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  1. E Burnsie

    I still can't get over how perfectly white your carpet stays with so many kitties and so many hilarious videos being filmed!

  2. 남은지

    0:55-0:57 LuLu: RUDE MUCH, DD?


    Can you give me your 1 cat that is lulu

  4. ふぶ


  5. Tania Felipe

    Ele é muito fofo

  6. Søfiko :3

    What happened with Lala? :"<

  7. ebru yakan


  8. Анастасия Букова

    TT´s so sweet!🥺🥰🥰😍

  9. Nadine Dorghod

    The thought of a cat like one of Clair's cats coming up to my leg and lying down on the floor sounds to nice especially cuz Clair's cats are so fluffy...

  10. Fazriel Ananda

    I love lulu

  11. Seb T

    This is the only sponsored video on DEfasts that actually makes me want to buy something

  12. md musaib ali

    I tried Now I'm in hospital with 14 stitches

  13. DRF Lr

    I think lulu is the cutest cat in the world

  14. 전보라

    라라 넥카라 왜 하고있어요?ㅜㅜ

  15. Yavuz Bolat

    Sweet channel.. 😊😊

  16. Nekozama

    Im hungry...

  17. Chu su Qian Su qian

    Lulu is smart cat

  18. NinjaThug

    I really like cats and all kinds of content this channel shares with us. But I wanna know that all of these cats are spayed, right? Since there's just NO way all of them are that submissive and "slow".

  19. nusrat pritu

    Remember that video on her old channel where Claire says she wishes she could say sorry to TT for having to make her go through all the procedures? I felt it all over again. It literally hurts me to see TT go through all the check-ups and shots when she clearly doesn't like it. It's all for her good health but it's painful to watch her struggle and obviously it's even harder for Claire. I wish I could make everything alright for both of them :((

  20. Sonia Sonia


  21. Люда Шабанова

    . 2 0

  22. Sonia Sonia


  23. Abdul Khodir

    so cute

  24. Sandy Fauzan

    Lulu: The nuclear lemon.

  25. Leo Minouie

    too much music jesus turn it donw

  26. Sandy Fauzan

    Claire is drinking sprite with lemon.

  27. Sandy Fauzan

    TT is a polite cat.

  28. Jenny May

    What I have learnt from this is that cucumbers make good cat petting tools

  29. Jaedden Grant Ababon

    I did toothbrushed my teeth all day

  30. Jenny May

    Is it true that if cats can get their faces through something, they can get their whole body through? Because if so they can fit through the cups 😂

  31. Jaedden Grant Ababon

    Dodo: Dodoing his buissness What are you doing to your ears?

  32. Valentina

    Wer will mich abbonieren?pls

  33. Jaedden Grant Ababon

    Lulu: i give up! Wow your meow is cute

  34. Nanu Awang

    The way Lulu stand with Two legs 😍😍

  35. motive spirit

    One word to say for this vide0 : AWESOME

  36. Just someone

    You just made me like cats again

  37. DJ Titan

    Dear Claire, who the youngest cat in the pack-besides the two new kittens- Thanks

  38. Minions

    Lulu i love you 💕💕

  39. 야옹하는디디

    이건 집사님의 업타운펑크....(피트 똥고양이들)

  40. rahul abani


  41. Tech Savvy Tarot

    Epic content! 😆

  42. Candace Wagner

    I love the content of this ur kitty’s are ssoooooo dang cute! P.S I Hurd if u say a you tubers user three times u will get pinned Hopefully this works Kittisarus Kittisarus Kittiarus Love chu!!!

  43. Alex B

    The Firmament, nice....

  44. Black Goku

    Thumbnail you really nailed it , lulu was looking so cute . Cutie pie

  45. Tibisay Marquez Peña

    alguien en los comentarios habla español

  46. ťasyhna bon jour

    My cat love corn 🌽 🌽 sobadly. .he eat raw

  47. tornadosirenlover100

    _gasp!*_ LaLa has a cone of shame! What happened?

  48. Phoenix Purin

    Queen TT flawless victory


    I love that lulu


    Lulu-lemon... Oh no... lol

  51. NohjAnec

    Go shiny magic mouth!


    Wow... she is really really cute n adorable angry or not. Best kitty in the whole world!

  53. evan ytt

    cuma liatin kucing eek. viewnya 3jt 😂

  54. Joey Wheeler

    with that much cat, how you manage their liter box? do they each get 1?

  55. Joey Wheeler

    LALA putting a work out at 3 am lmao

  56. Mollee Paris

    mine didnt do anything😔 o.o

  57. Syiffa Aulia Rahmi

    Lulu mukbang please mama:(!

  58. anak baik

    Kaka cantik

  59. Baihakee Sawatsut


  60. Joey Wheeler

    how many cats do u have?

  61. 김창성

    청소기 광고 같음 ㅋㅋ

  62. 수연[별]

    너무 귀여워

  63. Little- Bebe


  64. Axcel Plegino

    Make part 2!!😊😊😊😊

  65. Melaninated Woman

    Even Cats like fried Chicken!!

  66. Melaninated Woman

    KFC in Korea. 😆

  67. filet0fish

    the twins... eats the mic! hahahahhahaha

    1. cute cat Bunny and Tofu

      wellcome to my channel

  68. pearly tan

    Wow DD is not scared of ANYTHING

  69. Leslie Enriquez

    hahaha pretty cool👌🏻😅

  70. m0ny0ng

    From many videos, I never see Lulu start the fighting. But no offense, the're all cats btw

  71. buzz kirschner

    Luke is the boss ✅😎✌️👍👀🙄🍌🍌🍌🍌

  72. Kitty Chimchim Jimin

    POV of Lulu when food time : Step 1 . Run Step 2 .push Lala and others out of way Step 3 . Bite Coco Thinking he’s Vanilla Ice cream Step 4 . Stand and meow Step 5 . If no get jump Step 6 . Enjoy and eat Step . 7 eat from others bowl Step 8 . Ask for more Step 9 . Same steps all over again

  73. Ryan’s life 07

    DD is the smartest cat among them all

  74. TheCatNoOneWanted

    that was so creative..

  75. Olivia Icamen

    Ohhh my lulu 😂

    1. cute cat Bunny and Tofu

      wellcome to my channel

  76. Ardika I Wayan

    RTTAA😂😂😂 di bawah

  77. Kaleb Smith

    Wheres the swat kats when you need them?

  78. Suel Kozelsky

    Very Very Very Very Very VEry VERRYYY Nice.

  79. bijalbaxi

    Oh hey! Coco reminds me of Wengie's cat! Just the same as this one in behaviour and cuteness and evrything! Although _THIS_ Coco looks like the other Coco's brother: Boomba. Love you! Also, their channel (Coco and Boomba's) the name is: Munchkin It's awesome 😊☺️

  80. Saima Ansari

    I swear CoCo is getting huge everyday

    1. cute cat Bunny and Tofu

      wellcome to my channel