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  1. Raoul Ibrahim Oktaviano

    Fun fact do that for 24 hour's and the the cat will start bitting your tissue membrane like eye nose

  2. gobin limbu

    i always love watching lulu..plz make one featuring only lulu..

  3. Kania Hazwani

    so *Momo* like durian ???

  4. MW 2019 Juggernaut

    WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE??!?!!!???

  5. itz snowy and me!

    “2:34” Lulu: *this was not my choice*

  6. Patricia Reinhardt

    Sorry but i dont like lulu😞

  7. Andrian Kurniawan

    :v i love cat

  8. macaco toxic

    No c xq pero coco me recuerda a Yoongi de bts 😭✋🏽

  9. You are a simp kun

    Damm this woman where has she kept the key to the cabinet

  10. Bryan Chong

    What an Aquarius DD is!!!

  11. Riddhi Anand


  12. Как Дела?

    1:30 это что чайка кричала? Или лебедь?

  13. Play with Gokul


  14. Quantum Freak

    I just haven't watched Cream Heroes for a long time. Who is Dodo? I don't know

  15. Pro Sham

    I like lulu😍😍

  16. LOL LOL

    LULU we need to talk

  17. Suvrat Tembe

    Dd is the best

  18. Sakura

    1:45 aHahahahaha

  19. Bailey Hunter

    The cats just think she’s sleeping

  20. Kiril Khmelov 2

    Lala and Lulu my favourite cats 😍

  21. Marsh&Mello

    NaNa is genius!!🤩🤩🤩

  22. Marsh&Mello

    Thank you for sharing the good video.😍😍

  23. Marsh&Mello

    Lulu, accept me.😘

  24. EBSMSF

    They know she isnt dead cats have incredeble hearing they can hear you breath and your heart beat

  25. Aditya Singh

    Editor - How many effects you want in your video Claire - Yes

  26. Emilka Bielka

    cats do not need vegetables.... they are only meant eaters, all the grains and veggies wou;d be better for your child.... not a cat.

  27. juano silvestri

    wey ese cat no te quiere ni te mueres y ya te enpiesa a comer

  28. ant gen


  29. Rasengan VXW

    My cat would destroy me

  30. Suvrat Tembe

    Do your cats not have nails?

  31. UMA JO


  32. Hashtag

    lulu is sooooooooooooooooooo funny i cant stop laughing and he soooooooooooooo cuteeee 😂😂❤❤

  33. Suvrat Tembe

    Dd is the best

  34. Suvrat Tembe

    Are you a cat woman?

  35. L

    so toto is the fast fighter lulu is the punch speed sensei

  36. ishi

    Cuteness to Horrorness

  37. Clover

    how lovely!

  38. VI's Very Own

    Plays dead Cat: starts to eat.

  39. MilkyWay PlaysOvO

    Why was I focusing on the cat house and the cat pillows, I mean look at it theyre cute

  40. only blank

    Still a better love story then twilight

  41. NANA七

    0:20 Cutie kitty LULU

  42. Uzay Onat

    LuLu is very Cute.

  43. MC Filwriter

    Lulu never stops at one win. 😂

  44. EndellionQT

    Can I trust my cats with eggs? No.

  45. JustGolden

    0:43 *me when unexpected exam*

  46. artimas23

    My cat can open ur fridge she use her claws to get into it my surprise Christmas eve with fridge open and a turkey on the floor

  47. XxxlovefeatherxxX !


  48. Razka Fabian Alvino

    i love when lulu is standing

  49. veyyazel

    Idk why this channel's gettin boring.

  50. rickry3

    People know, cats can easy hear a hart beat.... so...

  51. Creative Daksha

    Finally 🐈's win. like the comment if you agree and if your cat does the same way to work up you if you are sleeping🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Creative Daksha

    2:08 so funny he's yawning 🤭 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. ILLuSioNKiLLeR1985

    That s not an attack lol. Clickbait

  54. Creative Daksha

    Ohh my god

  55. Suvrat Tembe

    Do your cats not have nails. Mine would scratch me

  56. Chasey and Furrriends

    Awww🤗 so cute 😻😽 Pets Are Family too ❤️🙏

  57. tryndaOP

    I really felt chuchu on this one

  58. 【『Åÿåńø Âłßhł』】 ジ



    Lulu: "snack is number one"

  60. Mohamad Khairi


  61. Mohamad Khairi

    You get anew car

  62. Fareh Naz

    Hahaha Same As My Babu😘

  63. тнє lαmjαrrєd

    This reminded me my childhood,when i tried to skimp from my mom to ate hidden chocolates

  64. cattyluv


  65. Medruah Medruah

    Neden Türkçe yok😡

  66. Hideous Malina

    Anybody knows claire or kittisaurus official ig??

  67. Utsukushii GOTENWAN

    i'm satisfied

  68. zjoelie 17

    Lulu always cute

  69. Fahriz Ramadhan

    cats vs durian

  70. Tompel Roda

    Lulu lulu lulu ❤❤❤ 😙😙😙

  71. F4mous _-WOT

    Lulu Is the father, and nana Is the mother?

  72. michael dougherty

    Finally, something I've personally done with my cats.

  73. Melissa Piontek

    ChuChu always steals the show with her adorableness!

  74. Lee Leibniz


  75. Tabby A

    1:53 keep playing this if you want to see DD do something.

  76. Fake Smile

    A kiss could cure her *death* just like in Snow White

  77. Angela Louie

    Lulu is so cute

  78. H L

    didn't know cat can eat bananas..... are you sure?

  79. Norul Azlina


  80. Van_ 619

    Dr. Coco is a real actor. It doesn’t matter what the activity is...cocos reaction is always priceless...Always enjoy his acting...👌