrina Sally

        Same here.....i miss her voiceover with Lulu and Momo so much~ it brings the emotional bond to life

    48. Yuri Danylko

      Narrator wasn't really the right move

    49. Hendra Henz

      natgeowild on youtube 😅

    50. land Lee

      허윽.....나레이션과 냥이들ㄹ..시너지효과 쩌네요...너무 좋아..

    51. -사무엘


    52. Gaignun Kukai

      No need for the narrator videos are just way better without one.

    53. Mick Patel

      Lulu is straight up a G

    54. Siti Rohmah

      I miss voice dubber lulu, momo n coco

    55. 김민주

      크집사님 그래두 예전보단 루루 잘 다루셔..

    56. Meeya Eizara

      Oyo cat: mmmm i'm like my food cat Me : yes you are oyo 🤗

    57. Autumn Malick

      Thanks Tom!

    58. Kriz Blessings

      I like both voises, he can do the narrator part and clear can do the cats voiceses❤️

    59. Nathan Flores

      1:09 the snacks has coco or lala on the packaging

    60. j b

      i love lulu and lilbub

    61. carl J

      It's better at volume 0

    62. Aimee Brunson

      Me and my cousin call Lulu the snack beast

    63. Suranjana Chowdhury

      Nobody does better than claire

    64. Kavannah Light

      I like Tom's voice and Claire's laugh. It's a great team. Ask the kitties, they agree!!

    65. Top Secret

      This voice sucks

    66. badnewsBH

      I'm pretty sure Lulu and I are brothers from different mothers. XD

    67. Gabriel Castelo

    68. jingvinz

      The disclaimer: do not try this without kitties. Me: XD

    69. kobi panyanouvong


    70. 김바보

      왜 데큐멘터리 찍는것처럼 보이지?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    71. MrMomota

      I miss Claire's voice

    72. Yucan GD

      0:46 he angy with Orange bag

    73. Jean Yuen

      Lulus so strong and fierce when it comes to food he is definitely the best hunter

    74. The Sethioz Project

      Most of these cats don't even care lol, they're like .. pffff you expect me to open this? YOU DO IT, YOU SLAVE!

    75. PulseClockPhantom

      TT is the feline personification of zen.

    76. CatiCactus Plant

      1:42 look!

    77. Lukman NWA

      Nice with INDO SUB in original channel

    78. Phuong Le

      Tom : You wanna know who I am Me: your Tom

    79. Akiraa A

      I love both Tom’s and Clair’s voices!! Don’t be negative:)

    80. Clovercat YT

      "Do not try this without kitties" *Yes, the floor here is made of floor.*

    81. Amadu Kamara

      0:42 A wild lulu appeared! Lulu used crunch! It's super effective! Pyramid snack fainted!

    82. Funny Dogs Prank

      I like 1:31. Very funny reaction. ^^

    83. Idanur Aida


    84. selenaleona

      Lulu is like the little kid at a birthday party who always thinks its his birthday and tries to blow out the candles

    85. Zoriana Bondar

      Lala: mmmmm nope byeee !

    86. Zoriana Bondar

      Momo :have it do not care

    87. Cara

      Yay, Tom! Good Job!

    88. Laura Niphredil

      Hey, where is ChuChu?

    89. Talentlessboijack 92

      Plot twist:tom is her claires brother

    90. Dayna Union

      Awwwwwww lulu is so cute when he stands like a human

    91. ♥KanBara♥

      Hi Lala, Bye lala. 😂 Love this one

    92. Leroy Riofrio

      Why didnt you show chu chu there:(

    93. irism

      I think many people are mistaken this channel. Kittisaurus has always been about fun editing, like Cat vs things and Cat logics, not a vlog. This channel never had Claire's talking.

    94. Sofizzy


    95. Tvte Medka

      Lulu is real tooth fairy

    96. Tvte Medka

      Tom your a nice man

    97. crewcapn

      7 cats there CLEAN 5 rats here WRECK

    98. danish sahin

      I want to know chuchus snack attack

    99. Crystal Xiao

      It’s so cute whenever lulu sees a snack, his pupils enlarge 100 times 😂

    100. Brynn Films