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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I set up bridges for my cats to cross!
    Can they get to the end?
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    1. anggra cweety

      The way Queen TT walking is so elegant

    2. Boggia Andrea Vittorio

      lthe laser pointer it's an amazing game for cats!!!!!

    3. Ms Kitten Cat


      1. Ms Kitten Cat

        Lala and coco are twins

    4. the_Lena _girl

      Lala is like the little sister of Coco! While Lala is also shipped with Lulu by me! I love them too much-

    5. PJJJ 0114

      Queen TT🌟

    6. aryana iskandar


    7. Alex Parker

      Dodo and toto playing Song: what do you do when you drop you ice cream cone? shake it! Like you got ants in you pants! Me: ok..............?

    8. Herwan Helmy

      All:Oof thats it i give up DD:*being pro* TT:*cheats* Lulu:*cuts a shortcut*

    9. super legend x

      Lulu be like i will do anything fornyam nyam😺🤣🤣🤣


      I so like your cats! There are really cuuuteeeee *-*

    11. Honey Lemon!

      "Lulu only knows one direction...*food direction*" 😂✋

    12. Kitty Girl54321

      TT: *Steps up to the challenge* Me: "Looks like it's the pro's turn".

    13. prin herin

      와우 티티 걷는데 슈퍼모델 냥인줄 멋지고 기여웡~~

    14. Neptune

      Lulu is a doggy

    15. Ramani K

      Chuchu is cute and lulu is a food burglar

    16. 서진

      LULU NO!!

    17. Reuben Manuel

      Where is Coco?

    18. Musicbear

      The way LULU catchs the fly is cutest. ❤

    19. Scarlet Cat

      TT was always my favorite, I knew she would win.

    20. Antonella riffo


    21. Syahrul Ramadhan

      Make a part 2, please...

    22. Catify Co

      Super cute!

    23. Sri Binarti

      Lulu imut nya

    24. Lyra Logan

      These cats must be so happy with all the stimulation they get. Climbing, puzzles, thinking: this is a great thing for them! I love them all.

    25. Help me reach 10k with no videos !

      I feel like TT is the queen so0oOo RESPECT HER!!!!!!!!

    26. 검은 고양이

      도도,토토 그다음은 리리

    27. Dave

      nothing can't stop lulu to reach her food

    28. Elizabeth Boland

      Love the playful sound effects

    29. emmaknightley

      So my mom has never shown any interest in cats her whole life and never pays any attention to the cat videos I watch, but when I was watching this video, she saw LuLu and yelled "OMG THAT CAT IS SO CUTE" and RAN over, not only that because of LuLu she stayed and watched the entire video with me waiting for another glimpse of LuLu lol (pretty rare for her since she usually skips through videos).

    30. MyCAT ASMR

      How much kitties do you have?

    31. Indian Couple In the USA


    32. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    33. Elisa Ebres

      Cade is BR??

    34. r m

      TT is the most intelligent cat.

    35. Timoteo Pipi Martinez

      DODO PRO

    36. Timoteo Pipi Martinez

      TOTO PRO

    37. Timoteo Pipi Martinez

      TT PRO

    38. Timoteo Pipi Martinez

      DD PRO

    39. Timoteo Pipi Martinez

      LULU PRO

    40. Timoteo Pipi Martinez


    41. Timoteo Pipi Martinez


    42. Nadia Korzeniewska

      Happy new year !!!! 🎇🎇🎉🎉🎊🎊🎆🎆🎆🎶🎶🎶🎶🎧🎧🍽🍽💥🔥💥💥🔥💢💢💢🔥🔥💥💥💢💢🔥

    43. Nadia Korzeniewska

      Ktoś PL ?

    44. Nadia Korzeniewska

      All cats WHAT ???!!!!?????!!! Xdd 😍❤❤😍😍❤❤😍😂😂😁😀😀😁😂😂

      1. Nadia Korzeniewska


    45. L

      u should make a jumping challange for treats on the 5th jump if they do it a box of treats for them all like if they beat th 1 level they all get treats 2 more trats for em all 5 so many treats for them all

    46. M. Hazmi akbar Alhaitami

      I ❤️ you Lulu

    47. moonlight

      Coco likemy cat

    48. Tito Rudy

      I've just subscribed here.😊😊😊😊😊😙😻😻😻😸😸😸😸😸😸😸💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    49. Nikki-ezra Alethea Clemente

      TT is the most smartest cat in any challenge. But there's one thing you should know about her. 1.She is the eldest. 2.She is a pro. And 3.She is an expert in anything

    50. Dove_ gacha

      TT is always a pro being the mother figure of the cats

    51. Marcon Cat Family

      Everyone: gives up. TT: Being a pro DD: Being a hacker

    52. Noémi Channel

      DD is funny!

    53. Zahira BDM

      Great Lulu UWU

    54. Park Mochi

      They Are So adorable and cute 😻, I Also have a Cat at Home

    55. B Squad

      Common Very common Lazy DD

    56. Harith Mifzal

      well tt is a pro ofc

    57. Shreyas Gaur

      Hi What is the age of Lulu

    58. El grande Jalapenos

      I looooove lulu

    59. Kate Ryan

      I adore lulu little tiny legs

    60. LilaYT _sun

      Mostly every cat trying to cheat TT:I’m a pro One of the cats:I’m gonna practice! Lulu shows up:In the PRO get treat…

    61. Big Chungi

      TT: I tried to be on the cover of VOGUE, but leGS were tOOO loong

    62. Džejla Baždar

      Lala looks like a disorted picture of Coco but cute

    63. Layan Alshantti

      3:17 Coco and DD look like they are vibing to the song somehow

    64. wah866 sky

      LuLu : this game is so funny

    65. roseyrellabella Izzy

      Lulu is halirious

    66. Lili Mb

      Me encantan tus vídeos😘😘

    67. Daphné Théveneau

      Lulu is definitely the best one😻😂

    68. iloveyou _

      Cant believe i have a cat bias now. Go DD🐱

    69. Aina Izati Suratin


    70. ItsYe Kid

      I love Lulu but Dodo and Toto steal my heart and then DD

    71. Pola Sieraczkiewicz

      OMG! Lulu is a so cute

    72. Johannes Dheb

      DD be like: im not like other cats

    73. Adriana Gonçalez

      É o melhor canal ♥️

    74. Adinka Official

      Hi mommy claire ! I followed your instagram and im from indonesia. How are you?

    75. Katelyn Barawel

      is so cute


      What breed is lulu

    77. Samuel Yeh

      0:40 ChuChu's paws! SOOOO CUTEEEEE

    78. T-90 on Vodka

      lulu is shorter and shorter equals to more center of mass

    79. Sumit Parwani

      Momo knows the reality of the world

    80. Princess LaLa

      When you’re bored from waiting in line

      1. Princess LaLa


      2. Pirate LuLu

        And get ready to dance!

      3. Magician ChuChu

        Stomp your feet!

      4. Doctor CoCo

        Clap your hands!

      5. Princess LaLa

        What can you do to turn it around?

    81. Emma Wesenberg

      3:17 They look perfectly aligned SO CUTEE😸🐾🐈❤

    82. Emma Wesenberg

      They Protecc They atacc But most importantly... They'll do anything for their Snacc

    83. IZZIEEE lee

      Claire has two more cats now???

    84. Scatter Thoughts

      Chuchu is so cuteee

    85. 彩

      TT: this is a piece of cake 😏

    86. 彩

      Chuchu is so cute 😭😭🥺💕💕

    87. draqon ofwhitestars

      TT is Einstein

    88. Green Dragon

      Хмм, почему я вспоминаю сливки шоу?)

    89. Dwight Turner

      The kitties are thinking, "Oh brother, what's Claire up to now?"

    90. the cat HIRO / القط هيرو

      Love u DD 😅❤❤

    91. Alice rocksell

      Lulu is so cute 😂😂 i seriously can't hold my laugh whenever he appeared🤣🤣

    92. Nadine Dorghod

      The thought of a cat like one of Clair's cats coming up to my leg and lying down on the floor sounds to nice especially cuz Clair's cats are so fluffy...

    93. Ryan’s life 07

      DD is the smartest cat among them all

    94. Yahuahs child

      chuchu is so cute 😍

    95. Andrew Potapenkoff

      Lulu is my totem cat. I love this cat!

    96. xXLemon LimeXx

      Tt was so good at balancing. Toto made it with Dodo 🐈

    97. Lunar Mohammed

      This was an especially enjoyable video! Great job kitties! And you too claire

    98. Steven Hall

      DD wins, she's just like, "I'm not playing your stupid game humans, you're playing mine."

    99. Hairong Fu

      LULU always the best

    100. DJ Titan

      Lulu’s legs are not made for that XD