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    Alien Invasion Prank!
    Today, I set up a lot of alien balloons to play with my cats!
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    1. Brittani Frey

      Coco: A R E P L A I N M O D E

    2. Alexander MacNeil

      And so that was how a little glaring of cats saved the world from extraterrestrial devastation.

    3. La petite chatte


    4. akanksha gupta

      so all defeated

    5. akanksha gupta

      coco defeated the boss of the Allen

    6. Ratnam Reddy

      Lulu is so adorable

    7. Feel the music !

      Thanos: I am inevitable..*snaps Coco: and I am coco... *punches

    8. endy sutendi

      Chuchu: mission accomplished

    9. hripup gaming

      2:55 thug life

    10. hripup gaming

      1:34 dd: I make my own way

    11. Aneesha Kuyyal

      Is kittisauras and cream hero's the same

    12. Harry Seccomb

      karma chameleon

    13. smooth itam

      kittisaurus where do you live?

    14. William Edric Gosal

      Nothing Can Stop Lulu Even The Alien Doll Can't Stop It

    15. ranran donadon

      0:21 John Carpenter's film CAT VS ALIENS

    16. Meryem'le 6. Sınıf Kolay

      2:56 ıts smile omg

    17. T1z1_

      Lala es muy linda

    18. ariana rodriguez


    19. HRITHVIK Ricky

      Stranger Things Theme

    20. Joan Ngo


    21. Andres Felipe Guzman

      Mas chistoso ese gato le dio al de al de atrás y 😂😂🤣🤣


      so funny and brilliant cat..

    23. Carlos \Sarin


    24. dani

      it feels as if lulu is on almost all thumbnails, all videos, and always on camera... The rest of the cats need more attention too clairee-- (no hate)

    25. Kasia Fold

      Is LuLu scottish fold?

    26. Charlotte Nicole Chang

      The shop: So many aliens, u hosting a party? She: no they for my cats

    27. Sambhu Adhikari

      That sound YA😀

    28. Paxton Thayer

      2:46 watch in the left middle of the aliens at DD 😂 😂

    29. Evita Puji Rahariani

      Kak bikin vidio yang lucu dong

    30. Souza Silva


    31. Suzanne Butterfield

      And the winner....CoCo!

    32. Beatriz Benayga Quintana Rivero

      Jajaja ¡Genial!

    33. trey castaneda

      Gg like bruh u blocking my way he's like fine no more nice guy

    34. Kritikitti

      The truth is NOT 'out there'. The truth is our hooman has too much free time on his hands, so we humor him😸😻😁

    35. øXxThe Key Behind The SlaughterxXø

      Please don't tell me that I'm the one laughing ;w;

    36. Miera Sheighani

      HAD to pause to say LOVE the music you found! So much like Tron, is awesome!! Just love watching all the things you think of for your cats, I bet they're very healthy and happy ^^

    37. 최성록


      1. 최성록


      2. 최성록


    38. Christa Jubie

      Last coco defeated the aliens😂😂

    39. Tia Durrah

      Its sooo cute when lulu stands up

    40. Dragon Gaming

      Hahhahahaa lulu Indonesia like Inggris comen

    41. Ziva Chan

      coco brutal

    42. sistakia33

      Score CoCo! Bowling 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM! 🛸

    43. Cute cat jenny


    44. syed nizamuddin

      Coco looked so brave that he knocked all the aliens over 😅

    45. Spectre

      The cats are not as scary of pretend aliens of the

    46. idin sae


    47. Fibonacci Love

      DDs big ol butt!!

    48. Lady Roblox 0109

      LuLu guapo LuLu hermoso

    49. Widya Puspasari

      Oh no, aliens go help cat

    50. Angeline Moore

      Coco be like yeeeeeet!!!

    51. Marlise Vieira

      Claire, for every different idea thousands of people have a good laugh. And our cats are jealous, hahaha. Claire, a cada ideia diferente milhares de pessoas dão boas risadas. E os nossos gatos ficam com ciúmes, hahaha.

    52. Cécile Wac

      Coco saved us al!!!!!

    53. Cindy Driver

      Cute kitties!

    54. Statuss worLD

      All about these cats aside.. They are really cool and cute and all that stuff... But ur editing skills are amazing always on point it makes the video more interesting. 😇😇

    55. sabiha kamran

      Love it

    56. Alessandra Flores


    57. odri rieke yunanda

      Epic Ending lol

    58. Felix Luk

      What I would like to know is, what Claire did with the balloons after the prank.

    59. Few

      how is alien appierd no where :B *eats*

    60. Даша Саватеева

      Установки мне лайки установи

    61. Rui Manuel

      Aliens: We're here to rule humans Cats: No way, that's our job Aliens: We're here to stay Cats: You're no match to our skills ........

    62. V҉i҉t҉o҉r҉ ҉ H҉u҉g҉o҉

      Claire os seus videos são espantosos 👽, muito engraçados 😆, você deve ser uma pessoa muito divertida. 😾

    63. Alana Frazer

      *CATS WIN!*

    64. Dennis Heaton


    65. Jason Carmichael

      Aliens: All your Base R Belong to Us. LuLu: Dat be my treat, beat it!

    66. Nina Yan

      2019: *raids area 51* 2032: *aliens raid USA but instead lands in Clara’s house*

    67. Yan

      Coco the hero

    68. Rina na

      Xinh quá

    69. boiken muharemi

      What the fucc

    70. Jessica Lancaster

      Claire has great ideas.

    71. EZ_COMPANY

      This is actual stupidity.

    72. Digstreme McDingus

      I wonder if the aliens will come back to test the new cat family, Nana, Toto & Yoshi?

    73. Miniş Sever

      I don't like to scare cats like that😭

    74. F r x y a :3

      I love how Lulu always looks shocked and surprised

    75. Anna Hacker

      is it me or does it look like coco is smirking

    76. scarfbysweetsophies kucingminumairsejuk

      Oh no Lulu coco DD Tt Momo Lala Gogo Go you can do its🚥🚦🚦🚦

    77. Abdul Moeez

      iiuiyoko;yl r[ .

    78. Ar.RajMohan


    79. Надик

      Although people could not get into zone 51, the cats succeeded! 🐱👽

    80. babyphicow

      Your channel is my kitties favorite channel. He will sit in front of the TV and watch it all day. 🤣

    81. Marie Ann Nelson

      TT didn't care if she were in it!

    82. Marie Ann Nelson

      DD: gaahhhh

    83. The scary squid Alien

      Is this part 2?

    84. Kazi Shahrukh Elahi

      DD is best 😂😂😂

    85. Auria Jacome


    86. Natrah Ishak

      Only one touch coco can destory are allien

    87. Valentini Gour

      What’s the name of this movie?

    88. Barend Jacobus Beukes

      Go coco

    89. shivani bhatia

      Cats to Claire be like oh is this that day of week🤣

    90. Audrey Sidro


    91. Kuro TH

      Coco's so proud I love him, he's a child

    92. Stéphanie Moura

      Coco saved everyone!

    93. Yingying Fu

      Were they supposed to kick them for or run over them

    94. s̶n̶o̶w̶•angel •poo

      Q. What type of cat is momo? A. Garfield faced Exotic shorthair.

    95. HDIMYB

      Me, trying to think of how she disposes of these once shes done with the video: "maybe she walks into the local toy drive or something with 30 aliens on a single leash..."

    96. Sebas M

      Haha funny yeah. But, omg Claire....what the hell are you doing with all that plastic Aliens?? I hope youre Not only entertain your kittens with it? Do you support an school, when they are going to swim?

    97. OrionPax09

      At this point, I'm amazed Claire hasn't just bought a Xenomorph costume and done a "Cats vs Xenomorph" video.