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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Vroom vroom!
    I amazed and astounded my cats with toy cars!
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    1. Azra Beğendik

      DD ❤️ me

    2. Njinga Siyothula

      i need that toy pls

    3. lortzo

      How does it stick to the wall what car is this i want one!

    4. R A

      Hey claire, try to play rc helikopter, and look reaction Lulu

    5. TraverseIce

      1:26 look at DD struggling to grip the thing

    6. WillowPhoenix592

      Car: Falls off a table DD: *RIP*

    7. Evelyn Michelle

      TT loncat nya lucu

    8. TraverseIce

      0:05 XD

    9. MavisRead

      I still don't know how those toy cars are on her walls!

    10. A. B

      1:25 car, you got no jams

    11. Vio Ices

      TT: 🙄😱 Coco:🙄 DD: 😐 Lulu:??? Chuchu:hahah😏

    12. Lost woods Expert

      chu chu is my fav

    13. I have shit on my head

      How she backed up and not losing balance is... a chef kiss

    14. Verónica Lozano

      🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 So funny

    15. noor azman

      tt looks funny went she standing

    16. Libby

      404 not found

    17. Kaulika•Ivanaa

      Imut sekalii ekpresi kucing kucing😭,aku ingin memeluknya

    18. Wanda Zhafira Nur Izzatunnisa

      TT kamu kaget ya....

    19. Gabriela Rojas Montaño

      Ayyy mi ninoo😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚

    20. Creamheroesqueen78

      1:23 DD:oH nO tHe CaR iS cReEpY

    21. Julathegreat

      If I ever die too young, I want to be reincarnated as one of your cats.

    22. Vivek anand

      DD: *encounters car* F-E-A-R TT: Ohh.. it scared me :( DD: Don't worry my queen, I will protect you. *proceeds to kill all of them*

    23. JEREMIAHZ tech of Roblox

      Lulu: save me DD: stop messing with Lulu race car: I'm sorry DD DD: no you're not

    24. Kishori Bartakke

      Even I have the same car

    25. Dewi Agustin

      Cat win

    26. King of poop


    27. NTXGameZ

      Do you have cats do you have

    28. atenalili rose

      Trop drôles 🤣🤣😂

    29. Milla Marihulu

      I come here with bad mood, replay 0:55 and "im the happiest person ever"

    30. Nounours polaire

      The editing is really wonderful, and the vehicules animation too

    31. Dave Salisbury


    32. Jazzatic2011

      We need find one of these. But it needs to look like a moth

    33. Alessondria

      When ever ChuChu shows up I do a little cheer.

    34. Marcon Cat Family

      *The pets of today have much better toys than I had as a child.*

    35. Scottie Pippo

      Claire kitties have way better toys than me

    36. Oswaldo Zarate Gomez

      I love this part 0:05

    37. Jezlyn Calderon

      TT.exe shut down Me: oh no Everyone: TT go boomboom XD

    38. GenaroYT

      She atacc She protecc But most importantly *Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to reboot the cat.*

    39. Itsna Husna

      Indonesia mana suaranya like ya

    40. Sweet Honey


    41. Scottie Pippo

      ChuChu 💘

    42. Kaleb Yeneneh

      this was the funniest one

    43. Gabriela Garcia

      Coco tour sister is at muy hoise but sjes a dog,wanna come get her

      1. Gabriela Garcia


      2. Gabriela Garcia


      3. Gabriela Garcia


      4. Gabriela Garcia


    44. Estibon387

      Just found your channel and I have to say, I LOVE the sound effects and music. I subscribe to many cat channels (thanks COVID!) and your effects are great! And the kitties are awesome!

      1. Sweet Honey


    45. Adrita Basu

      0:55 I replayed the last few seconds in the slowest speed... don't remember it I guess it's 0.5X or something... I recommend you do that too *I N C R E D I B L E*

    46. Dara Pena

      Even my child likes cats. But i like chuchu.

    47. Leo

      They are more worried about the sound it makes than anything else.

    48. Angel Yang

      The car also scared my cat when we were watching this video together!!!

    49. Susie Wolf

      Spiderman car!

    50. Epic Animations

      How the heck is it stuck on he wall !!1!1!??2? Coco: not bad I mean like srsly if someone sees me walking on the wall and just says ‘not bad’ I’m gonna punch right on the booty

    51. Tiara Mutia

      I can't.. that toy car looks like cockroaches.. 😂 And at the same time it reminds me of my childhood anime in 2000 crush gear

    52. Fauziya Dzakirani

      How can that car stick to the wall? Today toys is really incredible

    53. Ruby Violet Official

      Tt respons so funny

    54. Miaomiao 11

      Omg TT

    55. gauconboston

      1:58 LuLu: What? **laughing rate for me increased to 86%.**

    56. strawberry

      @0:55 I was laughing the whole time . I replayed it to just laugh 😂😂😂😂

      1. Sweet Honey

        Do it on super speed! 2X

    57. Izzu Anky

      So cute,, i can't handle my laughter,,, heheheeh

    58. Nancy Paffrath

      Something with a ball they could chase. ?

    59. RITWIKA SARKAR stad

      2:07 best scene

    60. RITWIKA SARKAR stad

      0:55 look at TT

    61. 새앳

      How does that thing work?!?!?!?!

    62. Dont read my pfp

      Radical racers

    63. •Anime Fan•


    64. Sergej Stieglitz

      Wie viele Katzen hast du

    65. tony homer

      Is Toto ok?xx

    66. Dum Mex

      0:55 EPIC moment TT 🤣🤣🤣 rasanya ajing bnget😂😂

    67. Mr. Reese

      Honestly, even I am amazed.

    68. Vera Lúcia Borgonove

      Kkkkk dd

    69. Skylxtte

      Aww did anyone see how cute DD's eyes were at 2:38 ?

    70. Samuel Lynch


    71. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      Nice edit bro ... Car on wall almost fell for it

    72. Anindita Choirunisa

      TT jumped like a rabbit 😆 so funny

    73. Kamaty The kamata kun

      3:31 lulu:I am your god

    74. Ratri Hapsari

      Woow I want that racing car

    75. Fishy

      DD is the only one that didnt got shock XD.

    76. Meiichan

      Everyone gangsta till the car runs on the wall

    77. Deqa Hassan

      Henlo frens, have a nice day

    78. Mohammad Zafar Eqbal

      Plz someone tell me Lulu's breed 🥺🥺

    79. Zayed Alshamsi

      OMG YOUR CATS ARE SOO CUTE (btw I'm new to the channel)

    80. 오이

      나나 귀여웡

    81. A.J games Yttt

      En qué país vives

    82. Libby

      Ooh a snack Ooh a snack

    83. crazycatlady39

      She could do a focal group to test random kids toys. Because if her cats ignore it I don't think that kids will want it either.

    84. пирожок дружок

      Coco it's very clever

    85. Danice Datu


    86. Mr Kittu

      Lulu was dam cute

    87. Manna Poranna

      One of the funniest videos you've made!

    88. mujeeb rehman

      coco looks like a chubby cat

    89. Ana Rossi


    90. Afife Bulut

      The car is going on wall?

    91. Achmad Rozaki Mustofa


    92. Consept art TV

      바퀴버러지 ㅋㅋ

    93. eh z

      벽 어뜨케 탄거에요...?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개싱기ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    94. Louis Wise

      Cats vs among us!

    95. Dedik Hendrawan

      Please buy vector for your cat

    96. trancextend

      Claire! I want one too. 😂 where can I buy that wall toy. Haha.

    97. Igor Goncharov

      Как её так заставили по стенам ездить? О_О Все стены металлические, в машинке мощный магнит, а двигатель супер мощный, позволяющий таскать такой вес с такой силой примагничивания?

    98. FNAF_ F.T

      She is indonesian