Cat Balance Beam Challenge! Try Not to Fall! | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I set up various balance beams for my cats!
    Can my cats reach the other side?
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    1. Louise Pacifico

      LULU is my favorite all your cats are beautiful

    2. Norzin Rhinerson

      I wish her cat's could talk for real

    3. Suellem Borges


    4. Sebastian Vargas

      Ok 👌

    5. Ria Hannah Zenno

      wow, Excellent TT. 🤩

    6. sangita choudhary

      A like before I see😂😂 what else a cat lover can do..😂

    7. Angel Villanueva

      TT is so cute :O And the other cats too :3

    8. ana polar bery gamer65

      ㅡㅜㅠ펗ㅊ차 ㅡㅜ머미나넌냐나 ? ;~;

    9. Bernard Sherry

      Love LuLu💜💜

    10. All in one TV

      I’m a simple person I see LuLu. I click

    11. Elle Mingyu

      They’re all having a catwalk haha

    12. Nani Widyawati

      Wonderful TT 😍

    13. nostradamus

      3:14 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ루루 왤케 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    14. azmi ibrahim


    15. azmi ibrahim


    16. crazycatgirl18

      As always, chuchu is baby, tt is queen, and lulu is a snack monster

    17. Livingmylife random

      Lulu over the bar is hilarious but chu chu being adorable and TT clearing all the bars stole the show for me lol

    18. Arpan Dey

      Dd is a slacker

    19. Mawar Setyorini

      Maybe TT was a sircus cat 😅

    20. conan Hideaway

      Love LULU & DD

    21. Biz Appsforyou

      Chuchu and Lulu 😤💖❤️💖💖my favourites

    22. Ellen Teixeira Viturino


    23. CUTE GANG


    24. pushkar rawat

      It's like a challenge for fish to swim

    25. Arti Devi

      TT completes the hardest challange

    26. Rakshita Katta

      Lulu is the funniest cat I have ever seen😂😂😂

    27. Sarishma Sureshan

      TT is sooo❤️ good👌🏻👌🏻who is a cat queen

    28. Rasa Normantaite

      Fun for cats

    29. Ellen Reavy

      Gives a whole new meaning to cat walk!

    30. Rairu koka

      3:17 i don't know why but i love that part 🤣

    31. PolarLily

      I love that you have so many kitties, but I was wondering how did you end up with 7 cats. Did you just want a lot of cats or did you rescue them or what? love your content!

    32. Bidyarani yanglem

      Lulu 😂😂😂

    33. ZiaCho 1485

      TT is the real queen

    34. Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram

      Smart cat walk....👌👌👌🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    35. Sambit Das

      Momo is not cute

    36. Atia Maulida

      엄마 얼굴 어때?

    37. Andrealyn Gimeno

      Tt was a goodjob

    38. Andrealyn Gimeno

      Tum is your new cat...

    39. Tracy JAMES

      The lulu was hanging on for dear life.. hilarious

    40. zaiHB HB

      Lala: what was that? Coco: it's a bird. Momo: it's a plane. DD & TT: no, it's lulu.

    41. Laetitia Bluebrooke

      You know, TT always reminded me of Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter somehow... just the grace of her, and the authority she has.... and I just read that Professor McGonagall's Animagus form actually IS "a distinctively marked silver tabby cat" 😂😂 Magic!!

    42. Flygirl fly

      I love how the Butler keeps her cats minds stimulated with all these "challenges ". Good exercise, too.

    43. Jesy Олигарх 999

      I love LuLu 😻 he is so fany

    44. Ihda ghea adhiba

      TT you are so brave and smart! 🥰

    45. Syed Shoeb

      TT looks soo decent and cool where as Lulu is cute and does any thing for food 😂

    46. jitesh Gain

      From all abou i most like LULU he is such a wonderfull cat love you LULU 😘

    47. jitesh Gain

      Your home is such a great heaven for kitty cat 🐱 love it

    48. Biliana BiBiShi

      Lulu is the funniest and so curious and brave

    49. Fareeha Mohammad

      Lulu just never stop being hungry 😁😂😍 and TT is just a legend

    50. Kwame Tabiri

      Lulu was reinacting Lion King was he was holding on for dear life

    51. O ji won


    52. shubham bharti

      Lulu is cutest of all❤️❤️❤️

    53. J NotinNYCanymore

      TT: "Yeah. I have good balance from my days as a professional skateboarder..."

    54. Short& Sweet

      Oh the cats are strutting their stuff on the cat walk Lol😂😂😅

    55. Seraphina91

      Lulu would do anything for food 😂😂 Also Lala, Coco and DD are so fluffy ! They look like clouds

    56. Nele Sakkos

      Nobody is hyping up momo :( so i will hype him up! He just looks always so sad ;( it makes me sad too

    57. fatma hadji rashid

      Parvo virus in all animals take care

    58. Liton !

      Lulu is the show stealer ❤️😂

    59. Ekaterina Verber


    60. * AppiMumma kitchen *

      I laughed so hard only because of Lulu 😂😆🤣

    61. Hripup Gaming

      3:16 Funny as hell

    62. Faisal Younus

      This made me say fall guys but instead it’s fall cats lol

    63. Taehyung Vkook

      Now it must be declared a full fledged cat show

    64. Philippe Bouchard-Bourdeau

      TT For President!!

    65. karolina ush


    66. Irviano Mecca


    67. Andrea Andrea

      😂 Lulu my love 😍

    68. Cool Among Us person

      0:01 is it just me? Or is it just that tt feels like he's in a circus right now

    69. Sally Bruner

      DD on the middle width looked like a fashion model walking a runway!

    70. Sage Mei

      lol, Lulu smelled Momos butt XD

    71. Adv. Mokshada

      When DD started walking I felt like cloud was passing by.. 🤣

    72. Serg Bash

      ЛуЛу мой любимец. Всегда такой заботливый ,всех вылижет вымоет.

    73. Pravalika Rajesh

      Lulu is the best entertainment

    74. Lalitha A V

      Lulu is the craziest ever! fr lulu♥️😘

    75. Sambhu Adhikari


    76. Alişan ÇELİK

      Every cat is sweety but my favourite cat is lulu.

    77. Hai Nguyen

      Lulu in the thumbnail: Weeeeee

    78. Mylittleone

      Lulu was born to be an entertainer 😂

    79. Şükrü Levent Uçar

      TT wons because she finished all of them without dropping 🥳😜🤩🤪 Lulu wons the funny one cup he always drops because of his mini legs 🤣😭🤣😭

    80. Muhd Asyraf

      Make a special episode when you show your face..i really really really want to see

    81. Nuri Nafisa

      Tt deserve a treat

    82. Gary pamplin

      So cute I did it in just shapes and beat

    83. miao jaluthariya

      can u plz tell me the breed of lulu..

    84. Awan Pratama

      TT😍 LuLu🤤😅

    85. sharan kumar

      TT is the best😍😍😍😍

    86. Gune Walker

      Lulu never let me down, like my ex 😢

    87. Mikhael Rachmaninov

      I can't begin to imagine what happens when the cats falls, Claire, you should put the safety net 😘

    88. Hariri Akhtar

      Lulu is funny

    89. Valencia Widjaya

      why no one is talking about how asthetic the house is

    90. Frankie Lucine

      I remember this being the first ever video I saw on this channel and how I became from a dog person to cat person in a couple of vids. Around 0:55 was the moment I fell in love with ChuChu she was so cute💗💗💗

    91. Kanika Bajpai

      😂😂😂😂LULU ❤ never dissapoint me😝😝

    92. Rahul Malvi

      Soothing and relaxing

    93. Hari Seldon

      3:54 I like this new fur toy.

    94. Amaroq81

      I wonder if claire will do a try not to fall one for the kittens and nana?!!

    95. Mary Chua

      TT is obviously the leader of this kitty pack; you go girl😘🐈👏🏼

    96. 신영원

      저 의자 우리집에도 있는데 상당히 흔한가 보네

    97. Jeff Dahl

      Lu lu is like a mob boss, he takes what he wants and what ever he wants,Da man!

    98. J.s Hasi

      lulu is cute funny playfull kitten in this all video clips. why do i see only lulu

    99. Elizabeth Ryals-Dubois

      Lulu is so funny he jump and the at her.