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    Today, I made an apartment using plastic containers for my cats!
    My cats found them very comfortable to be in!
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    1. Eva Garcia

      With the three new additions the pyramid can be completed 😆😆😍😍

    2. Brittani Frey

      I’m 100% satasid on this chanel

    3. Artha 054

      Momo can handle it for toys while Lulu can handle it for food.

    4. Fernanda Andrade Pardo

      Yo me suscribí 😜

    5. Okiku Kun

      Wow Xd Lol so funny but I love cats I want a card for my birthday

    6. everette rabbon

      Every one is soooooo CUT🥰🥰🥰

    7. _DEAD_TRIGGER _

      Now the Cat Capsule Hotel will have no rooms left, because nowthere are NANA, DODO, and TOTO. They will now create a wonderfull Cat Capsule Hotel. 😂😂😙😚🥰🤗😜🤪😇🥳

    8. 이세영

      Chuchu is the king

    9. Syeda Tahira Qadri

      I really miss mia🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 After listing the news that mia is VIP I was like 😶😶😶😶😟😟🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺........ Because she was my favorite cat because of her reactions

    10. Busra Taze

      Çok şirinler 😻

    11. Barend Jacobus Beukes

      I love momo, DD, Coco and Lulu

    12. Look pla

      ดูคลิปน้องแมวบ้านนี้ไม่มีเบื่อเลย โดยเฉพาะlulu น่ารัก 💚

    13. Joseph Richardson


      1. Joseph Richardson

        YOU 100 💯

      2. Joseph Richardson


    14. Nor Azleen Abdul Hadi

      My favorite cat is...Lulu

    15. Nilofar Mirza

      I love your cat but not like momo

    16. Moohi Chani

      Awww they are so cute!!!!

    17. Chico Hirano

      Lulu SOO CUTE

    18. Kierie Burton

      The cats: *what fuckery does she have planned for us today?* ...... 😂😂😂

    19. Toby Dyes

      That's one way to play with them all at one time

    20. Renata Mazoji

      Dei ar sooo cuuuteee

    21. enakshi parua

      Now those extra capsules are gonna be occupied by Toto , dodo and nana

    22. Tugela60

      Is this the cat video chanel?

    23. Anna Leist

      I need to know where you got those cat pillows👀👀👀👀

    24. minecraft time yeat

      LOVE IT

    25. Sister Gamers

      Can the cats get out XD🐈

    26. Ahmed Zulfiqar

      I love all of your cats.i really want them.please clair come ti me

    27. Ahmed Zulfiqar

      Hi.i love you.i wish i cloud meet you but i don't know where you live

    28. bread kat

      Ohhhhh, so this is where we get cat capsules for battle cats, we kidnap the cats while they are still inside and transform them to fight,aight

    29. Priscila L

      What happened to the containers after the video

    30. [Big Sal [aka Dury

      This video is a remake from 2 years ago. I like that she remakes her old videos. Now we need a Momo castle remake. (If you don’t know the video look up creamheros momo castle, really good video)


      Hmm... how many cats is too many cats?

    32. I am Raven

      I wouod want a cat capsule cause i love cats

    33. ꧁ bt SASS ꧂

      my favorite part is when the showed the cats (this comment is a joke get it because the shows the cats The Whole video) But I love the video a lot, I love cats a lot :3

    34. Renarde Bg

      Catsules Hotel !!

    35. Diva Cahya

      Luluuuuuuuu you're so cuteeeeeee

    36. Smith Family

      My favorite part is when DD shows his pink nose so funny

    37. Drawings Galore


    38. Ghada AbofarG

      So fun and addictive

    39. Bossmare

      I absolutely love those clear containers. They would make a great cat condo if secured together. ❤

    40. Luis Morales

      Your cats are so cute and funny I love your videos 😻🥰♥️

    41. Jamie Angela van Ginkel

      I think TT is lazy spoiled brat lol

    42. María Lobo


    43. c c

      what kind of names are dd tt momo


      so brilliant and lovely.. love it your cat

    45. Lado & Joel Adventures

      Missed opportunity to call it a catsule hotel instead of cat capsule hotel

    46. Mishaalz Flair

      Awwww cute

    47. wahono susanto

      my fav cat in this youtube channel is lulu and chuchu UWU and all cat :V

    48. ressi megasari athira azaleea

      my part favorit is a lulu and lala and chuchu

    49. Renaah

      2:26 awwwwwwwwww

    50. AyyItsBri xxx


    51. Mama Deutsch

      Love your cats! Where can I get the plastic containers?

    52. Ved Vatts

      Why aren't there Nana, Toto and Dodo in the video? There are empty capsules too.

    53. Adam G

      My god, how do you keep your house so clean?! You must vacuum every day lol. I love my kitties but they are shedding machines!

    54. Pearly Peace Outerz

      Now, the capsule hotel is fully occupied

    55. papa Athifa

      is so good

    56. Clxudy_ Moons

      I love thier tiny toe beans! ❤️

    57. john doe

      I just realized that I'm spending my life watching the Cat lady's life... sigh, i need a life.

    58. A K

      This is so cute!! >//////

    59. Jose H.

      Okay, I’m gay and absolutely don’t want any children whatsoever, and I’m actually terrified that I’ll become a cat lady because I just love these types of videos lol

    60. DuckzRule

      0:22 Nothing to do with the cat, but where do i buy that hecking cute ginger cat pillow on that sofa?

      1. Beatrice Bersani

        I am not sure if I’m correct but it should be a DD plush and I think you can buy it either here or on her other channel, Cream Heroes

    61. Dev

      wow what a transparent solution

    62. TheGamingAngel

      My cat if he sat on the very top container: *I’m about to ruin this whole containers career* (The container will break into pieces as well as the other ones)

    63. Golden rohan

      The cat want the snack

    64. Rahmawaty Tj

      Me to

    65. lolcat

      There is 3 empty containers, and you have 3 new cats by now :D

    66. Money Bags

      I want merch

    67. Khaye Nugget

      I stumbled upon this video and I am now addicted

    68. J.J. Ann L

      Awww sooo cute

    69. Joel Schwalb

      Thats adorbs!

    70. LegoJesus2020 why

      Momo is a scary name

      1. Kendall Ruby Jane

        Mono or Momo 😂

    71. Oldschool

      Claire, you do such a wonderful job keeping them active and challenged. It helps bring out their personalities. Between them and work how do you manage to get any sleep 😆

    72. Lily Savoie


    73. XxHalloween_PlaysxX

      did they just put him in there and he is stuck?

      1. XxHalloween_PlaysxX

        wait no

    74. Todd White

      Now run some really strong straps around the pyramid to make it somewhat sturdier. Cute tenants.

    75. Got Some Cheese

      Chu chu has the crown from fall guys

    76. DFLI LYS

      2:27 there are rooms for nana toto and dodo :")

      1. Dana Carter

        Cats: WELCOME TO OUR KITTY CONDO!!!😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

    77. Jenna Bolibekova

      She has so much cats

    78. Mia Blais-Côté

      So cute. ^.^ A cat hotel should be a thing.

    79. Selen ozsen

      My favorite is DD coment who is your

    80. Kiruramitsu

      😂 there so fluffible in the container how it’s ultra fluffs in one sitting container Put all together in big jar

    81. Nguyễn Hiếu


    82. Wira Indomanjaya

      Wow i love cats

    83. 24killusions

      Why would someone call their cat momo

    84. Stella Utto

      I love it how they like the toy is inside but it’s actually outside! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. Fly 7

      Love Momo❤😂

    86. 쇼카

      What breed is TT? I love her so much

    87. DarmaniTube

      She has three empty holes and she has three new cats now. Hmmmmm

    88. Sahadat Hossain

      which cat store did you get the cat?

    89. Darcey Oliver

      KHU KHU IS THE KING Sorry if I spelt the name

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      1. no no

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    91. Brady Fonger


    92. Kim Lopez

      What kind of cameras are those in the bottles??

    93. Elizabeth Emeraldbook

      Lulu is my literal fauvorite

    94. teletubby queen

      Catsule hotel

    95. Captain LazyArtist

      I’m a dog lover. But your kitties are so adorable

    96. Rajeshwar Naorem

      You laughing sound is so funny😂😂😂😂

    97. Beatnik

      She should do this again. She could actually fill the whole thing this time!

    98. SatuDuaTiga

      looking back to this video and just realize that there were 10 capsules was like claire has predicted that there will be more cats in the future to fill the 3 blanks👏👏👏