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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, my cats played around with see-through boxes!
    Can they find the ones right for them?
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    1. Emilia van der Heijden

      Cats are wonderful!

    2. Suvrat Tembe

      Dd is the best

    3. Suvrat Tembe

      Are you a cat woman?

    4. Mohd Russdy Shahril

      Lulu active cat. Lulu ar my cats hero

    5. t a s y o t

      how many cats do u have omg 👁️👄👁️

    6. Nyam Cat

      Hi, what’s Lulu’s breed name?

    7. Blinkue_

      I like DD so cute and fat

    8. gjaeigjiajeg


    9. Romaisa Farooq

      Melted cats😂😂

    10. Jamie Frost

      How many beautiful babies does this person have? I’m jealous!

    11. Salmon

      1:37 You: what are you doing CoCo? CoCo: choking on my own fur

    12. Ramen nikki

      Are nana and dodo her new cats?

    13. Dewi Sartika

      Aku sampe mimpi ttg lulu...aaku cintaaaa sama lulu

    14. Antonina Połom

      Lulu is the best

    15. Elifnur Arslantürk

      Lulu cats Genus

    16. Damar Jan Bagus

      Masyaallah lucune ora eram

    17. Xeke1404

      3:00 the boxes are transparent, not invisible...

    18. BOOGEMS YT

      cat is elastic

    19. Daennardvitar

      DD's Box Size : Giant Lulu's Box Size : Large ChuChu's Box Size : Medium Lala's Box Size : Large Coco's Box Size : Giant Dodo / Toto's Box Size : Small

    20. 유진

      루루는 너무 엉뚱해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    21. Izzy Wigg

      POV: its 3am after having the worst week ever and these videos are cheering you up

    22. Elena Barber

      2:28 - nanas just like~

    23. butterfly rblx

      3:14 🥰🥰

    24. VibeZ

      Why do lulu always want snacks lol

    25. Dhes Gomez

      Its reminds me of "Cats are liquid" XD

    26. Skull

      Lulu is the cutest in my opinion


      0:02 the only thing that matters to lulu is... That he ate the cat treat

    28. nadoe wolf

      What kind of a cat is lulu?

    29. BTS

      Lulu’s backflip 😂

    30. Merjem Hodović

      Lulu is tarzan

      1. Merjem Hodović


      2. Merjem Hodović

        ----- -- ----

      3. Merjem Hodović


      4. Merjem Hodović

        Yes lulu is tarzan.

    31. Zacky Fatihurrozaq


    32. balqissoo

      You have so many cats, did they all get along with each other?

    33. 임은정

      루루 채널같아요

    34. MoonSlayer19

      Catstand lol

    35. Lil’ Bird

      Chuchu and lulu are really siblings?

    36. Ella Duschinger


    37. Para Doxa

      DD 💖💖

    38. LeanneVlogzFilmz

      1:56 Just the cute sound effects were perfect 😂

    39. Chocolate dolls

      I love lulu She's so cute and adorable I just want to give her a biiiiiig hug 💕

    40. Terri Giesken

      I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching this 😂🙌👏😆🤣

    41. Oumycat Tree

      What to say. Box is the best place to be.

    42. Miłosz Bieńko

      Love lulu

    43. Li Qin Zhang

      Big toilet Bob

    44. Li Qin Zhang

      LuLu bilu

    45. Li Qin Zhang

      0 years old BRB

    46. Nadia Korzeniewska

      All cats inteligent 🤓🙄🤓🙄🐾🐾❤❤❤

    47. Nadia Korzeniewska

      Xddd LULU

      1. Nadia Korzeniewska


    48. Nadia Korzeniewska

      Ojjj.....MoMo 💪❤❤💪❤❤

    49. Nadia Korzeniewska

      DD sweety

      1. Nadia Korzeniewska


    50. bella maharani

      lulu is everyone's mood lol

    51. Ellie Han

      omg i've ever actually realized how big these cats are until now 😂😂

    52. Azrina Rafei

      Dodo and lulu is so funny and the others to

    53. mimi mi

      What's the meaning of TT ?🐯

    54. Roxana PM

      Lulu is verry kawaii

    55. Soo Yuna

      What is the race of DD?😊

    56. Slime Queens comeback


    57. Crumb

      Cats: a fluffy and viscose matter

    58. Holy Saserich


    59. Holy Saserich


    60. Demetre Chiqovani

      $ is DD?

    61. Stella _ 937

      ist es jetzt deutsch oder englisch it is German or english? 😂

    62. WHITE LION

      🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑 🛑🚨BONSAI KITTENS🛑🚨 🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑

    63. Dearin Millen Suseno


    64. xrriii 』

      When I saw nana I thought that nana’s name was mama 😂

    65. DSHOT Venom

      No 5, solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Cats 😂

    66. Жайна Ескендирова

      Wait, DODO? He is a new cat?

    67. la zeitta callula

      I love lulu❤❤

    68. misafir kullanıcı

      3:12 😍😍😍

    69. Marcon Cat Family

      *From now on there are four states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas and Cats😂*

    70. bjjbcyd hjyjajmydhjj

      Actually Today is my bday and I have a very bad day but thank you for this video it really made my day thank you❤

    71. bjjbcyd hjyjajmydhjj

      Actually Today is my bday and I have a very bad day but thank you for this video it really made my day thank you❤

    72. Quetzelcoatl Pontiniack

      Square solid surfaces are most comfortable to cats because they already have a permanent fur blanket on

    73. raisha madrin

      My son 18 months old likes this video soooo much.. when he cries, i give him this video and he laughing while watching

    74. Qritter 123

      The backflip at the start of the video: *wow*

    75. Meisya Meisya 20

      I like Lulu 😂😂😂😂😂

    76. Madara Uchiha


    77. Luis Banegas

      Kitty saurus is a gore channel close it

    78. Ceanna Gwyneth Montero

      Lulu got make me funny hahahaha and coco doing wired hahahaha

    79. Colonel X

      1:27 ChuChu has his/her own song now!

    80. Aish. M

      1:56 Lulu : G Y M N A S T I C S

    81. Luna Flow

      0:53 DD’s reaction is hilarious 😂😂

    82. DreamBelief

      Lol when Lulu's butt flops over

    83. murmure

      if it fits, i sits

    84. Stefan Weilhartner

      obviously the genetic experiments with real cats went terribly wrong

    85. Music Lover21

      You have so many cats lol

    86. ni aa

      i see lulu, i click

    87. K.H. Raider

      2:18 When your not really comfortable, but too lazy to get up~

    88. Serial_Chiller


    89. Myrrh

      When there's snack im there Lulu 2020


      the prove that the cats are solid and liquid

    91. Susi Medu

      Fack boy

    92. Nihayah Naya

      누르지 않아도

    93. M E

      Its 2 am and im laughing my sh*t out because of these cats. So adorable

    94. hakan derdivar


    95. {Thûñdêr}

      How many cats to you have!? :o

    96. 36 Tasya Putri A

      This is more than cutee aw

    97. Orin's WORLD

      DD TT Momo Coco Dodo Lulu Chuchu Nana Lala

    98. Cat GG

      Why would u breed a cat with short legs that therefore doesn't have the same mobility as a normal cat :V Long legs are cute!

    99. Lovely Status Tamil

      Lulu fans hit like