Can We Become a True Family? | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Vlog
    It’s been a few months since NaNa and her kids joined the household.
    Let’s see how they’ve managed to settle in!
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    1. Hiba Cherouan

      Who found this chanel on accident and is in love with?

    2. dalrol vkaerng

      вау, НаНа очень красивая

    3. Fat Boi 69


    4. Emma Renee

      This is my ideal household!

    5. Petronel Morosanu

      You don't say" your home now". You say"your home meow".Get it?

    6. Sarika Morajkar

      2:22 so cute 😁

    7. Hunter Jahns

      OMG THEIR SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Hanno Lamp

      Cats check in. They don't check out. :)

    9. Scottie Pippo

      What a beautiful thing to adopt stray cats

    10. Paige Else

      Since adding your UGLY, vicious alley cats, your videos in the last 2-3 months attract from 30,000 to barely half a million. It’s way down from the millions you had BEFORE Nana and her brats showed up. Get the hint? We’re not at all interested in Toto, Dodo or Nana, Claire. Nor are we in your cooking and eating.

      1. Smol Marshmallow Chan

        Who hurt you?

    11. redwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJ

      Such a cute meow :3

    12. Hafid Fazili

      Hey? What cat breed is TT? I really want to get a cat like her.

    13. 우량공주


    14. Zhou Christy

      Nana: MY POOR BABY Me: do something.

    15. Rein_잘

      my cat always shakes my hand automaticlly either he wants food, attention, or want to go outside 🥰✨✨

    16. Лариса Галатинова


    17. Nikhil Saini

      Lulu breed?

    18. Giuseppina Gambuti

      CHE BELLA FAMIGLIA DI MICI !!!!! 💛🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈💛

    19. Vera Jagape Official

      Dodo and Toto grew big!!

    20. Mia Hernández

      Son una familia muy linda

    21. F. De Mascio

      I was sent here by a wood working DEfastsr who loves this channel.

    22. Hana c

      1:45 sounds like a start of some movie or series hahah

    23. Scottie Pippo

      It's amazing to see how nana dodo and toto changed so much in these months. They look happy and confident. They really found their home

    24. Jauzia Yusi HN

      TT: "don't look at me!" 😂

    25. Shirin

      I'm obsessed with NaNa! Such a smart, funny, and beautiful cat! I think she's the prettiest cat in the whole family!

    26. Why And Co

      Sowwy tom but i prefer to listen claire's soothing voice but your voice is great

    27. Anna Kmieć

      these kittens are so cute😍

    28. VietPho

      The terrible English voice ruined the video.

    29. 배성심

      집사님 왜 새 고양이만 찍어유, 원래애들도 많이 찍어주세요. 츄츄 모모 루루 티티 디디 코코 라라 도 많이 찍어줘요..

    30. Maria Aparecida Vanzella

      TT: 1st place. LuLu: 2 nd place of the cat classific!

    31. account

      How NaNa thinked about Claire then: "A demonic monster that keep kidnapping my kids!" How NaNa thinks about Claire now: "pat machine"

    32. Shin xx

      Ah that's why Nana was rarely seen on the past videos

    33. eric son

      이젠 대가족에서 핵가족이 되버렸네요....!

    34. FISTIK Kitten

      Fıstık Kitty🐈 👈🏻

    35. larry785

      One more Cat and you will achieve Crazy Cat Lady status!!!

    36. O o

      nana son

    37. L J

      Is it just me the narrator sound like from the "Matilda" movie? 😅

    38. Anita Szafczyk

      cats vs fat guy

    39. Sensei

      Can someone answer me? Who's the real channel? Kittisaurus or CreamHeroes???

      1. • 9 years ago

        claire has 4 channels. creamheroes, kittisaurus, claireluvcat and another gaming channel. theyre all real

    40. mr - shairaaz

      happy birthday lulu

    41. Andy Earl

      Nana is cute and her babies to i like lulu SHE IS FIESTY she is a cat warrior i love your cats :D

    42. Fabian T.

      If claire can teach them to ring the bell she should also be able to slowly teach them words with *Fluent* *Pet* audio buttons. It would be a lot of work for sure, but by god i would die for watching my favourite cats on youtube learn to communicate! 😄

    43. Fabian T.

      Cliffhanger of the century!

    44. nafa aprilia

      Yang dari indo kumpul😂😂

    45. Lizge İnceoğlu

      2:58 meowing is so cutest

    46. Lily Cassandra

      Oh soo cute I love your video 😍😍

    47. Little Akari

      This is Like JunsKitchen But More Better!

    48. Yasmeen Abbasi

      Why don't you try training lulu she is in love with treats

    49. Bonnie Webster

      Hey! A cliffhanger.

    50. Arthur Gabriel Toys

      Claire, i made a drawing of the cream heroes!!! How do i send you?

    51. Chryss Flores

      TT is still the queen of this house

    52. Tyo Tyo

      Plsss part 2

    53. Mick

      Wonder how much videotaping/editing needs to happen for just one video’s worth of content

    54. Md Rehan

      Where is lulu ? 😂

    55. MEOW !

      Awww, cute

    56. Apy Y

      I love your little family!!

    57. Radikatz

      Schon mein letztes Video gesehen?😼 Katze vs. Laserpointer🙀 Schaut vorbei!😽

    58. Gaurav Pal

      What's the breed of lulu

    59. BB Homie

      Oh, the cat is so good, I have to train my cats too

    60. gdlywom

      I love NaNa. She and PreTTy are my favorite of all the cats ❤️

    61. Tania Broner

      Nana is a stray cat , she is not like other cats of the cream family, honestly,I don't like this sort of cats , they don't really get orders and mostly do what they want. I hope for Clair that she will teach Nana some menners , to be just like other cats, but Iam afraid that's impossible.

    62. macforme

      I think if anymore cats need Claire's assistance ( read: home) she is going to have to move to a bigger place. Nothing like a softy😍 for a furry-kins 😻t for things to get out of control. 🙀 Hi, Tom... glad you are still narrating.

    63. Rehana Ferdousi

      Cute lulu & chuchu

    64. Tusi Chowdhury

      Tom you still sound like a person talking about new species......... Lol........ 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂

    65. かぃチャンネル

      そんな、背景があったんですね。でも、だんだんとナナと仲良くなってきた。 次回が楽しみです☺️

    66. la chorong

      나나와의 밀당

    67. Jason Nando Seville

      Imagine corpse husband as the narrator... :v

    68. Tamara Xachatryan

      I love Nana Dodo Toto🐱🐱🐱💋❤️

    69. James Lauren

      Animals arent dumb she took her kids away. Take em all to the vet at least. Keep em in the car so she doesn’t think you catnapped her kids. Window cracked and proper temperature of course

    70. S Saif

      Why does Claire not heart comments atleast is she using cats to make quick cash

    71. Pawspurr Pink

      Nana is so adorable and smart😻Looking forward for the next story😊

    72. Furry Feline Facts

      Awww cute NaNa. 😻❤️😻😽

    73. BoRaiChoWins

      That was too cute great video Clair

    74. Ilya Ageev

      Look better if you бы утопила этих трех

    75. letbe thetic

      Claire can you make something about TT? Please

    76. Phanith Heu

      I Love your Channel! They're so inspiring and really help me get through my long day.

    77. Yong Tian Ho

      Meow 🖤💛❤💛💛❤❤❤❤❤

    78. Divya Stephen


    79. Covered By Cats

      Yes!!! these are the cutest kitties I've ever SEEN :)

    80. Beanie Green

      Teaching Claire to ring the bell and getting her to do it are two different things. She probably already knows but doesn't want to.

    81. Gizella Destya R


    82. Sana UwU

      Toto and Dodo are so big

    83. adhyatma kartika

      Yaampuuun... Kucingnya mirip kucing di sini... Tapi nana udah pinter bhs koreaaaa😭😭😭

    84. RAMPLA2

      I just dont like the new cats sorry

    85. Francesca Lerro

      my favourite

    86. Musa

      беспонтовые кошки, худые и наглые, самые охуенные лулу, момо и чучу! special for Claire translate 나는 새 고양이가 싫어, 그들은 얇고 멍청하고, 무엇보다도 lulu, momo, chuchu

    87. Lauren James

      The narrator is great I loved this style of video but ofc I love all of Claire’s content and her kitties are the best

    88. Tracey Young

      The narrator has such a nice voice. Wonderful story.

    89. moris taki

      I have seen your previous video about seafood. Please do not feed your cat shrimp or crab because their fur can fall out. advice from me 🤗🤗

      1. Melissa Adkins

        Crab and shrimp is not going to hurt them at all it's a good treat for them.

    90. Alexander Maltsev

      wake me when it will be 20

    91. bean

      Smol beans :D

    92. 이경하

      나나 귀여워욤~~♥♥ 나나 아주 귀여운 고영희 ㅋㅋ

    93. Me and Everything

      We got a cat named Banana. NaNa for short

    94. bloodNguts

      I want to skin lulu

    95. septiani sari

      I love this story telling

    96. Rhea Angela

      When is next time

    97. LeChat

      What a wonderful cat-house!!! I love it 💖

    98. Gwenny Oei

      NOOOOO i wanna see nana press that bell 😂 why gotta be such cliffhanger 😂😂😂

    99. Polly W

      I've heard about experimental trials of a drug that can cure FIP - particularly since the development of the recent covid vaccines, since FIP is a feline Coronavirus, it seems possible (although expensive) to cure cats of the disease. Is this what happened with toto and dodo? Lovely video 🐱

    100. Anshika Chadha

      Best ever but try post more videos but bestest channel