Cat Hurdle Challenge! Can My Cats Make the Jump? | Kittisaurus


2 Mio. aufrufe333

    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I set up a hurdle set for my cats!
    Who’s the highest jumper in the house?
    * LuLusaurus T-Shirt🐯

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    1. faisal ibrahim

      Oh gua ingat lulu cat berasal dari kata kunci....

    2. 『rin za mae』

      DD be like:i grab treat no limbo

    3. Marc Xian Magsino


    4. Alana Kamila

      Lulu is like my cat the name and then colour

    5. Sara Saud

      Chu chu is adorable 🥰

    6. Annu Malik

      Coco roomba these all are superly similar to munchkin tv cats

    7. Jasmine witama

      Awwwww~ its RLLY cute when theyre trying to get the snacks with their hand >w

    8. Miya Yee

      Dd is me when I have eaten 1 too many tacos

    9. Helča YT

      This is very funny beautiful video!!

    10. balto08 AJ

      How many cats do you have? I have 44.

    11. I really dont know

      DD is my spirit animal.

    12. SJ Spooner-Burnham

      That laugh at 0:22 😂

    13. Goldenringlet

      I did the same with cats they doesn't get over the highest ca 1,20 but when I play on my piano they just jump to the top of my piano 1,45 and I can't play anymore 😂😢🙄

    14. El Sexy Presidente MoMo

      ¡Los anuncios de este video no me dejarán solo! T^T English: The ads on this video won’t leave me alone! T^T

    15. Eida Hanie

      i love these videos! and im a fan of kittisarus and creamheroes

    16. Lori And Catriona’s Cozy Corner

      Where did you get the hurdles from?

    17. Mark Nunez

      Im just here for LuLu

    18. Zweetzel Morcoso

      I cant stop whatching your vidio

    19. emy dulce

      *can u say fur?*

    20. Myiesha Manzoor (220myimanz)

      DD is me my mood

    21. An i Yeet

      All of your cats are so cute!

    22. Светлана Костылева

      Очень красивые киски! Но, такое впечатление, что они постоянно голодные.... И за еду всё, что угодно сделают... У наших кошек корм всегда есть. Сухой, во всяком случае... И не менее интересные киски у нас. Правда, подобрашки все, спасённые...

    23. •Alia_Sofea•


    24. Luz co

      Son muy tiernoooos ❤❤

    25. 자두.

      1:54 난 넘어갈수 있다냥 우다ㅏ다다다ㅏ다ㅏ닫 귀여웡

    26. Angelite moon

      Fun fact cats can fit through anything the size of their skull they have very flexible ribs

    27. Expressø Depressø

      DD: _F L I E S_ (DD is flying *cat* fish confirmed)

    28. botalic _

      Kucing pintar

    29. MBA AJMER

      Coco looks like boomba

    30. ZiaCho 1485

      TT is queen 🤣🤣

    31. akanksha gupta

      coco break the huddle wall that's amazing

    32. Ashish Melwani

      TT: follow my lead Momo : this way's better TT: ( hitting momo ) don't go under it... Momo: but..... Chuchu: just do as she says.....😂😂 (TT goes away) Momo: I never compromise....😂😂

    33. Yvonne Sarmiento

      Ha her laugh at the beginning is funny

    34. Matboksen

      DD is a cat of my heart

    35. Mounir Souaia


    36. Khoby Mike

      DD is basically shikamaru

    37. Julia Mandrell

      DD and TT chillin together at 1:52, 2:06, and 2:37!

    38. beariinutella

      DD be like *Big Brain time*

    39. Mirza Alvina

      Lulu ❤️❤️

    40. Stephanie Schmoeller


    41. Stephanie Schmoeller


    42. Stephanie Schmoeller


    43. Divya Raj

      Is it just me who got bothered about..Why there was not 3 bars step??

    44. Jackson Kkkk


    45. Laura F.

      this looks fun

    46. CLC stan

      Lala is the highest jumper or maybe it's coco I can't tell them apart.

    47. Aryan Agarwal

      Lulu is my favorite animal in the world

    48. Rasyy

      This is a 2nd channel of cream heroes?

    49. simbiant4

      Cat's. Are. Liquid.

    50. Avocado

      Miluji tyto kočky, jsou tak roztomilé, přál bych si, abych měl také kočku 🤩

    51. Ganidu Himsara

      Paw ban e puso tika

    52. steven universe fan

      So cutee

    53. Shalmali Ade

      Lulu is shinchan of cats 😅😛

    54. Amy Luo

      cat: sniffing the camera me thinking*i dont think the camera is food...*

    55. socrettis P

      Hi I am from India I see your videos your cats are very cute and smart also clever and I like it very much😊

    56. Jalangkote Pedas

      This one is super cute!! 😭👌🏻

    57. Ami R

      Her laugh is so adorable 🥺🥺

    58. Just Me

      DD is me... NOPE! No reason for it, I ain’t doin it 😂🥰

    59. Dilys Turpin

      POV:I am writting this while my cat (Nemo) is seating in my keyboard XD. i am a fan of DD first of all she is the smartest one because she isnt playing your game,and second of alL ShE iS cUtE edit: Chu Chu is also on my favourite list :3

    60. MR.N Studios

      0:34 DD: well...I’m to fat for this. It’s nap time.

    61. Андрей danax2014

      You need find out a job and a doctor

    62. Rax Savvage

      my question is where in the hell do you put all this stuff?

    63. Critical .

      Lulu is my favorite cat😍 is special

    64. mrsleep0000

      DD: The only winning move is not to play...

    65. Gaia

      DD does not quit, he never started even playing

    66. Ekansh Rai

      Lulu is the soul of her videos.

    67. Xender 1

      The Flying tank

    68. The Youtube Commenter

      1:35 This is dream's cat.. 200 IQ

    69. fabio sempre

      Ur cats are adorable :o

    70. Madduri Kiranmai


    71. 김재민

      광고 없어 너무 좋아요~~~

    72. Luz Calla

      2:47 : TT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. ерунда сэндвич

      This is inhumane

    74. Lynn Nakamura

      Oh ok tt is a girl i like tt i like your cat "tt" shes cute

    75. Sultan Wibowo


    76. Rizqi Tan

      haha the cats jump so funny XD

    77. reynx me

      Lulu is always the best😻

    78. Maire Watkins

      2:24 DD: Give me some of those treats!!!!

    79. Gillian Tumbelaka

      Coco is a so handsome kitty 😍😍

    80. LegoJesus2020 why

      momo is a scary name

    81. Jeff Dahl

      You got a really cute gang there!

    82. Vineeta Sharma

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Claire change the icon

    83. Hazelthebrowncat

      Hey Claire.I love watching your videos and your editing is amazing.

    84. Alex K

      Just looking at this is waking up my allergies

    85. Cat Lover

      That fat cat is too lazy🙃

    86. Krima Mokey

      1:19 Smart Cat.

    87. Archie Bunker


    88. maaz maksud

      lulu you are too cute

    89. Asma Shakir

      TT is so smart

    90. True Thoughts

      Lazy DD

    91. tammy deetz

      Claire must have one heck of a storage building or she sells/donates all these tings when she is done with them...what a mystery!!!

    92. Catify Co

      This is so cute!

    93. Camel Vibees

      "Patience.... pays off" ~ DD XDXD

    94. Staff do stuff Joey

      I love these

    95. Ангелина Берман

      Lulu is genius

    96. Chris-The-Guardian Dragon

      2:24 Feline Fist! Lol 😂

    97. Weirdpanda 4

      This is why I love cats.... it's because of this channel.

    98. BTS Number one fan

      This is my first time watching you and you have so many cats and do cute cats 😺😺


      so amazing cat.. well done

    100. •fox owo pizza•

      Wow lulu is so good at that