Cat Logic: Stealing | Kittisaurus


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    Kitties stole treats!
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    1. Adorable Projects

      Cats how ok momo

    2. World is Fake Beast system is Real EndThotSimpBad

      She is secretly teaching these cats to Rob the Hope Diamond from Vatican City in Vegas

    3. Durgesh Chaturvedi

      Which breed is your lulu lala and coco

    4. Brittani Frey

      Party in a cabinet?

    5. robloxian1234


    6. Mahir Bhatti

      Lulu is my favourite one for that only I am watching the videos can you give me Lulu 😍😍🙂

    7. tocinodoll ganda

      Hi lulu

    8. Seraphina91

      They need DD he's the only one that can ooen the cabinet 😂

    9. Aruane Santos

      the video is super cool

    10. Devina Quinn

      It's look like a movie to me Movie name: cat meowssion


      But only lulu can sens food really good and she can stand so cute Dow🙄🙄😍😜😝

    12. Mohammed Ashraf Shaikh

      All of these episodes should be a series of a movie. 😂✌🏻

    13. пирожок дружок

      I think COCO is CATE ANhtein

    14. Mr. Bulldops

      0:42 so cute

    15. Chloe Wong

      TT would make an amazing thief.

    16. sistakia33

      LuLu: "LaLa said she found trapped food! I must rescue!" LaLa:" LuLu went to save food... I'd better save him!" DD: "Oh...neither of those kitties can open cabinet. I'd better save them both!" And as DD expected both LaLa and LuLu needed his help! But once DD opened the cabinet he realized they might get in but not be able to get out. Naturally as the wisest of all kitties he had to enter first! LaLa would never allow brave DD to go anywhere without her! And LuLu always has to be in the know! Of course he followed! Besides, he had food to rescue!

      1. Uma Chatterjee

        This sounds like William explaining why he smashed Miss Milton's cucumber frames XD

    17. SuperSonicmania

      Lulu: We did it guys the cat food is all ours! Lala: Yay! Lulu: DD pass me the can opener. DD: the what?

    18. Tensai55

      The fang's still whole. I take it this is the episode prior to LuLu needing a spanking?

    19. Everest Kitchen Concepts Nepal

      camera man?😂

    20. Mona's sick of your BS

      I love her shirt 😍

    21. Souza Silva


    22. Jose Velasco

      Funny cats

    23. Naeemah SANI-OMOLORI

      0:36 lulu tho LOL

    24. astried cahayaning

      Ohoho this is so cutee😆

    25. 성가인

      크림히어로즈랑 크집사랑 이 채널까지 총 3개를 운영하시는 건가요?~~

    26. Barbara Cholak

      Kitties wait for the one to open cabinet door. Yahoo!

    27. Megha Shrestha

      This is the type of content I signed up for.

    28. Serenth

      This makes me glad my cat has not yet figured out how doors work...

    29. Ello meow kitty #ables dabbles

      I♥️ you ... and the cats

    30. Isppac

      this video has some fake aspects but ts realy funny so its ok for me :)

    31. T. Le

      I think this would've been more fun if there was a stopwatch to see how long it'd take them to finish

    32. Amy

      We had to put a child lock on our cat food and treat cabinet because they would get in there and chew through the packaging and eat the treats

    33. Jasmine P

      Hey kittisauras? Can U make "show" about the life of ur cats? And make it voiced plz I would love that thanks! Btw I love it channel

    34. joe downing

      Hi claire

    35. Azizah ahmad

      Lulu is to funny

    36. A S why bic rty


    37. Jewel men10 MUGEN

      I'm so confused, i don't know who's Coco and who's Lala

    38. ROARtheRAPPER

      Lala's little 'bloop' 'bloop' 'bloop' feet are so CUTE X3

    39. CuteMoonlight

      *Keep* *Calm* *And* *Watch* *Kittisaurus*

      1. Munchichi

        Lol 🤣

    40. sherryl ocon

      More like secret agent cat

    41. LadyJAtheist

      I just love how gentle, caring and what a totally awesome mom she is with her babies!

    42. Aiun

      I swear with this amount of training one day they will be able to bypass taxes.

    43. Daniel Cruz


    44. Hivolt Arc

      LULU....always thinking with his stomach

    45. UwU

      Alright it’s time for the heist we’ve been planning for months and you brought your cats in? Brilliant I’ve got my gloves my bags for cat toys what else?

    46. विनीत गुप्ता

      𝕋𝕋 : 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕘𝕒𝕟𝕥 ℚ𝕦𝕖𝕖𝕟 !!

    47. Abcd Efgh

      DD is my favorite but I like when Lulu stand on hind legs.

    48. Nitty Gritty

      This is gonna be cute

    49. Tenebra

      My cat's food bowl: *has food in it* My cat: ^-.-^ My dog's food bowl: *has that exact same brand of food in it* My cat: ^OwO^ (we've given up. thieves, the lot of them.)

    50. Jieun seo

      투머치 귀염

    51. Kiki :3

      This is ADORABLE. I meed more of this in my life

    52. h oliver

      LaLa is one of the prettiest kitties I've ever seen omg

    53. Mariyam Raya Mohamed

      Did your cats really steal those things you put in there, did you caught it in camera

    54. muata saniya

      how can people dislike this cute pie

    55. Poorva Raghuwanshi

      Lulu is my favorite

    56. Mary M

      They actually went to Narnia.

    57. Ritchie A. Hall 3

      I like lala a little

    58. Ritchie A. Hall 3

      The cat police need to come

    59. Audra Owens

      This is my cat's favorite channel on DEfasts. She will watch it for hours while I work.

    60. Eternal_ _Sanctuary

      Guess they are the real cat burglars

    61. Rayo eyr113x


    62. Rayo eyr113x


    63. Sultana Begum

      DD is so curious

    64. Lisa Malee

      So adorable 🥰

    65. Kevin Williams

      Lulu at the end "Wait for me!" 😂

    66. taputechnic

      1:32 You're not supposed to nuzzle the lasers!

    67. DJ CREEPER

      I love lulu

    68. DJ CREEPER

      2.04 please show whats happen in that place

    69. Rickypol 007

      The kitty team Lulu:the leader Lala:the cute spy DD:the smasher Is the most cute trio in the world

    70. Nusrat Sababa Shamma

      Lulu always stand like a human

    71. Aaron Schwarz

      My Kitty absolutely loves watching kittisaurus.

    72. yong ki

      I want your kittysaurus shirt

    73. Igor Kuspit

      Claire should trademark Lulu's sit

    74. Roland Sampouw

      Even the laser are bended before the cuties 😘

    75. Oaks Heart

      TT: *the real ninja*

    76. Eat em n Smile

      Ohh my god , mom has gone off the rails

    77. Patrice Smith

      hey,there fine let them be [ allie 7 years old] i love you

    78. Eshika Shukla

      Claire:*sets up yarn lazers* Cats:i guess it's now meowssion impossible

    79. Wilaine Dy

      my favorite part is when the door closes 😂😂😂

    80. Peachie Blossom

      This was posted on my birthday!! Hehe 🥰

    81. - Himiko Toga -

      DD: -So the missions on-

    82. Bradley Ard

      One of our cars knows how to open the cabinets, but he's just looking for a good hiding place.

    83. julianachez

      I've seen a couple videos and now I am in love with your editing style 💜

    84. Liv

      Love these cat adventures! 💕😺💕

    85. Kitu's Junkyard

      Mission: steal viewers hearts💘 ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤♥️ Kitties: accomplished ❣️💗💟💓💕💞

    86. Stain

      I knew she'd put mission impossible music in it 🤣

    87. Zeba Syed

      So cute

    88. Emaan Shahzad

      It’s so funny and cute how the cats immediately went is action as soon as Clair left 🤣😂. They r so clever and intelligent

    89. 규뀨


    90. Germany Empire


    91. Elizabeth Lima

      Qual a raca dos gatos? E principalmente do LULU?

    92. RoadDorifto

      It took me forever to know that those are supposed to be lasers.

    93. Pyxis

      That is the worst security system ever. They tripped so many of them and still no alarm.

    94. Maya Teola

      These are the luckiest cats. They are fed, loved and entertained.

    95. Samantha Rees

      This is cute and cool. Looks like you had alot of fun editing this one hehe!

    96. Aii iiA

      These cats are op they can bend light

    97. Jayanddra Singh


    98. Princess Consuela BananaHammock

      Love watching your videos! I have five cats, and am wondering where you bought those cute litter boxes!

    99. McAllister Pulswaithe

      Why on earth would you want to breed cats with stubby legs? Is this called "human logic"?

    100. Luia Lee

      너무 쉽게 만드신거 아녜요?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ