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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I made my cats a maze out of boxes!
    They surprised me with their maze solving skills!
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    1. Shailendra Verma

      I think LuLu is talented

    2. Supporter Of Kittisaurus Chloe

      Song and Lyrics for this Video: Think Out Of The Maze Here we go again, with another challenge! A maze made out of cardboard Boxes made out of cardboard that cats love How will they react? Cutting out holes in the boxes Making a pattern so they can escape Following the arrow, that’s how the pattern goes Who will our first contestant be? The mother cat, NaNa, is our first contestant She started off good, until then She looked over the box, her paws showing Wondering where she is right now She thinks she might be lost, so she escaped the maze She actually knew the way back Claire called her name, NaNa responded She meowed, defining she knew her name Oops! Now NaNa thought out of the box! She returned to what she was doing before Looking over the cardboard hedges She bounced out of the spot, and she actually made it Now she knew her children arrived She looked over to see ToTo and DoDo Jumping on the border, run, run, run Now she came back to the start Now, our 2 little lovely kitties are next ToTo, the oldest, and DoDo, the youngest The brothers entering the maze went out a good start ToTo looked over, wanting to say Hi! ToTo then next, heard a jingling sound Sensing the noise of a cat toy ToTo knew he wanted the toy So he escaped fast, searching for the toy ToTo was doing great, while DoDo is behind ToTo escaped quickly, what a good kitty! DoDo is making it, come on, come on... You did it! NaNa will be proud of you two! Up next, is the beautiful TT! She entered the maze, a good start! She was curious, wondering what this is... She actually got it, and escaped gracefully out! Our little munchkin cutie, LaLa, is 5th. Entering the maze, now she wondered... Where is her mother? Mommy? Mommy? What a short verse, now she made it! Our last 5 contestants you saw... Had been making a good run for it! Good start, really good start! Now they will have treats! Tallest from LaLa, CoCo is up! As he entered the building, he now reviewed... “This structure is interesting...” That defines it’s an interesting maze! It’s no match for him, though~! Chairman MoMo, is the 7th up! He claimed the maze as his own now... Until then, ChuChu came along... Now. Guess. What? Where is she? Right, right now? Entering the maze, she cutely sniffed the camera. That would cause some heart melting...~ When CoCo was still out, he would check... If anybody was still in the maze. JUMP! He went! Nearly crashing onto ChuChu, she was startled by CoCo’s landing. Our cute little pirate, LuLu, is next Wondering if anyone is still in the maze He sniff sniffed the areas surrounding him “Excuse me!” He said Butler calling, “Nyam Nyam!” LuLu knew there was snacks Scouting mode, ACTIVATE! Now LuLu made it, finally! He was a genius~! The last one up is DD Come on, loaf cutie, show the viewers what you got! Entering the maze, he is now staying there He said he liked boxes Wow, should’ve seen that coming... Our last 10 contestants you saw Had been making a good run for it! Good start, really good start! Now they will have treats! (Treats, treats, treats, treats) (Treats, treats, treats, treats) (Treats, treats, treats, treats) Now they will have treats! NaNa, ToTo, DoDo, TT, LaLa CoCo, MoMo, ChuChu, LuLu, DD Those ten are good experts What will happen next? Our last 10 contestants you saw... Had been making a good run for it! Good start, really good start! Now they will have treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Treats! Now they will have treats~! Ooh... What genius cats! After a long time, they are starving, and will finally have treats! NaNa, ToTo, DoDo, TT, LaLa CoCo, MoMo, ChuChu, LuLu, DD DD, LuLu, ChuChu, MoMo, CoCo LaLa, TT, DoDo, ToTo, NaNa Treats!

    3. Kavita Medage

      I ❤️the cat LALA

    4. Iram. Coronado


    5. Iram. Coronado


    6. emilia degala

      I hope they can add intro names for NaNa ToTo and DoDo!...

    7. CM H

      We should call Lulu, "miam miam" instead of his real name lol

    8. sunita parashar

      Lulu is so smart

    9. Ari Suryo tejo

      Ia you have a Anather cat

    10. Alexandra Flxwer

      TT always have beautiful exit XD

    11. Keira Playz :3

      Nana:I forgot something Nana:my kids!

    12. Just Me

      These beautiful cats and Claire are so much fun to watch! LOVE THE MOOD BOOSTERS!

    13. Julito Leon

      Claire: makes maze with boxes Cats with an iq over 1:

    14. Julito Leon

      Claire: makes maze with boxes Cats with an iq over 1:It’s free real estate

    15. Sara Isabella Rey Badillo


    16. Expressø Depressø

      DD: Too much fur,must eat more bred and sleep and petzzz

    17. Aliza Raza

      Iulu is so cute

    18. Kitu's Junkyard

      1:03 I'm not going back to living in cardboard boxes and tunnels 3:36 it's quite comfortable actually, if it's inside a luxury apartment 2:49 others step allover me both inside and outside the box

    19. Algiers C

      They are living the dream.

    20. Ani D

      Love that NaNa is recognizing her name already that is so cute

    21. Kuro

      What is Coco's breed pls!!

    22. ZiaCho 1485

      I stan TT now 🤘she's fabulous

    23. Milothi

      Gurl how many cats u have wow im just stuck with one very mean cat and u got those kittys that care alot for u like wooooww 🥰

    24. wafergacha :3

      Ya no puedo con tanta ternura 😢❤

    25. Khadafi ILI Tangerang

      Look So Nice and make me HAppy

    26. Jedi ThePro

      0:27 당신은 구멍을 노크하고 Chuchu에게 박살났다! *TRANSLATED* : You knock-knock the hole and smashed to Chuchu!

    27. Britt-Marie Thorén

      Like för love cats 🐱🐈

    28. emmaknightley

      Life with Claire is so fun and enriching! I need to step it up for my cat!

    29. Aagela Labutap

      Chu chu is so adorable

    30. mochaa


    31. Ian Prado Maekawa

      I love when lulu stand with 2 paws

    32. fatma hadji rashid

      Parvo virus in all animals

    33. SCP재단

      축하합니다!당신은 외국인들 사이에서 한국인 댓글을 발견했 습니다!

    34. Kokho Max

      Тот самый русский комментарий, который ты ищешь. Lulu one love.

    35. Raushan Kumar

      Lulu is my favourite 🐈

    36. O Yass

      The Hallway of doom. Everyday theres something new.... Hey That Kind of Rhymed!

    37. Becky Webster

      these cats are so cute..also my friends loves these cats. when ever I'm with my friend. her daughter comes up to wants to watch the meows. she just takes my phone and looks at me saying meow till i put on one of Claires channel's

    38. HJ K

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 프사에 모모 표정. 모모야 사랑해!!^^

    39. Muniba Khalid

      Toto and dodo are the nickname I called my son... ❤❤❤

    40. shanzi fatima

      2:54 . the real interest comes when lulu arrives 😃😃

    41. Bergwacht

      sounds like music from the sims

    42. Kawaii Pusheen 25

      Is it just me or did the kids did better than their own mom

    43. Kawaii Pusheen 25

      I like NaNa only realised that she left her kids at the beginning when she’s at the end

    44. Scarplepop's Gacha

      Normally when my cat cheats i would make him go through the challenge again 😂😂😂🐈🐈🐈

    45. flowwer

      T. T. T. S T H O H E T O A W W O F F

    46. Hariri Akhtar

      TT Looks like one off my cats name lui

    47. Coka

      DD, sitting all the time: dad bod TT, acrobat queen: attractive mother

    48. 平静 Serenity

      DD reminds me of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants 😂

    49. Bagaz Kurniawan

      I love TT

    50. Super Kool Girly Gamer

      Good one😂😂😂

    51. Leila Hill Godfrey

      Sooooooo cute Plz pin my comment

    52. Man

      Nana dodo toto my fav

    53. celestia4141

      Aw, NaNa has learned her name

    54. Samurai D

      ToTo: *completes the maze* is this the power of ultra instinct

    55. Chloe Is awesome

      all three of them are SO CUTE

    56. Jia Yvonne Tadina

      When I watch the next cat video Toto is not there

    57. Jia Yvonne Tadina

      Why is Toto in this video

    58. Jia Yvonne Tadina

      I did see Toto in this video

    59. Japjit Sandhu

      Thes cats are way too smart for their human. My cats: Literally getting in front of all my bikes when I have to Go

    60. Nona Judas

      3.10 love lulu💕💕💕 Regards from Indonesia💓💓

    61. Huzaifa Abid

      1:23 im laughing so hard LMAOOOOOOOOOOO hhhahahhahaahah

    62. Catherine Dang

      These cats remind me of the stray cats i saw in my baxk yard in bejing

    63. Papa Smurf

      I wish I could give lulu kisses...I just want a cuddle session with all of them 🥺

    64. Kitty Girl54321

      Does anyone else hear the chirpy meows Nana emits?

    65. Sri Suharti


    66. I’m like TT

      other cats: I love playing with toys! DD: *BOX*

    67. Julia Moore

      reminds me of "scary gym" my elementary school did every Halloween. They would put boxes into a maze and the students would go through it. I miss those days...

    68. among us

      Nana you outside box

    69. SYEDA SARA

      Can you try to make a house out of cardboard for kittens

    70. DarkWestern

      I feel like the disabled ones with the stumpy legs are at a disadvantage, but it does make them have to use thier brains to work it out though.

    71. Tooba Rufa

      How can you recognize between Lala and coco ?🤔

    72. Clara-Mari Vosloo

      I hate the way the lady laughs

    73. Cardinal Eze

      Lulu every challenge, Throught all the way 😂

    74. Libby

      Attracting Cats: Call their names Attracting LuLu: NYAM NYAM

    75. Libby

      DD looks like bread DD likes bread DD sits there like bread That's my bread boi

    76. P1NK_ B3RRY

      Lulu : *I'm a genius!* Me : *Of looking for food • w •*


      Ilove lulu all the time 😂😂🤗

    78. Alniko Amri

      Nobody: My cousin at a family reunion: 1:23

    79. xMark_

      I don't even know cats Love boxes

    80. I'm Dandelion

      Coco looks so handsome.. how can he being that handsome

    81. dotsubmission

      Omg. The young kittens have begun their training.

    82. sylvia ahrodia

      TT is very beautiful

    83. Rajeshwar Naorem

      Your cats are all cute

    84. jakki errol

      I love chu chu the most

    85. Mixi Mixer CZ

      Lulu the funniest, Lala the cutest, DD the badass

    86. pes goat yt

      I love Lulu so cute and I have a black and white cat

    87. dustin windes

      Claire's use of sound effects is spot on.

    88. Clara Chu

      I like the music Claire put for lulu.. It suites him!

    89. THE WAY

      I really like how TT walk😂😻💕

    90. Jackie Xx

      TT is just everything!! Such a QUEEN! 👸

    91. averyyy uwah

      tt is very pretty! the last time i watched your videos it seemed she was having trouble eating and a lot of people were worried she was stressed or even depressed.. i hope she is doing well now! 🥺💗

    92. melchor yaun

      Can u guys help me how do u identify if it’s coco or lala

    93. Mat Max

      i love how Claire doesn't even try to call LuLu for his name and goes instead straight to call him by saying "snacks" (nyam nyam)

    94. AmoraBlade

      I love how TT strikes a pose at the cam, brings out her true beauty and is truly meant to be in in front of cameras.

    95. Mechalo

      I think DD must be a loaf of the Rancho Relaxo brand...'cause each time he just relaxes without advancing. Love it!

    96. among us

      Friends toto dodo

    97. among us

      Nana but is easy

    98. Jacky Lapince

      I am French and I love your channel as well as the activities and your ideas that you create to entertain your cats

    99. Tae Hyung

      Pingin punya kucing