Annoying Little Kitten Keeps Bothering LuLu! | Kittisaurus


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    Today, LuLu was looking forward to a nice nap.
    But ToTo had other plans!
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      toto make lulu like his dad : ]

    2. Kudon

      LuLu is so sweet

    3. Bebelinii

      ToTo loves LuLu. He still follows him and sleeps with him.

    4. John kyle Ygona

      I wish i had a cat like lulu

    5. Vicky mel

      Who is Tom?! Why is Tom here?! Where is Claire?! Ehhhhhh????? (I'm a few months outdated)

    6. sergent popoy

      Claire's deep voice

    7. kiLLRustoLeYum

      Lulu is the master of this game.

    8. S.Janani Sri

      Please can you say lulu is girl or boy And he is kitten or cat confusion for me.

    9. Bella Acevedo Bellavedo2011

      lulu is my favorite out of all the cats

    10. Idrees Shah

      Toto is soooooo cute😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    11. Sanany 11

      I want lulu

    12. Ashlyn Bae


    13. Eshal Playz

      I love lulu

    14. RINQ hehe

      If i met lulu, i will just pet and hug him every second 😭😭

    15. RINQ hehe

      Claire don't know how it feels to bare the cuteness of Lulu without being able to touch him :')

    16. Dana Muller

      I love the new narrator! Its like a little story! So cute

    17. Sukhdeep Singh

      Is lulu scotish fold

    18. M. A. O.

      Ruru 😘😘😘 such a big mouth @1:12 😮

    19. Elle Lizard

      ok i just sub

    20. 도로시

      루루는 너무귀여워 훔쳐오고싶어

    21. Liew Chun en


    22. yeo shenghong

      Watching national geographic

    23. Anita Farid

      uhm.....lazy cats 😀🥱😴🐱🐱🐱

    24. Agusrin Sampurna

      Could you please tell me, what kind of cat is Lulu?

    25. Herminia Serrano

      Lulu like a baby shes fase.

    26. VibeZ

      Who is Tom btw. Is this tom from Tom and Jerry Show 🤣🤣🤣

    27. Bryan kridha laksana

      Lulu's head is BIG!!!!!

    28. lunabelle01

      My cat loves to watch the cream heroes!

    29. John Michael S.

      소즁한 류류 🤭😼💝 류류를 지켜라~

    30. Scottie Pippo

      Sleepy LuLu is so cute

    31. izzah's story

      You guys love dog🐕or cat🐈 Komen👇

    32. sümeyye naz ayazsın


    33. Peter Skakel

      We hate tom! We want Claire!

    34. Turquoisehaykitty

      Aww 🥰

    35. Gabriela Rojas Montaño


    36. vesile Filiz

      The cats are so cute . l eat them there are tulip white types and they are soft

    37. Rehana Ferdousi

      Lulu is so cute

    38. Paul Forder

      What cute names these cats have! Sooo funny watching Toto pestering Lulu into giving up his seat! Eventually Lulu finds his quiet space, without throwing a hissy--fit. Ms. Claire, this is a well--produced and amusing four--minutes video of cats at home. Think I'll check out more of them later on. 😄😄😄😸😸😸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    39. Sheytopia

      Toto needs fixing.... that'll solve the problem :D

    40. Souvenir Space

      Lulu and love are synonymous❤️🥳

    41. Rajishree Pillai

      Lulu's this vedio tom i have seen many times i love it very much i love clair your lulu like anything


      So cute lulu 😍😘❤🤗

    43. mr andre

      DoDo and ToTo exist LuLu: i feel disturbance within the force

    44. Pitoe Pan

      Lulu is such a mood + so round !😂

    45. Ekrem ÖZKİLİTÇİ

      Is the LuLu scottish fold ? And TT is british shorthair ? Who knows ? Please answer ... I just wonder about it .

      1. Rita

        @Commenter839 oh munchkin, that's why he has short legs

      2. Ekrem ÖZKİLİTÇİ

        @Commenter839 Thanks

      3. Commenter839

        Lulu is a Scottish Fold, British Shorthair, and Munchkin mix. TT is an American Shorthair.

    46. KNet \m/(〉_〈)\m/

      I love LuLu SO CUTE!!! Why is he starting to get so cute?! I love him :)

    47. Debasis Sarkar

      Lulu getting a dose of his own medicine. 😄

    48. starofjustice1

      Now Lulu knows how Chuchu feels about him.

    49. Kharm Mudjahirin

      Who is that cutest

    50. Kharm Mudjahirin


    51. ღDeep Gacha

      3:12 🤣😏

    52. Preetharathi Sathishkumar

      Very funny cats

    53. ThePatriciapaula

      The cats are not trying to breastfeed, its just a comfort thing. Its okay

    54. Guy45X

      I clicked on the most recent video and I was so confused so I went back and now I know what is happening

    55. Nikhil Saini

      Lulu breed?

    56. inayah diniy

      As usual the cat is cute

    57. SaDiyah Rashid

      he just eats everyones food

    58. SaDiyah Rashid

      lulu's best friend is food

    59. jannatin elma

      kitten to lulu:master plz teach me ur skills


      0:45 he is looking like a cat+rabbit=cabbit I want to play with lulu

    61. Scottie Pippo

      Toto and Dodo have amazing personalities. Just like lulu and the rest of the heroes

    62. indonesianprincess

      😻Cuteness overload!!!! 😻

    63. Afifah_Afza

      2:24 Do not force cats not to breastfeed. I have a cat like that, but still breastfeeding. Let the cat breastfeed, we can't force it

      1. Commenter839

        Toto and Dodo are too old to breastfeed. Best to try and break a bad habit sooner than later.

    64. channel pemula

      Me from Indonesian

    65. Putriajeng Mulyani

      Toto Reminds me of my young brother 😂

    66. Sue Sal

      dont like the back story...better no sound..

    67. Василий Иванов

      1.39 лулу выражение лица-начинаю охуевать...

    68. emma. bruh

      Toms narrations always give me children’s series or story vibes and I love it

    69. Mary Chua

      LuLu, you’re top kitty with DoDo & ToTo, that is...💛🤎💛😴

    70. GS Agnihotri

      These cats are so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    71. super legend x

      I think lulu gets a new friend dodo and what about chuchu 🤣

    72. Eternal Vaflya

      1:28 Lulu's expression - it's me at the end of the day

    73. Dykinator

      Lulu is just getting a taste of his own medicine lol

    74. 임은정

      루루 나나 머리 차이 봐밬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    75. 임은정

      언니 네셔날 그라피보는것 같아요...누구세요? 아니 진짜 다큐예요?


      Please, tell me,Lulu is british shorthair cat?



      2. Commenter839

        British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, and Munchkin.

    77. awie 28a

      i love to lulu and toto

    78. Marcel Ghani

      Happiness and love

    79. Marcel Ghani

      We love you

    80. Marcel Ghani

      My mum sends her best Happy Birthday wishes too

    81. Marcel Ghani

      Happy Birthday Lulu sweetheart

    82. Карим Куржу

      Я афигела, крутой кот, если админ не подарит мне его то канал будет удален

    83. to to

      나레이션 다시 크집사님으로 바꿔달라~~

    84. Kavitha Jesintha

      Advance happy birthday wishes Lulu 🎂 🥳 11.1.21

    85. MinnosCatMinnos

      Die sind so süß🥰💖

    86. sai savitri

      I love Tom's voice.

    87. 듀듀댜댜

      아깽이였던 루루가 이젠 커서 아깽이한테 시달리다니ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ그냥 귀여워 죽겠다

    88. Leyla Arınlı

      1:28 is literally me during the whole 2020.

    89. Se Chan Yim

      Lol why it sound like a pororo ep🤣✋

    90. [Sweet_Kitty] TR

      Why LuLu is looking always surprised?

    91. Gaurav Pal

      What's the breed of lulu

    92. Fun and Cute

      Lulu is just too cute! then everyone wanna play with him!

      1. sufyan amran

        @Aditya Singh ohh

      2. Aditya Singh

        @sufyan amran Noo no i had a misunderstanding Lulu is a boy 😅

      3. sufyan amran

        @Aditya Singh Lulu is a girl?

      4. Aditya Singh

        @Agusrin SampurnaI think she is British Shorthair

      5. ItzAlFAXDツ

        I love lulu

    93. קרן דרור

      You have more cats?..

    94. athena balceta

      Nana: *grooming to Lulu* Toto: Not yours!

    95. ClayCat

      Have you ever experienced a cat dying? It’s a sad thing to talk about.. My cat has to be put down in about a week, she isn’t doing too well because she has a sickness. Any advice? I need some help to go through it. Thanks for a answering if you do. :)

    96. YuJie Leong

      2:22 ...well.... I wasn't expecting that.... ._.

    97. K 15 8

      Did i just watch national geographic? Background sound really legit 😂😂😂

    98. Windi NR

      LULU is What a Mo0d.

    99. Debangana Ganguly

      O my God Lulu is just like me 🐈 hungry n sleepy all the time 😁

    100. Tatum Kane

      Really enjoyed the English narrative