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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I set up a bouncy carpet for my cats!
    How will they react?
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    1. Numberblocksxcreamheroes345

      3:07 when the CoCo is sus

    2. PcyrlngamingYT

      Toto's jump is big lol no cat can do that

    3. SuperBoy Gaming



      1 Lala 2 Lulu 3 Chuchu 4 Coco 5 Tt 6 Dd 7 Dodo 8 Bread 9 Nana

    5. Ppyongrosa뿅로사

      2:01 ???????

    6. Just Like That


    7. Kazige Kaas

      LULU IS SO CUTE😍😍🥰🥰 He/she is my favourite!

      1. Scottie Pippo

        LuLu is male

    8. L

      0:23 AMOGUS SOUNDS

    9. stu murph

      great video

    10. arilovegood

      DD: to understand the ball, you have to become one with the ball

    11. Alison Smith

      Claire you are doing well and a great example for looking after the beautiful babies xxx🏵🏵❤️❤️❤️

    12. John Daniel Gore

      Me: where was LuLu during the party? *food appears* is LuLu, of course

    13. Kiddo 69

      I love how coco's caption is "this ball pool kinda sus"

    14. Marzuk Alotaibi


    15. Milush Milush


    16. True Love Animals

      So cute kitties...v.nice and sweet to see this video...god bless kitties🐈🐈🐈🐈😍🥰🥰❤️❤️😍😍🥰❤️❤️🐈🐈🐈🐈😍😍🥰🥰😘😘

    17. Gabiele Stadelbauer


    18. 11XxCookie_LoverxX11

      the lulu is best for me >w

    19. Jon Snow

      1:56 - omg !!! my cat looks like very same xD

    20. Scottie Pippo

      DD and CoCo are sinking in

    21. rubayat Jahan


    22. nungky nungky


    23. chicfalay

      We can all agree the trouble maker collection is still adorable Trouble maker collection: lulu, Lala, and momo

    24. Eve Shinkai

      Living in this house as a cat must be a lot of fun

    25. JohnnyTV

      TT:to cold to swim, me:TT your so funny😂😂

    26. Yae Seo Han

      한꺼번에 공은 넘었으니깐 멋져요 홍보팀 쭈쭈가 엄청 좋은 거 같애 깜 추추 무서워 하지 않을까요 무사하지 안 할 거냐고요

    27. 이가은

      이제 거의 300 만이예요 축하해요 똥고양이들과 집사님의 캐미를 기대할게요♡♡

    28. Thesecret Flamingo


    29. Aya kalot

      so cut 😻

    30. Sylvia Arroyo

      IT sounds just like a among us

    31. SasUke

      The plushiez awwww TvT

    32. Valeria

      I died of tenderness when Chu Chu stood on two legs 😍😍

    33. Aisa Paragoso


    34. Lourdes Arriola

      no tt

    35. Lourdes Arriola

      no dd

    36. Isy. S

      I need a Stamina from MoMo🥲😂

    37. Hootin

      Hmm what a fine *ball* way you have there huhuhu mmm nyes

    38. Tabby A

      I have proof of an among us sound. 0:11 is where you find it. And many more

    39. Joe Pineapples

      mmmm some kind of IQ test perhaps......

    40. Allie_SweetCandyYT

      ᴍᴇᴏᴡ ᴍᴇᴏᴡ, sᴜᴄʜ ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ᴄᴀᴛs~

    41. Blue SkunkGuy2021

      No one Coco: This Ball Pool Is Kinda Sus

    42. yojayoung

      Kitties be like, 'what has mum done this time? '


      Lulu,TT, DD and Coco looks cute 😄

    44. Tiffany Harwood

      1:40 DD -lemme try - turns to a giant blob XD

    45. I'M SA GAMER

      DD is so cute😍😍

    46. ОлександраCatGrunya


    47. karya mandiri

      i love kitty saurus

    48. Finnan14

      0:22 what is this sound effect from its driving me insane

    49. Marcela Lira


    50. Ummi Dedasa

      3:14 ChuChu Souls is Lulu

    51. Anny Ariefiany

      츄츄의 이름이 솟아 올랐다. 하하하

    52. Anny Ariefiany

      TT Follow DD

    53. Anny Ariefiany

      츄츄의 이름이 솟아 올랐다. 하하하

    54. D3C4B5

      did i miss lulu or

    55. Harry Mahardika


    56. A Human

      So uh, when is someone gonna thank Claire, for giving us so many caption language options

    57. Rachel H

      where was Lulu ):

    58. ShadowDugify

      VVIP? VVIC surely

    59. Toxic_wolf 2556

      Momo looks like garfield XD

    60. Tejal Hegde

      What a jump!

    61. frog42

      The CHUCHU bit got me the most

    62. ياسين بالخير

      قططك جميلة

    63. Jassibella

      lmao the heel sound when TT walked in

    64. D J

      또 시작이군...

    65. Alejandra Rocha

      te amo momo 🌴 nana

    66. Jacobulous

      Omg this is so adorable

    67. SoGood

      I beat up wario in super smash bros men

    68. Julian Andres Benavides Uribe

      DD príncipe

    69. •Polar Bear army•

      XD DD was like = im so tired im lazy :p Toto or dodo was like = I BELIVE I CAN FLAYyYYY Ofc lulu will act like = GiMmI FOOD

    70. az8868

      DD so handsome lulu is second hadsome but lulu is a brat

    71. BobuxDogeYT ARCHIVE

      is nobody talking about the amogus sounds at the beginning???

    72. nobita smk

      hahah coco juga lucu

    73. nobita smk

      hahaha ekspresi DD lucu 😂

    74. Michan_Fam

      I am michan from indonesia. Lulu and friends very cute. I always watch this channel every new upload🇮🇩🇰🇷 한국 와 인도네시아 는 친구 입니다^^

    75. Rizky Hadi Felani

      Nana just yeeted her way out lol

    76. Elsewhere Prince

      I do have to respect an animals ability to cross a problem in a single leap.

    77. •F U L L M O O N •

      did chu chu just learned that from lulu?

    78. spoyledbratt

      This is the sole reason the internet was invented.

    79. Who Am I

      El pasillo de los retos

    80. Samuel Astic

      Coco and DD behavior are so similar, so humacat-like sometimes. Really amazing.

    81. Артём Андрущенко

      Какая порода у Лалы?

    82. ThatRascal

      The different personalities! Hilarious 😸

    83. Karen Bole

      I wanted to use kids swimming pool but I think one of mine would use it as a litter box lololol

    84. The Garden of Eatin

      I like DD. He's got that big cat chill.

    85. ROAR

      I love how TT is leaping over this in the thumbnail! X3

    86. Chit Su

      I 've never seen ChuChu standing on 2 legs.

    87. Jessica Fuß

      3:15 min... CHUCHU macht LULU nach! 👀😂💞

    88. Soledad Serrano


    89. Jawed Khan

      I miss u my cat where r u plz come back to my n ur house miss u 😭😭😭

    90. jay pee

      Momo stalking his way through the ball pit is so majestic.

    91. SlantHead

      Not a fan of the new format, didn't like the guy talking before and miss the silly noises.

    92. e ı ⱴ

      tt be like this kind of place ain't suit me :

    93. drawings and comics

      In whole video I miss Lulu so much

    94. TRUE Principles

      You're cats are so lovely and cute. So fun to watch, thank you.

    95. Orooj Rahmani

      Where is Lulu ??

    96. Henk En Gerda Tv


    97. Otan / Black tabby cat

      I beg they all are the happiest cats in the world. Eat properly, healthy, loving, play various game all the time 🥰🥰🥰 thankyou claire, you are the best

    98. theinfinityscout

      2:01 *boing*