Can I Leave LuLu Alone with Fish? | Kittisaurus


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    Today, I cooked fish for my cats!
    How will they react?
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    1. Kirb

      I swear, sometimes, LaLa's eyes look like she's angry, hahaha

    2. Faris

      Lulu: **Take the fish** See ya chump Claire: WHAT THE HELL?

    3. Sunita Jaiswal

      I like lulu very much

    4. soravit choochuen

      Sniffing cuties 🐈

    5. leelee li


    6. Drama Queen

      Lulu is foodie isn't he?

    7. Woey Chin

      I think lulu loves fish the most🤔

    8. Günseli Alpengin

      Lulu is great eater. Lala likes fish too.

    9. Ela Wati


    10. Viktoria

      Ich möchte bei Instagram auch Katzensachen machen, aber Instagram blockiert :(. Ich bin sauer! Meine Katze hat einen Salat gegessen. Das ist interessant :))). Grüße! instagram: viktoria19912020

    11. Cemil baloğlu

      Vah hah huh hah hoh

    12. Leonie Giebel

      Lol I love how lu lu is sooo nosy and the TT how she never cares about anything

    13. saiful syah

      Hyperlulu...i love u bro

    14. Meryem'le 6. Sınıf Kolay

      you have cas and you home is clean WHAT

    15. Gamer SOUL

      Lulu is so cute

    16. Gayathri Ramakrishnan

      "Dishwashing service " 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    17. rosangela placido

      eu amo gato e os seus sao tao fofinhos mas eles comem

    18. Pink Mint

      TT is my favorite so polite, and doesn't snatch the food away.

    19. AimIsToBe Happy


    20. Beats Burst


    21. hi, i am axel.

      Sejauh ini tetap Lulu yang paling barbar... Heran wkwkwk


      Lulu is my favorite 😻

    23. VaMpARe GAMiNG

      Dish washing service🤣🤣😂

    24. The Dunlap love bugs

      what kind of cat is lulu

    25. Zen Plays

      Momo kool

    26. iiToxic CloudStudio

      Title: can i leave lulu alone with fish? Answer: you can leave her alone with fish but when u come back, there will be no more :P

    27. Richa Kaushik

      Try to give them stink fish

    28. 쪼꼬띠쪼꼬띠


    29. Kayla Stacey

      What breed of kittisaurus is LuLu?

    30. Laykan Thee Alien

      *2:42** DD Actually says "No" 😒*

    31. Laykan Thee Alien

      *0:45** Lulu's little giddy-up* 😆😆

    32. Kenzy Elmahy

      Can anyone pls pls tell me what is lulu's breed

    33. Yovanza Villareal

      2:46. Lulu crying?

    34. Kari Tammi

      Lulu and Momo are going to live 4-ever

    35. Sagnik Baul

      So cute🥰🥰🥰

    36. Sangeeta Singnarpi

      I miss you lulu

    37. Miaw Miaw


    38. Noob Sudeep YT

      Lulu is a hybrid of 4 cats breeds

    39. BOT GAMING

      Lulu looks funny 🤣🙂🤣😂

    40. roblox Mehmet256758

      Lulu = greed

    41. Channel Ku

      Hanya lulu mukanya beda😂 lucu

    42. reynx me

      Lulu is the one 😹

    43. Aparna Gawali

      your cats are soo cut

    44. pavan kumar

      Please give some fish please cat sad face'I can't watch

    45. Syed Parveez

      Lovely lulu

    46. rajat s

      Lulu is soo cute

    47. Minang Banang Gaming

      Sanak2 ambo yang Urang minang, ataupun yg diperantauan Bisa lah bantu channel game dari kampuang wak ko😅 ambo makai bahaso minang disiko 😬 walau alun sabarapo do, tp pasti ambo akan berkreasi saelok mungkin, hehe👍🏻 tarimo kasih sanak

    48. sherry star

      Sweet 🌹

    49. Najla Sherin

      Omg ..... Lulu is my nick name .. Ha ha ha....

    50. Neha Kumari

      Plzzz support me

    51. Ankit

      how bout cat eating cat

    52. UNICORN


    53. -Rage'- bLacKouT

      Cats hate Lemon

    54. oddy lin


    55. I'm awesome

      My cats when they smell fishes they start meowing like crazy.

    56. pina

      Can i ask what a race lulu is, i have never seen such a cat? It's so adorable ❤

    57. omana james

      If that was my cats .....The vedio will end in 10 seconds🤣🤣🤣🤣

    58. Parwati Khathayat

      You have to give them all one one fish

    59. Anonymous

      the white cat what breed is it?

    60. ali chasni

      Lulu, you're so cute 😂

    61. Bhawan Singh

      I love lulu

    62. akash02designer

      Haha so funny .. Really cute and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. Try visiting "Amazing Internet Dose". Thank you.

    63. RandomKitty

      I wish Lulu dies, that way we can get more DD and Lulu vids. Too much Lulu in this channel.

    64. Vaibhavaggy A


    65. time pass


    66. Dereena Omanakuttan

      LuLu is like an alien cat... cool...❤

    67. Medical Studies

      So cute pots for the cats ❤️

    68. JeRRY The GaMeR

      My friend : *brings 3 cat* Me : Wow they are so cute My friend : Find a name for them Me : Lulu lala cucu My friend : tf

    69. Anything Anywhere

      Lulu is like the member in the family who eats everyone's food 😂

    70. NIKASH RAI

      Lulu badass

    71. The Thinker

      Chairman MoMo doesn’t eat bottom feeders Rich cat vibes only

    72. Por Pongsathorn

      ปล่อยลูลู่ทิ้งไว้กับปลาได้ไหมน้า 😂

    73. Sandeep Rawat

      Indians come for the word lullu 😂😂😂😂

    74. Alpha

      LuLu:I-i just wanna taste abit- Claire:No.. LuLu *kills claire with his cuteness* Claire:Fine just abit ok? LuLu:Rans away with Fish

    75. Mohammad Nahidul Islam

      I want Lulu as my kitte.

    76. ismail

      lulu get more fish plz

    77. Jimmy Zulberti

      Faut que Lulu parle

    78. Moarenla Jamir nickname is Lulu and I have a kitten named Coco 😅😅😅

    79. Love Pankaj

      That thumbnail cat is so cute 💜😁

    80. Sandy Smith

      I really wanted to eat fried fish. I'm already drooling

    81. Karan Thakur

      Just how many cats do you have 😱

    82. Oktavia Rahma

      Can I leave Lulu alone with fish? Is this even a question????? We're talking about Lulu here

    83. AzurezEpicت

      My cat goes nuts over fish lol

    84. Bunny Senpai

      Im surprised that Momo wasnt tempted with the fish smell


      Yes u can

    86. TheEmeraldSloth

      What type of cat is Lulu?

    87. Borui Wen

      dish wash service 😂


      we already got the answer on first 10 seconds of the video😂

    89. Mal C

      Lol lulu cleaning the dishes :))

    90. Eric Wilsey

      We don't fish, we never give our dog fish. We were visiting my dad, and his friend walks by with a plate of fish. My dog never wanted anything else so bad.

    91. danh vô bụi đời

      woa 😯 🤩🤩

    92. adriano augusto

      why those cats have tiny legs? is that a genetic problem?

    93. Ritz

      Lulu is a metaphor for life.

    94. sam angra

      "lu lu i got some apple, lu lu you got some too"

    95. Pritam Ghosh

      Why lulu is so cute 🥺🥺🥺

    96. Asangla Lkr

      Did u teach lulu how to stand or what.

    97. Aloka Paul

      What breed is lulu

      1. Aloka Paul

        He is very funny

    98. Melon Boi

      I’m not really a cat person but that was cute

    99. nemire ygt

      Lulu favorim✌️😃