$1000 Crazy Catnip Party!ㅣKittisaurus


1,3 Mio. aufrufe753

    To celebrate 2m subscribers to Kittisaurus, I held an amazing party for my cats!
    LuLu’s choice surprised me!
    Please forward all partnership inquiries to we@luvcat.com.

    Am Vor 5 Monate


    1. Lucas Abreu

      B , k,kkkkor

    2. DivineAnimations

      today we witnessed cat doing drugs. but one cat chose food over drugs well done lulu

    3. Ahmad Maulana

      Be advised : Be aware of side effect, something good always have a bad side Catnips are good to make cats happy and relaxed, but hyperactivity usually happens if it's too many

    4. Mistah Bryan

      I got the impression Chairman Momo was the Alpha and he just "let" Lulu think otherwise. :)

    5. Yuri Valkyrie

      Hahaha, my cat Francisco love catnip so much😂

    6. CM H

      So funny lulu et momo at the end 😂

    7. Sarah-Beruriah Booi

      The temptation is big but Lulu over came the adiction 😂🤣😂👀

    8. Vikash Sharma

      Lulu is over everything

    9. Aman Padyal

      I like lulu and momo cute fight

    10. jay mom

      루루야~~ 완전귀여워!!!!^^♡

    11. AlaskanCat

      they love it so much. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chuchu so happy ❤️

    12. Teresa Payne

      The sticks are called silverine in Europe, it is way more addictive than catnip. My cats both love catnip, one eats it while the other wants toys covered in it to play with. When we got our first silverine toy there was huge difference, instant playing and craziness. We've since got the sticks too and they absolutely love chewing them.

    13. Munachimso Amadife

      Why is Lulu and Momo always fighting, they're meant to be friends not boxers

    14. Wren Long

      this is the best weed party ive ever seen.

    15. HearMoo

      Cat or snake

    16. XxRozexX

      *Rip carpet*

    17. ARCTIC FF


    18. D -man

      Lulu with the will power of a God hahha

    19. Apurv Rawat

      ekdum kadak h😂

    20. Marianeli Bailon

      Lulu will always choose snacks 😹

    21. Marianeli Bailon

      1 like for........ CATNIP PARTY🎉 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱👩🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

    22. Brittani Frey

      Thats to muach catnip less catnip is better

    23. Canal da Isa Criativa Souza

      Hual eu amo gatos 🐈🐱

    24. latipah mowlani

      Lulu is a kid. Kids can't take drugs.

    25. chubby lampuipui

      Hope you had fun cleaning all of that up!

    26. Khair1zq

      Try to imagine your sibling is doing a prank on you by putting a catnip in your underwear and sew the enderware with another underware and you got soo many cat in your house and when you walk past them they will just attack you and all😂😂😂😂

    27. Sharra Vanessa Baillo

      Coco is a coconut

      1. Julito Leon

        Yes he is coconut water that fell in a cat mold

    28. Neko Senpai

      .....she must have a hard time cleaning that mess of catnips 🤣

    29. Madpwr41

      i love the ninjas fighting lol

    30. Nora Mazhar

      Claire, thanks a lot for your videos! They made my parents want a cat, so we have a ADORABLE Siamese kitten!

    31. La petite chatte

      Lulu and Momo : War and Hate 😂😂😂


      Wait,what is catnip again?

    33. Expressø Depressø

      MrBeast but for cats be like:

    34. ꧁Kitty Maluka꧂

      Sou a br que vc tava procurando

    35. Reymbrant Alcantara

      Lulu my man.

    36. falcon cmb

      My cat loves cat nip. He becomes so fun

    37. Danielle Hylton

      I remember when I let ny cats have catnip. Never again. Lol

    38. Elle Rose

      Lulu never disappoints!😂😂😂

    39. nemu maya

      3:13 I can't lol oo lo🙉

    40. ꧁XXMewmewXX꧂

      I think i resemble a cat because every time i walk by a sushi store i... Go for the tuna sushi

    41. Algiers C

      My cat is completely oblivious to the effects of catnip. Doesn't do a thing for her

    42. All in one TV

      No one: Absolutely no one: Not a soul: Me: fOr oNCe cAn u StOp fIghTiNg

    43. Shawn Werner

      Think if she got pull over come from store ( I swear officer it catnip )

    44. ROARtheRAPPER

      Lulu would be a very fat man if he wasn’t a cat 😝

    45. ROARtheRAPPER

      0:35 ok Claire that was hilarious 🤣

    46. Rustem Pshunetlev

      Что это?

    47. Alpha Mia AJ

      Lulu: The catnip! *evil laugh* WELL ITS MINE *Epic battle music* Momo: It’s mine. Lulu: Okay- I’ll just eat da food 😊

    48. Evan Reinholtz

      You guys realise this is the equivalent of giving your pets drugs

    49. Jeffy Bean

      Kitties getting high

    50. Ahmad Maulana

      Too much catnip have side effect : HYPERACTIVE and drugs-like effect

    51. Victor Manuel Jara

      Que "fiesta" jajajaaaaa !!!!! Que preciosos todos !!!!!!!

    52. Chandria Padilla

      All these cats be like: "is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?"

    53. Black Panther

      That’s a lot of cat weed

    54. Tytus Nezluk

      Man I wish we could also have a weed party

    55. ritu rawat

      lulu: Chose food over drugs be like lulu

    56. kiwichick999

      The most alive I've ever seen chuchu

    57. Jon Hill

      Cats love this stuff mine did

    58. Dawnyzza Dark

      Lulu looked so torn for a second of what to choose. Lulu says no to drugs despite peer pressure

    59. Chimchim Baby Jimin

      Catnip is drugs for cats

    60. Just Fish

      I don't know how they are legal for cats🤣🤣

    61. Just Fish

      Catnip is basicaly cat drugs

    62. Sambhu Adhikari

      Lulu the food lover😀

    63. Ahmad Aliy

      So rich

    64. Kooltribute E

      Uhhhhhhhhhh...how are you going to clean it up??????

    65. Samuel GosseͷGod乡

      LuLu- My crave for food will not be surpassed by catnip!

    66. Troppo Potente

      For 1000€ i can give u sheet better than this from my garden ! 😂respect becose she loves their cats but c’mon!!! Expensive !!!

    67. Chris Clapano

      I guess lulu is more addictive to snacks than catnip

    68. Faiza Shadab


    69. Bo Huggabee

      no way thats 1000$ in catnip... more like 50$ at most

    70. rEnn1sm

      Lulu seems uneffected by the catnip. I've seen other video where Claire also throw catnip party & Lulu doesn't care. He's just uneffected. Maybe he's one of that rare cat... 😅😆

    71. Liton !

      Where the kitty cops @😂

    72. M y r a z e v a n a

      LuLu : "ooh a party?! Well this is too much" Sees claire with snacks LuLu : "omg! I dont think anyone notice the snacks... its my turn."

    73. momina Kamran

      What type of munchkin is lulu please please tell

    74. lion prid

      Omg high cats thay so high that thay hitting so cute

    75. Nemesis Enforcer

      Theres no man in your life is there?

    76. Chaos Kitty The Spooky

      Of course lulu went for the snacks XD

    77. Bangtan Army

      Nyam nyam is first love LuLu

    78. World Peace

      Crazy cat lady goes bankrupt

    79. Generic Name

      Human version:Giving humans pounds of cocaine to eat

    80. John Degen

      Party on!

    81. Michał Chyliński

      your cats need to go to rehab

    82. Biz Appsforyou

      I don't mind hugging Lulu 24 hours a day sooo cute 😚😍🥰

    83. Metallic Glitter

      Oh 1:21 I always thought you had one black fluffy cat only! *facepalm

    84. Delico925 Irie

      lulu food is life

    85. Carbonosity

      You spent $1000 on catnip? That grows in my backyard, either you got ripped off or I'm about to be rich.

    86. Patrick Cunningham

      Da music my sister da music is fire!!!!!!!

    87. Roger Jones

      What were the sticks?


      AWWWWWWWWWWW, so damn cute. :)

    89. ChainZ

      After seeing them roll in it you probably knew it was your worst idea cuz you have to clean all of them

    90. brandon chin

      Sometimes I wish I was clair cats

    91. vuvuvu

      Lulu: My body is a temple. Temple of Treats but still

    92. AinsleyRose S

      Where's DD?

    93. Marek Białek

      Wow ChuChu can run !

    94. Амирхан Кизаев 6Б

      Наркота кошек....

    95. pathways678

      My cat gets mean on catnip. She won't let you touch her....she just wants to be alone rolling around in the catnip

    96. sophiamyah

      Rip claire's carpet.

    97. Dantte Silva

      No one gonna question how much claire spent on this? hope she isn't having financial problems because of it